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Dagen før var allting som en sommerflirt

Yes, yesterday was like a summer flirt. I was strolling through Vienna, looking at gorgeous and impressive buildings, just taking in the atmosphere. (The day before that I had attended a ball at Hofburg Imperial Palace, but that’s a topic for another post. Yes, I did make my dress). Anyway, this summer has been filled with travelling, and my how I’ve missed it during the 2 corona pandemic years. I know, I know the pandemic itself is not over, but the restrictions are gone and the impact they’ve had on our lives. This summer I have been to many packed places and haven’t caught as much as a cold, maybe people are staying home when they’re feeling unwell.

This summer we’ve been travelling a lot (4 countries in total: Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Austria). I love the feeling of just been somewhere else, experiencing other cultures. I live in the south of Sweden, but just going across the bridge to Copenhagen really is a shift in culture. Maybe a subtle one to an outsider, but I can definitely feel it. We started the month of July cheering for the world’s finest cyclists as they took on the streets of Copenhagen in the first stage of this year’s Tour de France. Fantastic!

We then took on the Netherlands, with stops in Germany, playing on the beach, visiting Amsterdam and just enjoying life. Then the weekend in Vienna. During all this time, I really got to flex my language skills, which I love doing. In Denmark it was French and Danish, German in Germany and Austria and my Duolingo Dutch in the Netherlands. I did manage to get by, but some of the time it was easier to fall in English; it works most of the time.

However, one thing that is easily done even with limited language skills is fabric shopping. Meter is meter in many languages, and as long as you stick to full ones it’s just easy to hold up fingers indicating the meterage. If you’d like 1.7 meters, it’s a bit trickier, but my German counting skills got me by. (If I’d like 1.25 meters in German, that’s where it gets hard, ein meter, fünf und zwantig (one meter, five and twenty)).

In the Netherlands I took the bike into Alkmaar (what a treat to bike in a country where everyone shows consideration to cyclists!) and Böttger Stoffenwinkel, where I spent some time and money. Beware, some places in the Netherlands don’t accept credit cards, so even if my Visa card is a Debit card (as stated on it) it was declined. Luckily there was an ATM nearby and I could get cash. I bought the following (from top to bottom):

Og i morgen er endelig

Viscose twill, off-white with dots. It will probably be a long-sleeved blouse of some sort.
Cotton/viscose blend, linen look; blue/black with flowers. A summer dress. Something a bit looser than my normal aesthetics, I think.
Stretch denim, light blue: Probably a pair of DD Acajou.

Then in Vienna, my husband and I stuck to our deal on weekend getaways (it’s been exercised once before), that he gets to run for a while and I can visit a fabric shop. So I visited Die Stoffschwester from a tip from Sølvi/Delfine Elise. It was a lovely shop packed with fabrics and I ended up with four pieces. I had originally decided on three, but then that peace sign fabric screamed out to me. I snagged the final piece of it, as well as the yellow floral one.


Cotton knit red/white. For a knit top.
Cotton sweatshirt, peace signs. A sweatshirt and perhaps a skirt if the meterage agrees.
Viscose, yellow with flowers. A summer dress. Of course. Or maybe a maxi skirt… We’ll see next summer. Perhaps some flowy trousers as I found that missing in my wardrobe.
Cotton double gauze, blue tie dye. A beach outfit in which I can bike. The beach dresses I have are not suitable for the bike I bought, so if we’re biking to the beach I need something that doesn’t risk getting entangled in the gear wheels and chain.

For a second I did ponder memorizing my Vienna trip with an Edelweiss fabric, but it was white flowers on white, not my style. Had it been the flowers on green, you would have seen in in the picture.

Soundtrack: Dagen Før; Volbeat ft. Stine Bramsen. (A Danish metal band who, in some songs mix English and Danish lyrics, appealing to my bilingual mind.
Yesterday, everything was like a summer’s flirt, but tomorrow it’s final.)


The Alternate Universe and Me-Made-May

(I don’t think I quote British and Irish comedians here enough. In real life I do it pretty much constantly. This tweet has been qutoed so much over the past month.)

In a world that’s currently turned upside down, sometimes you cannot help but feel like Ed Byrne. The planner that is so full of fun events is now a reminder of all the fun things we would have done. And May would have been epic for me! The annual family day at the horse race track, my sister’s 40th birthday (well, here I just assume she would have some sort of celebration) and the most epic last weekend where I on the Friday would have gone to Stockholm with my husband to see Green Day and on the Sunday to Copenhagen with my sister to see Trevor Noah. (Purely epic!)

And now…  I’m full of tales of talking a walk in the woods, learning to master my new race bike, sewing, discovering new places around Skåne, reading, going to the gym and working from home. As I’m in Sweden and we’re not in full lockdown, we are free to move around, but not travel unless necessary. Most facilities are still open, with restrictions, and large gatherings are prohibited.

However, one thing that doesn’t fail as May come around is Me-Made-May. While I do wear something me-made practically every day, it is still fun to join the community and think about how I feel about my clothes. Currently I’m also doing the Warbrobe Architect series with some sewing friends and I will think in those terms as well. I am working from home since mid-March, but I do put on “real” clothes every day. Maybe not the same ones as for working in the office, but my work wardrobe is quite casual and comfortable so it’s not a big difference.

‘I, Helena, pledge to wear at least one handmade garment per day throughout May 2020’

We’ll se where this pledge takes me. Currently I’m wearing the same outfit for a few days, maybe I’ll still do that, maybe I’ll shake things up. Maybe I’ll cull some pieces, maybe I’ll dress for the occasions I would have attended just to get some variety. I don’t know. I will probably do some roundups here and post something daily on my Instagram.

Let’s Meet Here Again

Three years ago I posted my “See You Elsewhere” post and shortly thereafter I made my whole site private. I’m trying to keep my Instagram account active, but I find that for myself Instagram is not a good archive on my own creations, plus when I’m researching a pattern I always look for blogs to get a more in-depth review, Instagram is too quick, too much, too all the time.

It got me thinking. There are two things that line up for me. Wanting to keep an archive for the things I sew, wanting content but not providing any, plus I miss the interaction. So for some time I’ve been thinking about starting blogging again, with people on both Instagram and Facebook chiming in that they also miss the format of blogs.

I’m not gonna put any demands on myself. This is purely a hobby blog and I expect that everything I use will have been purchased by me or given to me as a gift. I want clear photos, but they will be taken by my cell phone, no extra styling (I hardly ever put on makeup for my everyday life, so I won’t do it for the blog), no extra-ordinary location shoots, unless I happen to be somewhere. Just photos and project notes, what went well, what didn’t and so on.

Also, I’m posting whenever I feel like posting. While I would want some regularity I will never apologise for the content I do or do not put out, after all this is just a hobby project about a thing I love doing; the good, the bad, the ups and the downs.

This my attempt to get back into blogging, provide some sort of content to the internet. Where this will end up, I don’t know, nut let’s see where this ride takes me.

See You Elsewhere

Once upon a time, I started this blog. That was like ten years ago. This was before Instagram and Twitter, before Facebook, before smart phones. When blogs was the way to log your thoughts, to connect with others, to share. This was also a time when I had no children and all time after work and weekends was mine to do with what I pleased. So much have changed.

I never was a good photographer. I used whatever I had to place the camera on and the self-timer. As for any type of photo-editing, none. Still none. I know nothing about photo-editing. Because it is not my hobby. And if I were to learn it would take time from I want to do. I’m not saying that photography and photo-editing never will be hobby, but right now it’s now where I want to lay my focus.

Without photos a blog about sewing would be pretty useless, after all we all read blogs to look at garments, right? Do you see where this is going? I haven’t blogged since May and to be honest I haven’t missed it. During this time I have thought about how my blogging would be in the future, but what it came down to was: pause. I need to pause blogging. And I need to write why, because I hate it when bloggers disappear without explanation. So my explanation, good or bad, is that I want to dedicate my time to other things rather than blogging. I’m OK with that decision.

What will I do now that I give myself all this time? Get my brown belt in judo. Continue sewing. Explore bullet journaling. Read. Be creative. Do things with my family. Maybe one day I’ll get back here, maybe I won’t. I just need to take away the pressure I get from this blog. I need a break.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram (@eitchy), Twitter (@eitchy_82) or on Goodreads, where I review what I read. Maybe I’ll post something on The Monthly Stitch if I feel a blogging urge.

MMMay16: Week 1

Me-Made May is up and running and I thought I’d do weekly summaries here. It’s a great way to assess what I actually wear and what works in my wardrobe. The shift in weather and therefore the shift in clothes this week is remarkable.

Me-Made-May är i full gång och min tanke är att sammanfatta veckovis här. Det är ett bra sätt för mig att bedöma vad jag bär och vad som funkar i min garderob. Väderomslaget och därmed omslaget i kläder denna vecka är anmärkningsvärt.

May 1/1 maj

Me-Made-May day 1

Made by me: Wrap top/Sytt av mig: Omlottopp

Worn to: Hanging at home and then playing in the woods as well as eating ice cream in the woods.
Buren: Hängde hemma och sen skogslek med glasspaus

This top works well for leisure and is nice and warm. Honestly, I didn’t think it would see the light of day during Me-Made-May, but it was just cold enough on the first day for a wear.

Toppen är bra och ledig, dessutom är den skön och varm. Helt ärligt så trodde jag inte att denna skulle dyka upp under Me-Made-May, men den första maj var det tillräckligt kallt.

May 2/2 maj

Me-Made-May day 2

Made by me: Jade skirt/Sytt av mig: Jade-kjol

Worn to: Work
Buren: Till jobb

A simple, easy to make, easy to wear skirt. While wearing it I noticed that I need to secure the pleat more and that it, due to the pleat, seems front heavy. I need to check the hem length.

En enkel kjol som var lätt att sy och lätt att bära. Jag märkte två saker när jag sydde en, jag måste fästa vecket bättre och pga. vecket känns den som den hänger längre ner fram. Jag måste kolla längden.

May 3/3 maj

Me-Made-May day 3

Made by me: Seersucker blouse, Olga skirt/Sytt av mig: Seersucker-blus, Olga-kjol

Worn to: Work
Buren: Till jobb

I love this skirt and can easily see why it is so popular here in Sweden. The blouse was recently finished. I did a quick toile and thought it worked OK, but if I make it again I will size down and FBA it. Lesson learnt.

Jag älskar kjolen och kan fattar varför den är så populär här i Sverige. Bluse gjorde jag nyligen. Jag gjorde en snabb toile och trodde att den var OK, men om jag gör om den kommer jag välja en mindre storlek och justera för bysten. Jag har lärt mig.

May 4/4 maj

Me-Made-May day 5

Made by me: Seersucker blouse, Clover pants/Sytt av mig: Seersucker-blus, Clover-byxor

Worn to: work (followed by getting a much needed haircut)
Buren: Till jobb (följt av en välbehövd klippning)

I am not above wearing the same blouse two days in a row. I love the colour of the pants, the fit is a bit off but I’m counting these as a wearable toile.

Jag har inget emot att bära samma blus två dagar i rad. Jag älskar färgen på byxorna, passningen är inte helt hundra, men jag räknar dessa som bärbar toile.

May 5/5 maj

Me-Made-May day 4

Made by me: Minnie Skirt/Sytt av mig: Mimmi-kjol

Worn to: Family day at the horse race track, then hanging at my dad’s Place
Buren: Till familjedag på Jägersro, följt av häng hos min pappa.

My daughter picked out my skirt today. The fabric of this skirt (poplin with 3% lycra) is gorgeous and I love to wear it. I’m building the courage to wear a bright red skirt

Idag fick min dotter välja vad jag skulle ha. Tyget (poplin med 3 %lycra) är underbart och jag älskar att bära det. Jag bygger upp mitt mod att bära en klarröd kjol

May 6/6 maj

I used one of my skip days…
En av mina fria dagar…

May 7 and May 8/7 och 8 maj

Me-Made-May day 7

Made by me: Chambrey shorts/Sytt av mig: Chambrey shorts

Worn to: Hanging at home being effected by pollen (and some minor yard work, a picnic and forest walks)
Buren: Jag hängde hemma, pollensjuk (lite trädgårdsarbete, picknick och skogspromenader)

I finished these shorts on Saturday, so I wore the same outfit two days in a row. The fabric is great for these shorts, the fit is a bit off in the back, but not so much I won’t wear them.

Dessa shorts blev klara i lördags, sen bar jag samma klädsel två dagar i rad. Tyget är perfekt till dessa shorts, passningen är lite fel bak, men inte så mycket att jag inte kommer att bära dem.

So, for the first week of May, it was mostly successes. I felt good in my outfits, now I need to get the other things into rotation, those I don’t wear that much.

För första veckan i maj var det mesta framgångar. Jag trivdes i mina klädslar, nu måste jag få in andra plagg i rotation, de jag inte bär så mycket.

Wardrobe Thoughts

Last week I had a day off as the kids’ daycare was closed. I spent the morning cleaning my closet. As the work week progress I get more and more lazy about putting my clothes back in place (if they don’t get sent to the laundry bin) and they end up scattered on the floor or flung on one of the shelves. So my project was to put everything back in its place; fold, hang and keep order.

Förra veckan hade jag en ledig dag när barnens förskola var stängd. På förmiddagen städade jag i min garderob. Allt eftersom arbetsveckan fortlöper så blir jag mer och mer lat i att lägga tillbaks kläder i garderoben (om de inte ska till tvätten) och det slutar med att de ligger slängda på golvet eller på någon hylla. Mitt projekt var att lägga tillbaks allt på sin plats; vika, hänga och hålla ordning.

My primary goal this time was not to remove anything. A few garments and a pair of shoes were packed for donation, but it was not the goal. Instead, the goal was to get order. Which I did, in one way. I completed my task and took a few steps back to look at my new all in its place wardrobe. And I felt suffocated.

Mitt främsta mål var inte att ta bort något. Några plagg och ett par skor packades för donation, men det var inte ett mål. Målet var att få ordning. Jag fick ordning, när jag var klar tog jag några steg bakåt och tittade in i min garderob där allt låg på sin plats. Och det kändes kvävande.

This sight felt choking
This sight felt choking

The amount of clothes looking back at me was chocking. So much clothes and still nothing to wear. I need to do something. I’ve been tipped on the Konmari method, only keeping what I love; I’ve pondered putting away seasonal clothing so I’m not faced with them daily. What stops me is fear. I’m afraid my wardrobe would be empty and that I would truly have “nothing to wear” despite the fact that I’m currently only wearing like 30% of my clothes on a regular basis.

Det var så mycket kläder som tittade tillbaks på mig. Så mycket kläder och ändå har jag aldrig något att ha på mig. Jag måste göra något. Konmari-metoden har föreslagits, att bara behålla det jag älskar; jag har funderat på att lägga undan säsongskläder så att jag slipper titta på dem dagligen. Det som hindrar mig är rädsla. Jag oroar mig att garderoben ska eka tom och att jag faktiskt inte skulle ha något att ha på mig, trots att jag nu bara använder cirka 30% av kläderna regelbundet.

Also, May is rolling around and with it comes Me-Made-May, one of the biggest sewing highlights of the year. I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not I should join, I do think it would be a good way to get my handmade clothes back in rotation, but I dread the documentation. I know that documentation isn’t mandatory, but if I’m going to participate I would want to document to see how my clothes look on me.

Dessutom är maj runt hörnet och med det Me-Made-May, en stor högtid i sömnadsvärlden. Jag har velat fram och tillbaka om jag ska vara med eller inte, det kunde nog vara ett bra sätt att få inte mina handsydda kläder i rotation igen, men jag orkar inte dokumentera. Även om just dokumentation är valfritt så vill jag göra det om jag deltar, jag vill se hur mina kläder ser ut på mig.

In the end I decided to combine these two and join Me-Made-May. I need a wardrobe evaluation and I need to know how my handmade wardrobe holds up. So here goes:

I, Helena of, @eitchy (Instagram) sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’16. I endeavor to wear one piece of handmade clothing for 25 days of May.

 Till slut så valde jag att kombinera dessa två saker och jag deltar i Me-Made-May. Jag behöver en garderobsutvärdering och jag behöver veta hur mina handsydda garderob står sig.

 Jag, Helena från, @eitchy (Instagram), anmäler mig som deltagare i Me-Made-May ’16. Jag ska bära ett handsytt plagg minst 25 dagar i maj.

This is a step back from previous pledges, but I have gotten rid of plenty of handmade clothing since then. Like I said, my goal is to get a new rotation going. I hope I can do a wardrobe purge during May as well. Hopefully I can figure out a way to get decent self-timer photos with my mobile, it will probably be the easiest to follow my progress on Instagram (@eitchy). I’ll also be posting to the Flickr group since I like the discussions over there and do some sort of round up here, maybe weekly or in the end of the month. I don’t want to overdo it for myself.

Mitt löfte är mindre än de jag tidigare gjort, men jag har gjort mig av med en hel del handsydda plagg under tiden. Som sagt, mitt mål är att få in plaggen i bruk igen. Jag hoppas kunna göra en rensning under maj också. Förhoppningsvis kan jag hitta på ett sätt att ta bra självutlösarbilder med mobilen, i så fall är det lättast att följa mig på Instagram (@eitchy). Jag kommer också lägga upp bilder på Flickr, mest för att jag gillar diskussionerna i gruppen och göra någon sorts sammanfattning här, kanske veckovis eller i slutet av månaden. Jag vill inte lova för mycket.


Are you joining?

Är du med?

Handmade Holiday: Gargano, Italy

After having a terrible summer here in Sweden, I was looking forward to wearing many summer clothes in Italy getting pictures of them with great backdrops and just enjoying wearing them before winter hits us. And then I would come home and show you my lovely outfits along with gorgeous backdrops. Little did I know that October in Gargano would be either beach weather or rain. Beach weather meant I wore a bikini and rain meant I wore jeans and hoodie, none of which I’d made myself.

For the travelling days I wore my aqua Colette Clovers, which were comfortable for flying and the subsequent 2 hour drive. The fit is a bit off so I must try and figure out what to do with the fit before my next pair. No pictures of these outfits, I wore the pants with long-sleeved white t-shirts, because aeroports are not very inspiring.

Cool in blue
Cool in blue

This is in our small garden at the resort. There were olive trees all over, including one in our garden. Since we went to the beach later on, this is basically my breakfast outfit, Wild Flowers Alma and Blue Pocket skirt. Comfortable outfit, and those pockets are quite practical, even if they can only hold small things otherwise it’s pouch galore. Another handmade outfit to see the light of day in Italy was my Gingham Anna dress. Evidently it was worn to the beach, the waves were quite high but it was lovely. Later it came off in favour of the bikini and some salty swims in the Adriatic Sea. I’m not quite happy with the fit, the bodice could be lengthened a bit and the facings don’t stay put despite my under-stitching. Perhaps I should just top-stitch them to at least get that problem out of the way, it’s harder to do something about the bodice length.

Rolled up skirt and shorts
Rolled up skirt and shorts

That was it for the handmade things I worn. But since Gargano was such a gorgeous place I’m going to add a few more pictures anyway, it’s always fun to look at vacations pictures, right?

Mattinata Coast Line
Mattinata Coast Line

Upon our arrival to the hotel, the lunch serving was just ending, so we were told to head down to the patio immediately if we wanted lunch. So we went down and ate a delicious four-course lunch with the view above. Every day we had a four course lunch served and everything was so good; Carpaccio, Mozzarella filled pasta medallions, seafood pasta, lamb chops, swordfish, tiramisu, raspberry ice cream (just some of the highlights). Yummy, yummy, yummy. On the days the weather was nice we had both breakfast and lunch on the patio with that gorgeous view. I’m not one to photograph food so you’ll have to trust me when I said it both looked and tasted delicious.

Onto infinity!
Onto infinity!

The hotel also had a pool with very cold water. Still, I had to go for a swim, because it’s not often I get the opportunity to swim in an infinity pool by the Mediterranean sea. OK, so it’s not really an infinity pool since you can walk behind it, but it’s the closest I’ve been. I told the husband to use an angle to make it look the most infinite.

Majestic trees
Majestic trees

Two of the days it was raining, one of them we drove up in the mountains of Gargano to visit the Umbra Forest, an ancient forest. The trees were quite majestic and it would have been great for hiking if it had not rained or the kids were a bit bigger.

Beware of flying kids!
Beware of flying kids!

Brightening up our car rides was this warning in the rental car. I find this picture hysterical, it’s a definer of my sense of humour. When bored on a car trip I would look up, see this picture and laugh. The kiddo in the back was worried when he noticed my reaction and said he did not want to fly around in the car. I told him that as long as he stayed belted, he needn’t worry. Then I kept on laughing at the picture. It’s seriously hilarious.

10 km finisher!
10 km finisher!

The reason we went to Gargano was to run. I ran (got around) the 10k race and after finishing I concluded that running isn’t my thing. It hurts my legs, I don’t find it fun and I can’t enjoy the surroundings. I got around, changing between running and walking, in a decent time (1.05) but I don’t know if I want to run that much more. Maybe I could do a 5k. At least I got a pretty medal to take home!

Farewell, Gargano!
Farewell, Gargano!

Then, after five lovely days we went home. Our flight route was right above the Gargano peninsula so I had the opportunity to take one last farewell shot. I hope to go there again!


Efter den väldigt dåliga sommaren iI Sverige såg jag fram emot att bära manga sommarkläder i Italien, ta bilder med fina bakgrunder och bara njuta av dem innan vintern slår till. Sen skulle jag komma hem och visa upp mina klädslar med de fina bakgrunder. Inte visste jag att oktober i Gargano var antingen strandväder eller regn. Strandväder innebar att jag bar bikini och regn innebar jeans och hoodie, inget som jag har sytt själv.

På de två resedagarna bar jag mina turkosa Colette Clovers, de var bekväma för flygresorna och den följande 2-timmars bilresan. Passformen är lite fel och jag måste lista ut vad jag ska göra åt detta till nästa par. Inga bilder av dessa klädslar, jag bar byxorna med vita långärmade t-shirts, för att flygplatser är inte särskilt inspirerande.

I vår lilla trädgård på hotellet. Alla dalgångar var fyllda av olivträd, vi hade ett i vår trädgård. Eftersom vi åkte till stranden senare är detta i princip min frukost- och lunchklädsel; Vildblomsalman och den blå fickkjolen. Bekvämt och fickorna är rätt praktiska även om de bara kan hålla små saker för att undvika att de faller ihop och bildar en känguruficka. En annan hemmasydd klädsel som fick se dagsljus i Italien var min gingham-Anna. Till synes bars den på stranden, vågorna var rätt höga, men det var trevligt. Senare åkte klänningen av till förmån för bikinin och salta bad i Adriatiska havet. Jag är inte helt nöjd med passformen, framför allt kunde livet vara längre. Dessutom stannar inte infodringarna där de ska vara, trots min under-stitching. Kanske ska jag kantsticka ner dem för att få bort det problemet, livlängden är det svårare att göra något åt.

Det var de handsydda kläderna jag bar, men Gargano var ett så vackert ställe så jag slänger in några bilder till, det är kul att titta på semesterbilder, eller? I alla fall några få…

När vi kom till hotellet höll lunchserveringen på att avslutas, så vi blev nerskickade till terrassen för att hinna få lunch. Vi gick ner och åt en utsökt fyrarätters lunch, till utsikten ovan. Varje dag fick vi fyra rätter och allt var så gott; Carpaccio, Mozzarellafyllda pastamedaljonger, skaldjurspasta, lammkotletter, svärdfisk, tiramisu, hallonglass (bara några av höjdpunkterna). Mums, mums, mums. När vädret var bra åt vi både frukost och lunch på terrassen med den underbara utsikten. Jag fotograferar inte mat, så ni får lita på mig när jag säger att det såg underbart ut och smakade fantastiskt.

Två av dagarna regnade det, en av dem körde vi upp i Garganos berg för att besöka Umbra-skogen, en urskog. Träden var majestätiska och jag hade gärna vandrat där om det inte regnat och barnen var större.

Nåt som livade upp bilturerna var varningen. Jag tycker bilden är hysteriskt kul, den definierar min typ av humor. När jag var uttråkad under en biltur kunde jag bara titta upp på denna bild , jag började alltid skratta. Sonen i baksätet blev orolig när han såg min reaktion och sade att han ville minsann inte flyga runt i bilen. Jag svarade att så länge han hade bälte på sig behövde han inte oroa sig. Sen fortsatte jag att skratta åt bilden. Den är skitkul!

Anledningen till att vi åkte till Gargano var för att springa. Jag sprang (tog mig runt) 10km-loppet och kunde efter målgång konstatera att det här med att springa är inte min grej. Det gör ont i benen, jag tycker inte det är kul och det gör att jag kan inte njuta av omgivningarna. Jag tog mig runt, växlade mellan att springa och gå, på en hyfsad tid (runt 1.05), men jag vet inte om jag vill springa så mycket mer. Kanske skulle klara av 5 km. En fin medalj fick jag med hem i alla fall!

Sen, efter fem underbara dagar åkte vi hem igen. Flygrutten gick precis över Gargano-halvön så jag fick möjlighet att ta en sista bild. Jag hoppas att återvända!

Inspiration: American Idiot

I’m not sure how much this post will actually be about sewing, but I’m throwing it in anyway. If you read to the end I will tell you which of my handsewn garments that had the honour of being worn. I’m also adding a warning for spoilers of the musical American Idiot.

Can you believe my husband has never, ever seen a muscial play or any other play. Now, he is not that into show tunes so the thought of him going to a traditional musical was impossible. Then I noticed that Malmö Opera would do Green Day’s American Idiot. After that it was a done deal and I treated the husband to his first ever muscial theatre experience.

American idiot
She’s holding on my heart like a hand grenade

Now, we are both huge fans of the American Idiot album and have listened to it thousands of time, singing along aloud, but during the show we realised that either of us had fully grapsed the story and social critisism of the album; we both pointed out that we would never listen to the album in the same way again.

American Idiot, ensembleAs for costume design, they followed in the punk lead of Green Day and it’s not something I’ve ever been into, even as a teen (as I teen I was more drawn to hippie styles). Leather jackets look great though. This shot above is from the ending when the characters reconcile with living in Suburbia. It really felt like a sad ending since it was driven more an urge to settle than to think that it was what they really wanted. I live my suburban life and wish for my kids never to feel like that, I want to give them the tools they need so they never settle for anything. And I need to tell myself that I shouldn’t either.

American idiot, bandThe band was excellent, energetic and great. The vision was to play the musical with the “dirtier” sound of Dookie, which I think they succeeded with very well. The audience was loving every performance and giving standing ovations in the end. The lead character was amazing, great voice, great acting, great presence and quite nice on my eyes. As I mentioned in my West Side Story post I would show you a different side of the actor portraying Tony. Same guy. He was good in West Side Story, in American Idiot, he was excellent. Just hear him sing Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

Those eyes...
Those eyes…

I’m not thinking a studded crop top will be in my near future, nor fire red hair. I will not live up to the standards set by Whatsername. What I do take with me in inspiration is energy, refusing to settle and a will to sneak a bit more rock’n’roll into my life and wardrobe. Until then I will listen to American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown, reliving the great musical with great music.

And the handmade garment I wore? Of course my Rock Glam Skirt! Where else would I have the opportunity to wear a silver leather skirt if not to a rock opera.

All photos from Malmö Opera

I helgen var min man och jag och såg American Idiot på Malmö Opera. Den var inspirerande på många sätt, inte på det sättet att jag kommer att försöka återskapa kostymen – jag har inte direkt nytta för en nitad kort topp – men energin och känslan tar jag med mig. Jag kommer försöka smyga in lite mer rock’n’roll i mina kläder och lyssna sönder Green Days plattor – så bra är de!

Alla bilder från Malmö Opera

Inspiration: West Side Story

To be honest I thought I wrote this post 2 years ago. I thought I had written this and published it. I had another post planned in which I would reference this post so that was how I discovered that I hadn’t written this post at all. 2 years is quite a long time to live in delusion, right?

So what was it that happened two years ago that made me want to write this post? In short, I visited the opera. It was the first time in ages that I had gone to see a musical, it was my MIL who bought “her daughters” (two SILs and me) tickets for Christmas and it has been a tradition since (I missed Chess in 2013 due to flu and then saw La Cage Aux Folles last year (see, I blogged about those)). At that time I rediscovered a world of musical theatre and how fun it is to see a well-produced, engaging live performance.

WWS, Sharks and Jets

What I did want to write about West Side Story was the costume design. I really found it inspiring, perhaps not in the way that it is clothes practical for my life, but rather how they helped reflect the situation on stage. As you may know, the basic plot of West Side Story is that there are two rival gangs, the Jets (Polish) and the Sharks (Puerto Ricans). The costume designer has really made a point to make a distinction in the clothes, the Sharks are in colourful clothing and the Jets are in more neutral colours, as can be seen above, and this was true for both men and women.

The Sharks girls were also in two-pieces that dubbed as dresses, something I have experimented with twice, in my “Dress” and my Midnight Sun Outfit.

WWS, MariaMaria, as the central character and not into the gang rivalry has a wardrobe that differs from the rest. For her first night in New York, the party scene, she donned a white dress, to represent her innocence, with interesting sleeves. Sleeves that reminded me of my Flouncing Sleeves top and Envy dress, even though they are made in jersey and I suspect Maria’s dress is from a vowen. I can’t really see how her dress is cut under the bust. While I’m not comfortable in dresses cut in one piece, Maria’s dress is nice and inspiring (look closely at Tony because the actor will be featured in my next musical inspiration post, looking very, very different. Still hot, though).


Another fun thing is that the sketches from the designer was also shown. Aside from the strange body shapes of the women, I think she did a pretty good job in realising those sketches. As I am interested in sewing I thought it was fun so see a bit more of the process behind the clothes. My creativity isn’t quite there so I can make a sketch and realise it, but maybe someday I can. Until then I’ll continue to match patterns to fabrics and vice versa to build my wardrobe.

Better late than never! Two years after I saw the musical I have finally blogged about the wardrobe. And, since I saw another musical this weekend, a new post will soon be up and, as I promised, it will feature more pictures of the actor portraying Tony above. However, it inspired me in other ways than fashion.

All pictures from GöteborgsOperan.

För två år sedan besökte jag Göteborgsoperan för att se West Side Story. Det blev en öppning till att se fler musikaler. Uppsättningen var mycket bra och jag inspirerades av kostymdesignerns sätt att låta kläderna bli en del av handlingen. Sharks-tjejerna och killarna hade färgglada kläder som kontrast till Jets mer neutrala. Marias klänning från hennes första kväll i New York är också underbar, även om det är svårt att se linjerna på den. Extra kul var också att vi fick se sketcherna så att hela processen kunde följas.

Alla bilder från GöteborgsOperan.

Change of Pace

Remember this post from way back? It is pretty much still valid. What happened was that about this time I became pregnant with Erika. After her birth almost two years ago (!) my body has been in status quo. However, I am now sick of clothes not fitting me the way I want them to fit and not really feeling like myself when looking in the mirror. So I decided to try and loose some extra weight, which in the long run means I don’t know my future measurements and I can’t really sew fitted garments. And you know I like my garments fitted.

Gustav's birthrecord
Gustav’s birthrecord

That’s the reason why not a lot of garment sewing takes place over here at the moment. I do, however, have something else to keep my hands busy. Last year, when Erika was nursing a lot in the evenings, I made a birth record cross stitch for Gustav. For Erika I chose Happi’s Backyard motif with lots of cute animals and I’m hoping to add both her names to it. The sample says “Christopher” which comes in at 11 letters, Erika’s two names are 11 combined, although I will need a space too. I think it can works, especially since two of her letters are Is. But that’s a long way to go until I can add the name.

Erika's Birthrecord to be (source)
Erika’s Birthrecord to be (source)

I quite like cross-stitching it’s relaxing and it’s a lot of fun seeing the motif grow. I still remember how happy Gustav was when we put his birth record up over his bed and I’m hoping Erika will like hers too. It’s getting there, one stitch at the time (no picture, but so for I’ve sewn the two birds, the fence to the right of them (almost all of it) and some of the flowers).

Disclaimer: Writing about weight loss is a touchy subject, which is why I won’t go into further details to avoid fat-shaming. I think the sewing community is great for looking beyond bodies and body image and instead just talk about sewing, our shared hobby.


Det blir inte mycket klädsömnad nuförtiden, då jag försöker tappa några överflödiga kilon. Istället ägnar jag mig åt broderi och en korsstygnstavla till dotterns. Sonens, som syns överst, sydde jag klart för ett år sedan och dottern ska få det under motivet. Jag kämpar i TV-soffan, ett stygn i taget.