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The Denim Skirt of Rectangles

Sometimes you just want to sew something mindless. Engage your hands in something, but not something that requires too much concentration or skill. New Year’s Day was a day like that. I was tired from a night of good company, good food and many good drinks, plus my daughter had a nasty cough as well. Needless to say, I needed some sewing time, but I wasn’t up for undertaking any project with many details or where precise sewing was required.

When adding the belt loops, I didn’t realise that the front was was right in the CF. So the belt’s a bit off on the side.

Enter the Trijntje skirt! I’d been planning to sew a weekender skirt, i.e. a skirt that is comfortable to wear around the house or doing weekend errands. Simple enough. The denim was a remnant from my Denim Pinda pants so I had what I had and needed to work around that.

See, all rectangles. But they’re great to sew on New Year’s Day!

I’m not entirely sure this pattern even qualify as a pattern. Let me tell you what it is: It is to rectangles sewn together with two rectangles sewn on top. Then some rectangles are sewn in the top to form a casing to pull the elastic through and voilà: a skirt! Some pretty topstitching hide the fact that it’s all just a bunch of rectangle sewing. Which is, in fact, the perfect New Year’s Day sewing. I didn’t even bother to trace this “pattern” I just measured the pieces and transferred the measurements to the fabric.

The rectangle skirt, as styled in Knipmode

The styling in the magazine (Knipmode 04/2018) included a self-belt, but I didn’t have enough fabric for that, having already shortened the skirt to account for the yardage I had. I intended to make the belt loops though, as to wear the skirt with a regular belt. Then I misplaced the last scrap, believing I had thrown them away (that’s what I get for cleaning my sewing room!) and scrapped (pun, intended) that idea. However, the elastic is a bit too long to hold up the weight of the skirt on its own (very comfortable though) and I cursed past me for loosing that last piece.

This skirt does its job; provides a good leisure skirt

Then I was sorting my fabric and this time the cleaning paid off. Hidden among my knits I found that missing piece of denim and I could proceed to add the belt loops, 1 month after completing the rest of the skirt.

2019 and 2020, Top 5 and Lookaheads

The sewing community is overflowing with wrap-ups of the previous year and decade as well as lookaheads to the new. I’ll join in, I like making book ends (heck, I have a whole spreadsheet dedicated to my creations and charts over pattern companies and types of garments, as well as one whole spreadsheet dedicated to my fabric stash). So first: The Numbers!

I made 40 sewing projects last year, of which 8 were for the kids, 1 was a bag and one was a cutlery wrap. Having identified a dress gap in my wardrobe I made many dresses this year, most of which get heavy rotation. I worked with 11 different pattern companies, Burda and Allt om handarbete were the 2 clear winners due to my collection of those magazines. However, the Allt om handarbete block is not a good match for me and to be honest their patterns are a bit boring so for next year I doubt they’ll be featured much.

Now, let’s look at some pretty clothes, shall we? I’ve already presented my bottom 5 of the year, so obviously it’s time for my top 5 of 2019! In chronological order:

1. Woman Dress

I bought this fabric in the autumn of 2018 and on March 6th I scrambled to make the dress so it could be worn on International Women’s day 2 days later. After contemplating many patterns, I’m really glad I went for a simple design to showcase those big Venus-signs. I’m also really glad that the despite the time crunch I was sewing this dress in, I pattern-matched the sides and avoided putting two big circles on my boobs. Whenever I wear this dress, it always garners plenty of attention.





2. Red maxi skirt

Ever since making the Belladone by Deer and Doe a few years back, I’ve been wanting to make a maxi skirt using that pattern. This spring I finally did, with a heavy but flowy viscose bought from Ohlssons and buttons from my mum’s stash. I must have ended up mis-counting, because the waist ended up much bigger than anticipated, so the pleats are quite deep. But I loved wearing this skirt over summer.





3. Blue-striped Reglisse

Both the fabric and the pattern for this project was bought for Black Friday 2018 and sewn up less than six months later! I’ve also made a less successful wearable muslin, but I fear that it will leave my closet soon. With this one I took care with the stripe-matching and it paid off well. I have lengthened the bodice and the skirt and raised the armhole a bit as well as making a bit smaller, making this sundress pattern appropriate for the office, as shown by the fact that this is the dress I chose to wear for my word ID badge.





4. The Lego shirts

I have a whole post dedicated to these, so go there for details. They are just really fun to wear!






5. My first ever coat

I invested a lot of time and money into this coat and luckily it paid off. I love how it looks, the fact that I managed to find a red non-wool fabric for it, the quilted lining, everything. Plus I wear it pretty much every day in the winter so it is in constant rotation!





As for the upcoming year, I don’t want to set any major goals, but rather guidelines. I will continue to sew with a plan, in which I’ll make a 4-7 piece plan for each season and try to stick to it. Sometimes, there isn’t enough time or priorities shift, but I’m at that point where my plans are filling gaps in my wardrobe, rather than building it. So, my own guidelines for the plans I make this year will be:

1.Use what I have

I have a pretty big stash with fabric for most type of clothing. For each plan I am allowed to buy new fabric only if an identified gap needs it (for example, in my upcoming spring plan I am making a pair of trousers. I had no suitable fabric so I bought for that. For a shirt tunic I’m making I must use something that was already in the stash). I start the year with 83,5 meters of fabric, let’s see where I end up.

This also applies to patterns, that I will try to use what I have instead of buying new.

2. Refashion

I have some hand-made garments at home that could use some attention to make them better (Exhibit A). For each plan I will try to add a refashion that would make some less-loved garments into more-loved, or at least have them die in the process of trying.

3. Sell things I won’t use

This relates mostly to fabrics and patterns. You know we’ve all bought some fabric and then realized it wasn’t our style or something or patterns that really only have one make in them. I hope someone will like what I have and take some things off my chest.

Long post, so congrats if you’ve made it to the end!



2019 Sewing Bottom 5

As I only reopened this blog in October this year, I have made a lot of things that has not been recorded on the internet, save for Instagram. But here’s the drawback of Instagram, try finding those things again. Plus, when originally posted we tend to look at our projects with those “new love” eyes, whereas the true opinion of something comes with wear, or in the case of clothes, non-wear. In that respect maybe the misses are more interesting than the hits and I will begin with those.

Toto, green corduroy skirt

Wrinkles galore, corduroy is tricky to press.

Before making this skirt, I researched it on the internets, as I always do. That big pleat in the front was quite a divider among those who had sewn it, but I liked the cool-ness it gave the skirt. However, I either measured wrong, traced wrong or the sizing’s off because this skirt ended up way too big. I can keep it up with a belt, but this creates this minor paper bag waist that is too small to look intentional. I’m not sure how to take this one in because of the slanted pockets and kick pleat in the back. Pattern from Jenny Hellström Ruas’ book Sy! Från hood till skjortkänning

Green v-neck top

I like the colour, but not sure about the rest, I think I need a dart for these types of tops

As with many of the clothes that I don’t end up wearing, I usually like the idea of something. With this, dart-less simple top from a Fashion Style Magazine (hate that name, but I digress) I thought it would give me a cool vibe and more comfort in the fact that not all clothes need to be fitted. I probably should have made some sort of dart less FBA on this top as it keeps on riding down, making that V a bit indecent, especially for work. Plus it’s a bit short on me. At first I really liked it and figured I could make a more fancy top in a cupro, now I’m glad I didn’t jump to that gun, so my cupro can be saved for something else.

Deck of cards top

Only picture I could find to represent this project. The lack of shape should have been obvious to me from the drawing.

In need for some more knit tops I picked up this ponte from the remnant bin at Stoff och Stil. It’s not polka dots, but rather the  suits of a deck. The fabric piece I had was small, so it was hard to find a pattern and then I needed some creative cutting. I had a hard time finding a pattern and settled on a top with a yoke. I made no effort to compensate for the fact that my pattern had sleeves whereas I sewed it sleeveless which shows. Plus it could stand to be a bit more fitted, now it kind of just hangs.

White and silver blouse

Too bulky. But I like the heart on the belt, that’s a keeper!

Another case where I tried a new to me silhouette. It wasn’t a perfect fabric-to-pattern match as the seersucker is a bit stiff. As it was a Burda pattern, I couldn’t quite figure out how to sew the placket correctly and I assumed that it was elastic creating the gathers in the neckline. It wasn’t. You sew basting stitches, gather and then create some pouf by adding a piece of fabric with the neckline fabric and self-facing. Quite an odd method. I don’t really like wearing this blouse, the shape is off and it’s too high in the neck for my comfort.

Coral zipper trousers

I still wear them and they’re awesome with my Lego shirt, but the fit is so off

I need more trousers in my wardrobe. Period. I wanted to add some colourful ones, and there ones fit that bill. I also like all the zipper details and the pocket in the back is a patch pocket/welt pocket sort of hybrid with a zipper thrown in for good measure. It was my second pair of trousers from the Allt om handarbete magazine this year and now I’ve come to realise that their block just don’t fit me. In no way I am saying I expect a good fit right off the pattern sheet, but these are pretty far off and for example Burdastyle would be a better starting point for me. So while I love the trousers in theory – the colour! the zippers! – in  practice they just don’t get worn a lot.


During my Christmas holidays (18 days without work!) I plan to do a serious wardrobe purge and cleaning. I think my wardrobe will feel empty, but it’ll be the clothes I wear, as opposed to just hanging there for decoration. I’ve said this many times before, so we’ll see how it goes once I face the fact.

Sewn: Really Awesome T-shirts

We surprised the kids with a trip to Legoland this summer I wanted to add an additional surprise to make them dress properly for the occasion. On the second day of our Legoland stay the kids took on the park in colourful attire and received plenty of attention. I did not wear any of my Lego-shirts in the park (the jersey was too thick for the heat we had).

Two kids dressed as kids

Legoland is not that big and the two days we spent there were more than enough. The rides were just big and scary enough for the two kids (ages 6&9) and not too childish for us adults. My favourite ride was the pirate boats where all riders and spectators could shoot water at each and getting soaked was quite nice in the 30-ish degree weather we had. Plus the attention to Lego details is so good, I was really impressed. Big Lego-blocks outside, Lego-decorations in the hotel room at Legoland hotel, signs in Lego and my favourite: French fries at the buffet as Legos.

We ran into Emmet Brickowski in the Lego store, appropriately dressed.

I used generic t-shirt patterns for the kids, from Burda and Allt om handarbete, but don’t ask me to recite a pattern number or even the magazine issue. Like I said, generic t-shirt patterns. The armscye on Gustav’s t-shirt came out a bit too big and the sleeve hem allowance too small, so the sleeves are not perfect, but he is still constantly wearing the t-shirt, when it’s not in the wash that is. Erika also likes hers, but with so much to choose from in her wardrobe the Lego shirt is not selected that often. Maybe I need to turn it right side out since the back is white and she might not see it…

Dressed for work. I also made those trousers, but they deserve a post of their own.

All the tops were sewn up pretty quickly since they were fairly basic patterns. Although, by the end of project Lego t-shirts I was quite fed up with Lego fabric, knit fabrics and assembly line sewing. The t-shirts were well received, I turned a few heads and caused some smiles when I wore the Stella to work, and the Legoland surprise was awesome, cause in Lego Everything is Awesome!

Close up of my top. I really like the shape and fit of this top.

The details


Generic kid t-shirt patterns from Burda and/or Allt om handarbete
Stella T-shirt from Jenny Hellström’s book Sy! Från hood till skjortklänning
Sleeveless top, Allt om handarbete 104-04-2019


Klossar (blocks) from Jofotex. Yes, they are called Blocks as it is not copyright Lego fabric. Like when the Simpsons went to Blockoland.


The 16 Hours Coat

Where do I start? Do I start with that this my greatest sewing achievement ever? That I, in secret, is happy that this is done and my sewing will not be covered in red lint, although I’m sure I will find it around for a long time to come?

Front view. It has side pockets (I should have made them a bit bigger).

I think I’ll go with awesome. I actually made me a coat! A real coat, with lining and toggles and all that shebang. It all began with that feeling that I wanted to make something a bit more challenging. Then I noticed that my winter jacket, bought in 2011, was ripping. Now surely, being a sewer I could have fixed that. I didn’t, I chose to do a new coat instead. Then the old jacket ripped even further as I was wearing it (it’s the sleeve to bodice seam).

Back view. I like the shape of the coat, but I have some issues controlling the collars.

One of the issues I have had with coatmaking is that I’m slightly allergic to wool, it makes me itch. I don’t know if it’s all types of wool, but quite frankly I did not want to invest in a whole bunch of wool only to find out at the end of the project that the lining doesn’t do enough to keep my skin from crawling. So a polyester substitute it was. I ordered some samples from, then I got a newsletter from them alerting a new arrival. I had wanted to make a red coat, but not too red, and now they had a perfect boucle for my project. Combined with quilted, padded lining I started out. The toggles I bought later, from Bibbis textil.

Red toggles! And a snap to keep the top closed.

The pattern I used was Simplicity 8262, designed by Leanne Marshall, winner of Project Runway season 5. I found the pattern quite easy to work with, it all came together easily, that is until I had to turn the lining. I could not wrap my head around the instructions, how to fasten the coat to the lining along with sleeves and then turn it. In the I handstitched the “turning hole” in the back bottom as well as the sleeves. It took me around 15 minutes, much shorter than what I had spent deciphering the instructions without luck.

Gold lining. And a sewing room floor. And a foot.

This coat is not perfect. There are flaws that I could have avoided. But it was my first time making a coat and it’s still so cool and I will wear it a lot as it does keep me cozy and warm. The first test run was on a particularly windy day (all days here are windy, so it’s very windy when I say particularly windy) (it also happened to be my birthday, so wearing my coat for the first time was an excellent way of celebrating myself). I made a self-belt, not sure if like it or not also I’m not sure this turquoise scarf is the best colour match. But technicalities. Bottom line: I made a freaking awesome coat!

My own label. Made in Sweden.
I also remembered to add a loop for hanging, it’s not in the pattern

The title of the post? For fun I wrote down how long each session was and what I had done during that session. In the end it added up to 16 hours spent on this coat.




Sewn: Lumberjack Outfit

Neither of these pieces were actually planned to be made, but all of a sudden here they are and I’m a lumberjack. And I’m OK with that. Maybe it’s time for me to start pressing wild flowers and have afternoon tea with scones? Or hang around in bars?

If I were to hang around in bars, this would probably not be my chosen outfit. The trousers are sewn specifically for work. You see I work in a facility under construction. When we go out there it’s full-on construction worker mode, with a hardhat, safety shoes, goggles, gloves and high visibility jacket, all of which I have through my job. As I don’t do much actual construction work I don’t have any “worker trousers”, but instead wear my own as we are not allowed to be bare-legged on the construction site. The issue is that I don’t have many trousers, so I had to make some.

Pockets are key, so I added all kinds of them, all of the patch variety. Front back and on both thighs. They’re still pockets on tight trousers, but small stuff can be carried there.

The shirt was made as a wearable muslin, and therefore not perfect. The most obvious flaw is that I placed the buttonholes too far from the edge making them look off and also making the shirt a bit tighter than intended. I still like the style of the shirt, it appeals to my inner 90s teenager.

Soundtrack to post: I’m a Lumberjack by Monty Python.

Materials used:

The trousers are the Pinda pants from Waffle Patterns. I have made them in the past and the fit is pretty good on me without much alterations. However, my first pair were made using the size indicated by my measurements, they turned out way too big. I added all the pockets I could find and skipped sewing the leg darts to get a more boot cut look instead of slim legs. The pattern instructions are really easy to follow and I want to do my best to remember this as the fly instruction is clear and easy to follow.
Notes for next time:

  • Reduce bulk in the front.
  • Make belt loops a bit larger.
  • Make the back waistband with a centre seam as to pull it in, as needed.

The fabric is a stretch denim I found in the remnant bin at Ohlssons Tyger. Notions used are a zipper for the fly and a button.

The shirt is New Look 6407. I made an FBA and managed to squeeze out the long-sleeved version even though my fabric didn’t reach the yardage of the required amount. The instructions were a bit lackluster, especially for the sleeve cuffs. They are not my best work, but I really couldn’t figure out how New Look meant for me to put them in.
Notes for next time:

  • Get the order right in sewing the collar.
  • Work more on the cuffs.
  • Put the buttons and buttonholes more to the center front

The shirt fabric is from Stoff och Stil, where I found it in the remnant bin, the shirt buttons were found in my stash.

See You Elsewhere

Once upon a time, I started this blog. That was like ten years ago. This was before Instagram and Twitter, before Facebook, before smart phones. When blogs was the way to log your thoughts, to connect with others, to share. This was also a time when I had no children and all time after work and weekends was mine to do with what I pleased. So much have changed.

I never was a good photographer. I used whatever I had to place the camera on and the self-timer. As for any type of photo-editing, none. Still none. I know nothing about photo-editing. Because it is not my hobby. And if I were to learn it would take time from I want to do. I’m not saying that photography and photo-editing never will be hobby, but right now it’s now where I want to lay my focus.

Without photos a blog about sewing would be pretty useless, after all we all read blogs to look at garments, right? Do you see where this is going? I haven’t blogged since May and to be honest I haven’t missed it. During this time I have thought about how my blogging would be in the future, but what it came down to was: pause. I need to pause blogging. And I need to write why, because I hate it when bloggers disappear without explanation. So my explanation, good or bad, is that I want to dedicate my time to other things rather than blogging. I’m OK with that decision.

What will I do now that I give myself all this time? Get my brown belt in judo. Continue sewing. Explore bullet journaling. Read. Be creative. Do things with my family. Maybe one day I’ll get back here, maybe I won’t. I just need to take away the pressure I get from this blog. I need a break.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram (@eitchy), Twitter (@eitchy_82) or on Goodreads, where I review what I read. Maybe I’ll post something on The Monthly Stitch if I feel a blogging urge.

Me-Made-May Week 3

Another week of me-made outfits and the self-photography is getting old. To be honest, I don’t have pictures of all my outfits, but I have been wearing handmade stuff. Let’s go over week three.

Ännu en vecka med handsydda klädslar och bildtagandet av mig själv börjar bli tråkigt. Jag har inte ens bilder av alla klädslar, men jag har burit handsydda kläder varje dag. Här är tredje veckan.

May 16/16 maj

Made by me: Blue Hawthorn dress
Worn to: Work
Sytt av mig: Blå Hawthorn-klänning
Buren till: Jobb

I love the swooshiness of the skirt, the way it falls around my legs when walking. It’s almost a bit too vintage for my taste, but I usually feel good in it when I’m wearing it

Jag älskar fallet i kjolen och hur den rör sig. Klänningen är nästan lite för vintage för min smak, men oftast känns det bra att bära den.

May 17/17 maj

Made by me: Dexy sweatshirt
Worn to: A day at home with the kids
Sytt av mig: Dexy-tröjan
Buren till: En hemmadag med barnen

Leisure wear. Enough said.

Fritidskläder. Det räcker så.

May 18/18 maj


Made by me: Leaf skirt
Worn to: Work
Sytt av mig: Bladkjolen
Buren till: Jobb

I love the fabric of this skirt and now that it fits it should get more wear.

Jag älskar tyget och nu när den passar borde den bäras mer.

May 19/19 maj


Made by me: Bordeaux skirt
Worn to: Work
Sytt av mig: Bordeauxkjol
Buren till: Jobb

This skirt is simple to wear. I’m guessing this was the final wear for now, but it will see daylight again in the fall and winter. As will its denim sister.

Denna kjol är så lätt att bära. Jag gissar att detta var säsongens sista gång, men till hösten och vintern kommer den fram igen. Även dess denimsyster.

May 20/20 maj


Made by me: Seersucker blouse, Portside bag
Worn to: Work and going to the in-laws
Sytt av mig: Seersucker-blus, Portside-väska

I didn’t get a picture of my outfit, but I did wear my seersucker blouse. In the afternoon we went on a weekend trip to my in-laws and of course I packed in my Portside bag.

Jag tog ingen bild av klädseln, men jag bar min seersucker-blus. På eftermiddagen åkte vi till svärföräldrana och givetvis packade jag i min Portside-väska

May 21-22/21-22 maj


Made by me: Striped Plantain, Chambery shorts
Worn to: Hanging with kids, meeting people, going to the beach
Sytt av mig: Randig Plantain, Chambery shorts
Buren till: Hänga med barnen, träffa folk, strandbesök

OK, I wore RTW pants on Saturday, but I did wear the top both days. I sewed these pieces to go together and they do that well. First beach trip of the year (no swimming though) and you can see my 3-year old in the background being happy (my 5-year old acted as photographer).

Jag bar köpta byxor på lördagen, men jag bar toppen båda dagarna. Jag sydde dessa plagg för att de skulle passa tillsammans och det gör de bra. Årets första strandbesök blev det (inga bad) och min glada 3-åring springer i bakgrunden (5-åringen var fotograf)

Me-Made-May 16: Week 2

After the second week of Me-Made-May I’m beginning to realise what I miss and what I don’t wear. Another thing I’m thinking about is what I want to sew. What is my goal? I will do a round-up at the end of the month to explore these thoughts. Now, on to the outfits!

Efter Me-Made-Mays andra vecka börjar jag inse vad jag saknar och vad jag inte bär. En annan sak jag funderar på är vad jag vill sy. Vad är mitt mål? Jag kommer att göra en sammanfattning i slutet av månaden för att utforska dessa tankar. Nu, mina klädslar!


May 9/9 maj


Made by me: The Turnaround Dress/Sytt av mig: Ändringsklänningen
Worn to: WorkBuren till: Jobb

This dress is a bit ill-fitting, but I love it nonetheless. The fabric is just so beautiful and it is a silhouette I don’t usually go for.

Klänningen passar inte helt bra, men trots det älskar jag den. Tyget är så vackert och det är en siluett som jag inte brukar bära.

May 10/10 maj

Clover and Alma

Made by me: Clover Pants, Starry Alma/Sytt av mig: Stjärnalma, Clover-byxor
Worn to: Work/Buren till: Jobb

These two piece go well together and I like the silhouette of this outfit.

Dessa två plagg passar bra ihop och jag gillar denna klädsels profil.


May 11/11 maj

Burdastyle skirt and blouse

Made by me: Aqua skirt, 90s blouse/Sytt av mig: Aqua-kjol, 90-talsblus
Worn to: Work/Buren till jobb

Yes, the skirt is made in the same fabric as the pants yesterday. I always buy about 0.5 metres more than the recommendation, since the recommendations usually are generous then I have enough for one more garment (or I can mess up). I like the skirt. The blouse is a bit stiff, I hope it will be a bit softer after a go in the washer.

Ja, kjolen är sydd I samma tyg som byxorna under gårdagen. Jag köper alltid cirka en halvmeter mer är rekommendationen, eftersom rekommendationerna oftast är väl tilltagna har jag tillräckligt över för ännu ett plagg (eller så kan jag klanta mig). Jag gillar kjolen. Blusen är lite styv, jag hoppas att den mjukas upp efter en vända i tvättmaskinen.

May 12/12 maj


Made by me: Clover pants, White Tiger Jacket/sytt av mig: Clover-byxor, Vit tiger-jacka
Worn to: Work/buren till: Jobb

What this outfit tells me is that I need to make more pants. I have a need for them. I couldn’t really decide if the jacket is cool or costume, although I like it more in the picture than I did in the mirror.

Denna klädsel säger mig att jag måste sy fler byxor, jag har ett behov av dem. Jag kan inte riktigt avgöra om jackan är häftig eller för mycket, men jag gillar den mer på bilden är in spegeln.

May 13/13 maj


Made by me: Blue Pocket Skirt/Sytt av mig: Blå kjol med fickor Worn to: Visiting kiddo’s new school/Buren till: Besök på barnets blivande skola

Big day! The kiddo and I visited what will be his school in the fall. I wore a casual skirt and t-shirt outfit which worked well. I wore this with a denim jacket, my shoes are blue. The kiddo was in denim shorts, a blue t-shirt and blue cap. We were matching in blue.

Stor dag! Besök på nya skolan för mig och 5-åringen. Jag bar en ledig klädsel med kjol och t-shirt som funkade bra. Jag hade även en jeansjacka, min skor är blå. Sonen bar jeansshorts, en blå t-shirt och blå keps. Vi matchade i blått.

May 14/14 maj

Skip day – Hoppdag

My skip days almost always fall on days off work. This means I’m lacking in handmade leisure wear. If that is something that needs to be fixed is something I’m pondering at the moment.

Mina hoppdagar infaller nästan bara på lediga dagar. Detta betyder att jag saknar hemmasydda fritidskläder. Om det är något jag måste justera funderar jag på.

May 15/15 maj


Made by me: Dexy Sweatshirt/Sytt av mig: Dexy-tröjan

Worn to: Visiting my dad with the kids/Buren till: ett besök hos min pappa

I was suffering from hay fever and had a bit of a cold, so I chose a cozy sweatshirt, the only sweatshirt I have in my handmade wardrobe.

Jag hade höfeber och var lite förkyld så jag valde en mysig tröja, den enda tröja i min handsydda garderob.


MMMay16: Week 1

Me-Made May is up and running and I thought I’d do weekly summaries here. It’s a great way to assess what I actually wear and what works in my wardrobe. The shift in weather and therefore the shift in clothes this week is remarkable.

Me-Made-May är i full gång och min tanke är att sammanfatta veckovis här. Det är ett bra sätt för mig att bedöma vad jag bär och vad som funkar i min garderob. Väderomslaget och därmed omslaget i kläder denna vecka är anmärkningsvärt.

May 1/1 maj

Me-Made-May day 1

Made by me: Wrap top/Sytt av mig: Omlottopp

Worn to: Hanging at home and then playing in the woods as well as eating ice cream in the woods.
Buren: Hängde hemma och sen skogslek med glasspaus

This top works well for leisure and is nice and warm. Honestly, I didn’t think it would see the light of day during Me-Made-May, but it was just cold enough on the first day for a wear.

Toppen är bra och ledig, dessutom är den skön och varm. Helt ärligt så trodde jag inte att denna skulle dyka upp under Me-Made-May, men den första maj var det tillräckligt kallt.

May 2/2 maj

Me-Made-May day 2

Made by me: Jade skirt/Sytt av mig: Jade-kjol

Worn to: Work
Buren: Till jobb

A simple, easy to make, easy to wear skirt. While wearing it I noticed that I need to secure the pleat more and that it, due to the pleat, seems front heavy. I need to check the hem length.

En enkel kjol som var lätt att sy och lätt att bära. Jag märkte två saker när jag sydde en, jag måste fästa vecket bättre och pga. vecket känns den som den hänger längre ner fram. Jag måste kolla längden.

May 3/3 maj

Me-Made-May day 3

Made by me: Seersucker blouse, Olga skirt/Sytt av mig: Seersucker-blus, Olga-kjol

Worn to: Work
Buren: Till jobb

I love this skirt and can easily see why it is so popular here in Sweden. The blouse was recently finished. I did a quick toile and thought it worked OK, but if I make it again I will size down and FBA it. Lesson learnt.

Jag älskar kjolen och kan fattar varför den är så populär här i Sverige. Bluse gjorde jag nyligen. Jag gjorde en snabb toile och trodde att den var OK, men om jag gör om den kommer jag välja en mindre storlek och justera för bysten. Jag har lärt mig.

May 4/4 maj

Me-Made-May day 5

Made by me: Seersucker blouse, Clover pants/Sytt av mig: Seersucker-blus, Clover-byxor

Worn to: work (followed by getting a much needed haircut)
Buren: Till jobb (följt av en välbehövd klippning)

I am not above wearing the same blouse two days in a row. I love the colour of the pants, the fit is a bit off but I’m counting these as a wearable toile.

Jag har inget emot att bära samma blus två dagar i rad. Jag älskar färgen på byxorna, passningen är inte helt hundra, men jag räknar dessa som bärbar toile.

May 5/5 maj

Me-Made-May day 4

Made by me: Minnie Skirt/Sytt av mig: Mimmi-kjol

Worn to: Family day at the horse race track, then hanging at my dad’s Place
Buren: Till familjedag på Jägersro, följt av häng hos min pappa.

My daughter picked out my skirt today. The fabric of this skirt (poplin with 3% lycra) is gorgeous and I love to wear it. I’m building the courage to wear a bright red skirt

Idag fick min dotter välja vad jag skulle ha. Tyget (poplin med 3 %lycra) är underbart och jag älskar att bära det. Jag bygger upp mitt mod att bära en klarröd kjol

May 6/6 maj

I used one of my skip days…
En av mina fria dagar…

May 7 and May 8/7 och 8 maj

Me-Made-May day 7

Made by me: Chambrey shorts/Sytt av mig: Chambrey shorts

Worn to: Hanging at home being effected by pollen (and some minor yard work, a picnic and forest walks)
Buren: Jag hängde hemma, pollensjuk (lite trädgårdsarbete, picknick och skogspromenader)

I finished these shorts on Saturday, so I wore the same outfit two days in a row. The fabric is great for these shorts, the fit is a bit off in the back, but not so much I won’t wear them.

Dessa shorts blev klara i lördags, sen bar jag samma klädsel två dagar i rad. Tyget är perfekt till dessa shorts, passningen är lite fel bak, men inte så mycket att jag inte kommer att bära dem.

So, for the first week of May, it was mostly successes. I felt good in my outfits, now I need to get the other things into rotation, those I don’t wear that much.

För första veckan i maj var det mesta framgångar. Jag trivdes i mina klädslar, nu måste jag få in andra plagg i rotation, de jag inte bär så mycket.