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Me-Made May, the first half

While I do share my outfits every day on Instagram, I want to share them here too. To really make myself think about my outfits, what I like and what I don’t like.

Day 1: Meeting people. At a distance, of course. Wearing Checkered Chardon, a Megan Nielsen Briar in linen knit and a double gause Simplicity 8610 jacket.
Since I was actually leaving the house this day, I tried to combine things in a new way. It kind of works. I’m still debating whether or not I should add a button to the jacket.

Day 2: Staying casual at home in Waffle Patterns Pinda pants and Burda 11/2019 hoodie.
Casual and comfy. Nothing more, nothing less.

Day 3: Wearing Waffle Patterns Pinda Pants, RTW tank and Megan Nielsen Briar. And thrifted pink Converse.
I had to rush out as soon as the store opened as we were out of toilet paper (we’re so not hoarding!) and something for the kid to bring to scouting. Tired, but comfy and I had those pink shoes to cheer me up!

Day 4-6, all working from home in knit tops.
On 4 and 5 I’m wearing a wrap top from Burda 02/2020, thrifted trousers on day 4 and my Olga skirt on day 5. I love the colour of the top and the details of the skirt. And look at those lime green leaves in the background! Day 6 is a meh outfit. Both pieces are from Allt om Handarbete (top, trousers) and I need to make so many adjustments to get them to fit, both in terms of sizing and other alterations, that I think I’m done with that company. The colour scheme is nice, though, and the top is a bit better with a belt.

Day 7-9Day 7: I won the Hey June Lane Raglan in an IG giveaway and after six weeks of travelling from the US it arrived and I already had a fabric dedicated to it. A nice and comfy t-shirt, I like the fit since the pattern came with a built in FBA and I like the paint effect of the blue stripes.
Day 8: I went all out with blue shades today! This dress is so comfortable, but still with a nice shape. The fabric is pique and the free pattern is from Swedish designer Jenny Hellström. Rest is RTW. While in theory I would want a me-made denim jacket I don’t see the point as this jacket is perfectly fine. Once it’s worn out, we’ll talk.
Day 9: I went on a pre-breakfast bikeride and while waiting for the family parkour with my daughter I threw on some old sweat pants and a t-shirt. They served their purpose for keeping me clothed, but not sweating on anything precious

Day 10: Lane Raglan again. Handstitching a hem on a dress in one of my favourite fabrics.
Day 11: Pinda pants, a slouchy cardigan in linen knit (refashioned from a me-made warp cardigan) and an Allt om handarbete knit blouse. This knit blouse is OK, despite my complaining of the company earlier. And, while not shown, I like to think my sleeves are better matched than their own example.
Day 12: OK, so I wore the same outfit as yesterday, but got around the issue by wearing a me-made top for the gym. This is a nice airy top, but it’s quite tricky to put on, and it does show off my efforts at the gym.

Day 13: Olga skirt and grey MN Briar. I like the silhouette of this outfit, but, as can be seen in the two Briar outfits above, the neckline is very wide on me. And then I’ve taken in the knit one!
Day 14: These trousers have so many cool details (that I effectively hide) and I love the colour, but the fit is off as they are Allt om handarbete. Their block and I are just not compatible! The linen knit works like this, a bit slouchy (in the best way) over a tank. It was an experiment and while OK, not great.
Day 15: It was grey, windy and raining, so I decided to wear some blue skies and flowers. Clothes can help elevate your mood! The pattern is New Look 6301 and it’s comfortable and put together. A great dress!


2019 Sewing Bottom 5

As I only reopened this blog in October this year, I have made a lot of things that has not been recorded on the internet, save for Instagram. But here’s the drawback of Instagram, try finding those things again. Plus, when originally posted we tend to look at our projects with those “new love” eyes, whereas the true opinion of something comes with wear, or in the case of clothes, non-wear. In that respect maybe the misses are more interesting than the hits and I will begin with those.

Toto, green corduroy skirt

Wrinkles galore, corduroy is tricky to press.

Before making this skirt, I researched it on the internets, as I always do. That big pleat in the front was quite a divider among those who had sewn it, but I liked the cool-ness it gave the skirt. However, I either measured wrong, traced wrong or the sizing’s off because this skirt ended up way too big. I can keep it up with a belt, but this creates this minor paper bag waist that is too small to look intentional. I’m not sure how to take this one in because of the slanted pockets and kick pleat in the back. Pattern from Jenny Hellström Ruas’ book Sy! Från hood till skjortkänning

Green v-neck top

I like the colour, but not sure about the rest, I think I need a dart for these types of tops

As with many of the clothes that I don’t end up wearing, I usually like the idea of something. With this, dart-less simple top from a Fashion Style Magazine (hate that name, but I digress) I thought it would give me a cool vibe and more comfort in the fact that not all clothes need to be fitted. I probably should have made some sort of dart less FBA on this top as it keeps on riding down, making that V a bit indecent, especially for work. Plus it’s a bit short on me. At first I really liked it and figured I could make a more fancy top in a cupro, now I’m glad I didn’t jump to that gun, so my cupro can be saved for something else.

Deck of cards top

Only picture I could find to represent this project. The lack of shape should have been obvious to me from the drawing.

In need for some more knit tops I picked up this ponte from the remnant bin at Stoff och Stil. It’s not polka dots, but rather the  suits of a deck. The fabric piece I had was small, so it was hard to find a pattern and then I needed some creative cutting. I had a hard time finding a pattern and settled on a top with a yoke. I made no effort to compensate for the fact that my pattern had sleeves whereas I sewed it sleeveless which shows. Plus it could stand to be a bit more fitted, now it kind of just hangs.

White and silver blouse

Too bulky. But I like the heart on the belt, that’s a keeper!

Another case where I tried a new to me silhouette. It wasn’t a perfect fabric-to-pattern match as the seersucker is a bit stiff. As it was a Burda pattern, I couldn’t quite figure out how to sew the placket correctly and I assumed that it was elastic creating the gathers in the neckline. It wasn’t. You sew basting stitches, gather and then create some pouf by adding a piece of fabric with the neckline fabric and self-facing. Quite an odd method. I don’t really like wearing this blouse, the shape is off and it’s too high in the neck for my comfort.

Coral zipper trousers

I still wear them and they’re awesome with my Lego shirt, but the fit is so off

I need more trousers in my wardrobe. Period. I wanted to add some colourful ones, and there ones fit that bill. I also like all the zipper details and the pocket in the back is a patch pocket/welt pocket sort of hybrid with a zipper thrown in for good measure. It was my second pair of trousers from the Allt om handarbete magazine this year and now I’ve come to realise that their block just don’t fit me. In no way I am saying I expect a good fit right off the pattern sheet, but these are pretty far off and for example Burdastyle would be a better starting point for me. So while I love the trousers in theory – the colour! the zippers! – in  practice they just don’t get worn a lot.


During my Christmas holidays (18 days without work!) I plan to do a serious wardrobe purge and cleaning. I think my wardrobe will feel empty, but it’ll be the clothes I wear, as opposed to just hanging there for decoration. I’ve said this many times before, so we’ll see how it goes once I face the fact.

Sewn: Really Awesome T-shirts

We surprised the kids with a trip to Legoland this summer I wanted to add an additional surprise to make them dress properly for the occasion. On the second day of our Legoland stay the kids took on the park in colourful attire and received plenty of attention. I did not wear any of my Lego-shirts in the park (the jersey was too thick for the heat we had).

Two kids dressed as kids

Legoland is not that big and the two days we spent there were more than enough. The rides were just big and scary enough for the two kids (ages 6&9) and not too childish for us adults. My favourite ride was the pirate boats where all riders and spectators could shoot water at each and getting soaked was quite nice in the 30-ish degree weather we had. Plus the attention to Lego details is so good, I was really impressed. Big Lego-blocks outside, Lego-decorations in the hotel room at Legoland hotel, signs in Lego and my favourite: French fries at the buffet as Legos.

We ran into Emmet Brickowski in the Lego store, appropriately dressed.

I used generic t-shirt patterns for the kids, from Burda and Allt om handarbete, but don’t ask me to recite a pattern number or even the magazine issue. Like I said, generic t-shirt patterns. The armscye on Gustav’s t-shirt came out a bit too big and the sleeve hem allowance too small, so the sleeves are not perfect, but he is still constantly wearing the t-shirt, when it’s not in the wash that is. Erika also likes hers, but with so much to choose from in her wardrobe the Lego shirt is not selected that often. Maybe I need to turn it right side out since the back is white and she might not see it…

Dressed for work. I also made those trousers, but they deserve a post of their own.

All the tops were sewn up pretty quickly since they were fairly basic patterns. Although, by the end of project Lego t-shirts I was quite fed up with Lego fabric, knit fabrics and assembly line sewing. The t-shirts were well received, I turned a few heads and caused some smiles when I wore the Stella to work, and the Legoland surprise was awesome, cause in Lego Everything is Awesome!

Close up of my top. I really like the shape and fit of this top.

The details


Generic kid t-shirt patterns from Burda and/or Allt om handarbete
Stella T-shirt from Jenny Hellström’s book Sy! Från hood till skjortklänning
Sleeveless top, Allt om handarbete 104-04-2019


Klossar (blocks) from Jofotex. Yes, they are called Blocks as it is not copyright Lego fabric. Like when the Simpsons went to Blockoland.


Creations: Children’s Skirts and Sweaters

So, I made my kids matching clothes. Again. As I was tracing something for me my 5-year-old asked me why I never sew anything for him. Cue the mom guilt. I told him I didn’t think I had any fabric he’d like, so he went to look in my stash. Almost immediately he called, with excitement: “mom, I’ve found the perfect fabric, it has cars and trailers and roads and trees!” Yes, a very nice fabric indeed, he already has a t-shirt in it and the leftover piece was very small. Too small, which I told him. He said he wanted a skirt with cars on it. I told him that I’d make one, but still that piece of fabric was too small. His final attempt was “but mom, boys can wear skirts too!” I said that yes, they can, but that piece was still too small. Anyway, he had effectively put in an order for a skirt with cars.

Gustav's set
Gustav’s set

I bought organic cotton jersey, it’s so soft and a delight to work with. It has the ordered cars, also roads, trees and traffic signs. I made the simplest of skirts, a rectangle with a wide elastic waistband. He loves it. He wore it almost every day on vacation, over jeans as our vacation was cold, to birthday parties and for everyday use. For Erika I also chose a different organic cotton jersey with mushrooms and rainy clouds, as she is fascinated by the rain. Same method for the skirt.

Erika's set of skirt and sweater
Erika’s set

A few weeks later I sewed the accompanying pieces, sweatshirts. I found some purple sweatshirt fabric in the remnant bin and figured I’d use that for the main body and the jersey for the sleeves. Both sweaters were quick and easy to sew, I sewed both sweaters before noon. Gustav is very slim so I used size 104 for width and 122 for length, it’s perfect on him! As for Erika’s I have no idea since she refuses to put it on, crying on the verge of breaking down when I suggest she could wear it. Did I mention she’s two years old and stubborn as hell? It’s a shame since I really like the sweater but if she doesn’t want to wear it she doesn’t have to. It’s quite big so she has time to change her mind.

Now both of Gustav’s pieces have been washed with other things so they differ in colour, they were both white when I started. But the print can still be seen and Gustav likes them. It’s what matters. It is fun to sew for the kids occasionally. It’s even more fun when they actually wear it (for the record Erika does wear the skirt). And this has led to Gustav’s becoming quite a vocal client, ordering pants this time, so I donated a piece of fabric to make him pants. Later on, now it’s back to sewing for me!

Erika SM 02-2012-105 Gustav BS 04-2009-141

Skirt: Rectangle skirts
Gustav’s sweater: Burda 04-2009-141
Erika’s sweater: Sömnadsmagasin 02-2012-105

Gustav’s skirt and sleeves: Organic cotton jersey, Stoff och Stil
Erika’s skirt and sleeves: Organic cotton jersey, Stoff och Stil
Sweatshirt fabric, Stoff och Stil

Skirt and sweater set (4)
Raglan sleeves for Erika

Ja, jag har sytt matchande kläder till mina barn. Igen. När jag ritade mönster till mig själv en dag frågade min 5-åring varför jag aldrig syr till honom. Och där kom mamma-samvetet in. Jag sade att jag kunde sy något, men att jag inte hade något tyg som jag trodde han skulle gilla. Han gick för att titta bland tygerna och nästan direkt ropade han, väldigt upprymd: ”mamma jag har hittat ett jättefint tyg, med bilar och husvagnar och vägar och träd!” Ja, ett väldigt fint tyg, jag har redan valt detta till en tröja till honom och resten var liten. För liten, vilket jag berättade för honom. Han var exalterad och berättade att han vill ha en kjol med bilar. Jag sade att jag kunde göra en kjol med bilar, men biten var för liten. Han förklarade för mig att ”pojkar kan också ha kjolar!” Jag sade att ja, pojkar kan ha kjolar men att just den biten var fortfarande för liten, ens för en kjol. Men han hade lagt in en beställning på en kjol med bilar.

Regular sleeves for Gustav
Regular sleeves for Gustav

Jag köpte ekologisk stretchjersey, det är verkligen mjukt och trevligt att arbeta med. Det hade de beställda bilarna, men också vägar, träd och trafikskyltar. Jag gjorde den enklaste av kjolar en rektangel med resårmidja. Han älskar den. Han bar nästan varje dag på vår semester, över jeans eftersom sommaren var kall, på kalas och till vardags. Till Erika valde jag en annan stretchjersey, med svampar och regnmoln, eftersom hon är fascinerad av regn. Samma metod på kjolen

Några veckor senare sydde jag matchande sweatshirts. Jag hittade lila sweatshirttyg i stuvlådan och tänkte att det kunde användas till livet och jersey till ärmarna. Båda tröjorna var snabba och enkla att sy, både syddes på en förmiddag. Gustav är rätt smal, så till hans tröja använde jag storlek 104 i bredd och 122 i längd och den är perfekt på honom! Erikas har jag ingen aning om eftersom hon vägrar att sätta på sig den och gråter så att hjärtat blöder när jag föreslår att hon ska ha tröjan. Hon är två år förresten och envis som synden. Det är tråkigt eftersom jag gillar tröjan men om hon inte vill ha tröjan slipper hon. Den är rätt stor så tid finns att ångra sig.

Båda av Gustavs plagg har tvättats med andra saker så de har fått olika färg, de var båda vita när jag sydde. Men trycket syns fortfarande och Gustav gillar dem. Det är det som spelar roll. Det är kul att sy till barnen emellanåt. Det är ännu roligare när de faktiskt bär kläderna (Erika bär sin kjol ibland). Detta har också lett till att Gustav har blivit en kund med höga krav. Nu vill han ha byxor och jag donerade ett tyg till honom att göra byxor av. Sen, nu är det tid att sy till mig!

Creations: Fun for Kids

Let me start with a disclaimer: This post is about children’s clothing. I will be blunt and say that I myself is not that interested in reading about children’s clothing so if you aren’t either you have my permission to carry on. However, for my own documentation I want to post about the kids’ stuff I’ve sewn, but to not clog my blog feed I will sweep them all up in one post. Most of them are from the same pattern as well, so there’s not much to talk about.


Coolest cassette leggings for coolest toddler
Coolest cassette leggings for coolest toddler


I’ve talked about the leggings for little E previously. I have made her two pairs, with cassettes and hearts (which did not make it to the photo session). The Cassette fabric came from my old nursing t-shirt (and scraps) and the heart jersey was leftovers from toddler skirts I made for my nieces. The pattern is really simple, I just traced a pair of leggings she already had. It’s so easy to sew for kids, the front and back are the same and they’re not fiddly with fit.


T-shirt #1 in a cute print and happy colour
T-shirt #1 in a cute print and happy colour

The kiddo has had the honour of receiving two long-sleeved t-shirts this fall. The first one was a surprise for him as I saw the fabric in the store when I was shopping for myself and I knew he would like it. I used Burda 04-2012-144 as a base for the bodice and sleeves and then I changed it as I saw fit. I added a neckline band and cuffs to the sleeves (since I accidentally cut them too short), I made the neckline a bit more narrow and omitted the pocket and elbow patches. As for instructions, I didn’t use them and did it my way by setting the sleeves in flat, so much easier!

Cutest matching brother and sister
Cutest matching brother and sister

A few weeks later I asked the kiddo if he wanted that I make matching t-shirts for him and his sister. Obviously the answer was yes. He got to pick the fabric and decided on the purple with penguins (kiddo=major purple fan) (other options were pink with owls and blue with dinosaurs). The kiddo’s t-shirt is identical to the green one but with longer sleeves and slightly shorter cuffs. For little E’s t-shirt I used Allt om Handarbete 05-2008-6 as a base. The pattern is simple in the way that front and back are the same piece, but advanced in the fact that it is meant to have a button placket in the back. To me that seemed overly ambitious for a toddler t-shirt and just did a regular neckband. I lengthened the sleeves and added cuffs. Two simple t-shirts and two very happy children. Kiddo’s eyes were glowing when he got to put on his new t-shirt, made with love.


This cap is so much cuter when a cute toddler is wearing it
This cap is so much cuter when a cute toddler is wearing it

Yes, the first category with only one finished product. I cut up my Envy dress, which I pretty much only wore for Me-Made-May and didn’t feel really comfortable in, to make little E a fall cap. I used this free pattern (to be cut on two folds, that was tricky!) from Stoff och Stil and it made for one adorable cap. Perfect for that in between weather.

My selfless sewing so far this year, although one can argue that it’s not completely selfless as I get a huge kick out of seeing the joy coming out of the kids’ eyes. Well, mainly the big one so far, little E kept pulling off her cap when I tried it on her. And I think she thought it was thrilling to wear the same shirt as her idol as well.

Kids clothes are quick and easy to sew, especially if I stick to t-shirts and leggings. I should take time and sew a few pieces now and then for the kids, they love it so much. But now, it’s back to me, me, me!

Do you enjoy sewing kids’ clothing? Do you enjoy reading about it? Or are you a selfish sewer?

Under hösten sydde jag några snabba projekt till mina barn. Jag gillar utmaningen med vuxenkläder, men för att rensa hjärnan mellan projekt är det rätt bra med att göra en snabb barntröja eller byxa, där passform inte är lika viktigt och sömnaden går fort. Min lilla har fått två par leggnings (varav bara ett par har fastnat på bild), en t-shirt och en mössa. Stora har fått två stycken t-shirtar med lång ärm. Kassett-leggingsen och mössan är återbruk av plagg jag sytt till mig själv, men som jag inte var nöjd med. Nu har de fått nytt liv!