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Sewn: A Stevie Budd Outfit, or Two

2020 was quite the unusual year, I think everyone can agree to that. It was memorable, albeit for all the wrong reason. But while many of my plans were cancelled (travelling, Green Day, Trevor Noah, just seeing friends and family), I can’t say that my year was bad. It certainly wasn’t good or fun, but I would say more boring than bad.

The colourblocked raglan

There was one good thing to come out of 2020 though, which was my discovering and falling in love with Schitt’s Creek! I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS!

I had heard of the show, but I couldn’t access it anywhere, until like September, when my local carrier started streaming it. It took a while, but I fell in love! And keep on falling with every episode passing. It has humor, both subtle and not so subtle, and a lot of heart. I’m at the point where I’m jealous of those that haven’t seen it since they have so much fun ahead of them.

The dark grey raglan

So, when making fashion inspired by this lovely, funny, heart-warming show, I didn’t turn to David and his amazing knits, nor did I look to Alexis’ boho chic wardrobe. I emulated Stevie. Unintentionally, but that’s how it turned out and I guess Stevie’s style is the most practical for me in my everyday life, especially now during work from home.

Also, coming of a stint of shirt making, I wanted to make something quick and easy, something I knew I needed and could be finished quickly. A bonus was that this was pure scrap busting, using my best pattern Tetris skills to eke out the various pieces, for the white fabric I had to sacrifice the curved hem. A couple of years ago I sewed a pair of leggings that I rarely wore – they became the light grey sleeves on the white/grey version. The dark grey is a leftover from a dress I sewed in 2019, which became my Christmas dress, 2 years running. Since I bought all of these fabrics in bulk at Ohlssons Tyger, I have no idea of the contents. I think the white and light grey are cotton/elastan, the dark grey might have some polyester and/or viscose in it. I haven’t done a burn test (do those even work on elastane fabrics?).

Full Stevie Budd outfit – all me-made

Just drop me off at Rose Apothecary so I can be BFF with Patrick and David. While I relate to many aspects of Stevie herself, I think my everyday commentary on life is more in line with Patrick’s. But I’m not making myself (yet another) light blue shirt. (Spoiler alert, I made a dark blue shirt to end 2020)

Now, the only question is, do I write something Schitt’s Creek related on the white top and, more importantly, what quote would that be?

Outfit details:

Tops: Hey June Handmade Lane Raglan t-shirts in mystery fabrics

Shirt: NL 6407 in plaid cotton

Trousers: Pinda Pants by Waffle patterns in stretch denim


Me-Made May, the first half

While I do share my outfits every day on Instagram, I want to share them here too. To really make myself think about my outfits, what I like and what I don’t like.

Day 1: Meeting people. At a distance, of course. Wearing Checkered Chardon, a Megan Nielsen Briar in linen knit and a double gause Simplicity 8610 jacket.
Since I was actually leaving the house this day, I tried to combine things in a new way. It kind of works. I’m still debating whether or not I should add a button to the jacket.

Day 2: Staying casual at home in Waffle Patterns Pinda pants and Burda 11/2019 hoodie.
Casual and comfy. Nothing more, nothing less.

Day 3: Wearing Waffle Patterns Pinda Pants, RTW tank and Megan Nielsen Briar. And thrifted pink Converse.
I had to rush out as soon as the store opened as we were out of toilet paper (we’re so not hoarding!) and something for the kid to bring to scouting. Tired, but comfy and I had those pink shoes to cheer me up!

Day 4-6, all working from home in knit tops.
On 4 and 5 I’m wearing a wrap top from Burda 02/2020, thrifted trousers on day 4 and my Olga skirt on day 5. I love the colour of the top and the details of the skirt. And look at those lime green leaves in the background! Day 6 is a meh outfit. Both pieces are from Allt om Handarbete (top, trousers) and I need to make so many adjustments to get them to fit, both in terms of sizing and other alterations, that I think I’m done with that company. The colour scheme is nice, though, and the top is a bit better with a belt.

Day 7-9Day 7: I won the Hey June Lane Raglan in an IG giveaway and after six weeks of travelling from the US it arrived and I already had a fabric dedicated to it. A nice and comfy t-shirt, I like the fit since the pattern came with a built in FBA and I like the paint effect of the blue stripes.
Day 8: I went all out with blue shades today! This dress is so comfortable, but still with a nice shape. The fabric is pique and the free pattern is from Swedish designer Jenny Hellström. Rest is RTW. While in theory I would want a me-made denim jacket I don’t see the point as this jacket is perfectly fine. Once it’s worn out, we’ll talk.
Day 9: I went on a pre-breakfast bikeride and while waiting for the family parkour with my daughter I threw on some old sweat pants and a t-shirt. They served their purpose for keeping me clothed, but not sweating on anything precious

Day 10: Lane Raglan again. Handstitching a hem on a dress in one of my favourite fabrics.
Day 11: Pinda pants, a slouchy cardigan in linen knit (refashioned from a me-made warp cardigan) and an Allt om handarbete knit blouse. This knit blouse is OK, despite my complaining of the company earlier. And, while not shown, I like to think my sleeves are better matched than their own example.
Day 12: OK, so I wore the same outfit as yesterday, but got around the issue by wearing a me-made top for the gym. This is a nice airy top, but it’s quite tricky to put on, and it does show off my efforts at the gym.

Day 13: Olga skirt and grey MN Briar. I like the silhouette of this outfit, but, as can be seen in the two Briar outfits above, the neckline is very wide on me. And then I’ve taken in the knit one!
Day 14: These trousers have so many cool details (that I effectively hide) and I love the colour, but the fit is off as they are Allt om handarbete. Their block and I are just not compatible! The linen knit works like this, a bit slouchy (in the best way) over a tank. It was an experiment and while OK, not great.
Day 15: It was grey, windy and raining, so I decided to wear some blue skies and flowers. Clothes can help elevate your mood! The pattern is New Look 6301 and it’s comfortable and put together. A great dress!

Sewn: Lumberjack Outfit

Neither of these pieces were actually planned to be made, but all of a sudden here they are and I’m a lumberjack. And I’m OK with that. Maybe it’s time for me to start pressing wild flowers and have afternoon tea with scones? Or hang around in bars?

If I were to hang around in bars, this would probably not be my chosen outfit. The trousers are sewn specifically for work. You see I work in a facility under construction. When we go out there it’s full-on construction worker mode, with a hardhat, safety shoes, goggles, gloves and high visibility jacket, all of which I have through my job. As I don’t do much actual construction work I don’t have any “worker trousers”, but instead wear my own as we are not allowed to be bare-legged on the construction site. The issue is that I don’t have many trousers, so I had to make some.

Pockets are key, so I added all kinds of them, all of the patch variety. Front back and on both thighs. They’re still pockets on tight trousers, but small stuff can be carried there.

The shirt was made as a wearable muslin, and therefore not perfect. The most obvious flaw is that I placed the buttonholes too far from the edge making them look off and also making the shirt a bit tighter than intended. I still like the style of the shirt, it appeals to my inner 90s teenager.

Soundtrack to post: I’m a Lumberjack by Monty Python.

Materials used:

The trousers are the Pinda pants from Waffle Patterns. I have made them in the past and the fit is pretty good on me without much alterations. However, my first pair were made using the size indicated by my measurements, they turned out way too big. I added all the pockets I could find and skipped sewing the leg darts to get a more boot cut look instead of slim legs. The pattern instructions are really easy to follow and I want to do my best to remember this as the fly instruction is clear and easy to follow.
Notes for next time:

  • Reduce bulk in the front.
  • Make belt loops a bit larger.
  • Make the back waistband with a centre seam as to pull it in, as needed.

The fabric is a stretch denim I found in the remnant bin at Ohlssons Tyger. Notions used are a zipper for the fly and a button.

The shirt is New Look 6407. I made an FBA and managed to squeeze out the long-sleeved version even though my fabric didn’t reach the yardage of the required amount. The instructions were a bit lackluster, especially for the sleeve cuffs. They are not my best work, but I really couldn’t figure out how New Look meant for me to put them in.
Notes for next time:

  • Get the order right in sewing the collar.
  • Work more on the cuffs.
  • Put the buttons and buttonholes more to the center front

The shirt fabric is from Stoff och Stil, where I found it in the remnant bin, the shirt buttons were found in my stash.

Sewing Plan Fall/Winter 2014

I have a plan, a seam to sew… (to be sung to the melody of ABBA’s I Have A Dream)


Yes, for the first time in my sewing career I have an actual sewing plan. This is huge, as I’ve before aimlessly have wondered through the fabric store isles, picking up whatever appeals to me without much thought if the fabric actually goes with anything in my wardrobe (resulting in my low fabric confidence). With the help of my stash, the new fabric catalogue and interesting patterns I present to you, my sewing plan for FW 2014! (Cheers are in order)

Bomullspoplin, stone - Copy

First up (which is pretty much completed as I type this) is another Alma blouse (number 1, number 2). Why change a winning, well-fitting concept? This time I made view C, with the long sleeves and rounded neckline. It has been made in a greyish poplin, which will make it a perfect base to match with prints.

Aubergine, partysatin - Copy

Next up; a skirt which I will make to match the Alma. The fabric comes from a lovely bolt of purple poly satin, it’s quite stiff, dubbed “Party Satin” in the store. I will make the Michelle skirt from Burdastyle, yes another pattern used for the third time (number 1, number 2). I will buy some matching fabric in grey to make the contrast bits and I hope that will make a cool outfit paired with the Alma blouse. Plus, making a skirt in shiny polyester I hope it will be, you know, actually wearable.

Svart Denim - Copy

Another skirt, I do have a need for them this fall. And another skirt, another re-make. This one will be a black denim skirt inspired by the lovely and inspirational Zooey Deschanel (the skirt looks very much like Colette’s Ginger, but I am not paying that price for an A-line skirt. Just sayin’). The Daily Mail has dubbed this a pencil skirt. Is my fashion terminology way off? To me that is not a pencil skirt. In that spirit, that it’s not a pencil skirt, I will use Burda 10-2011-119, modified of course, I used this pattern for my Lessons Learnt Skirt. I will remove the pockets and copy Zooey’s (I hope this works out, it could be disastrous otherwise). I’ll leave the waistband as is, I daren’t try to redraft it.

Jade satin - Copy

Hopefully, the fall and winter will have some parties to it. Cause if this dress meets my vision, it will be my go to party dress for the season. It’s Gather’s Mortmain dress, which I won over at The Monthly Stitch, in a teal satin. It has a bit of stretch to it (cotton/lycra blend) and I think if I get it right it will be both comfortable and gorgeous. Yes, I have high hopes. I have made my first muslin and it needs some more work. I’m hoping to finish this for Frocktober. I have bought a black silver metallic zipper for the back and am now pondering if I should buy some silver metallic thread to do matching decorative topstitching. Decisions, decisions…

The projects above are those for which I have fabrics and patterns. For the next three projects in my plan I have ordered patterns, but I have no fabrics. Therefor they are subject to change as I haven’t felt the fabrics yet, I always want to feel and touch before committing.

First up: another blouse. I have realised that I am more drawn to blouses than jersey tops so I will make those. I have ordered New Look 6945 and for my version I will do view C, the long-sleeved version. I really like this floral cotton so I hope it feels as lovely, cause I’m sure it will make a perfect fall blouse!

And yes, skirt number three. It may be a bit juvenile, but I really like this purple twill. The pattern will be decided based on weight but if it works I am leaning towards the Olga skirt by Jenny Hellström.

Finally I will venture in to new territory, blazers. I have never ever sewn a blazer or hardly ever wore one, so I thought I’d ease myself into the concept and world of blazers. I’ve ordered Simplicity 4032 and although it says it’s for fleeces I plan to do it in a sweatshirt fabric. I haven’t decided on which fabric I’ll use since I really do want to feel them, avoid getting a too bulky blazer. Plus many of the fashion sweatshirts have polyester, which makes me want to feel them even more. I am suspect of polyester. My plan is to make view D, which is oddly placed first. If it’s a success I can see myself making some of the other views as well, but probably never in fleece.

There you have it; my FW sewing plan for 2014. I will stick to this list, using The Monthly stitch challenges to guide me. The only interruptions I’ll accept are sewing for the kids. Seven pieces in total which I think I can mix and match. Getting ready for a well-dressed autumn and winter.

Do you set a plan for your sewing or is it freestyle all the way? Are you drawn to the same looks/colours as me or is my plan totally out of your style? How would your plan look?