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Me-Made May, the first half

While I do share my outfits every day on Instagram, I want to share them here too. To really make myself think about my outfits, what I like and what I don’t like.

Day 1: Meeting people. At a distance, of course. Wearing Checkered Chardon, a Megan Nielsen Briar in linen knit and a double gause Simplicity 8610 jacket.
Since I was actually leaving the house this day, I tried to combine things in a new way. It kind of works. I’m still debating whether or not I should add a button to the jacket.

Day 2: Staying casual at home in Waffle Patterns Pinda pants and Burda 11/2019 hoodie.
Casual and comfy. Nothing more, nothing less.

Day 3: Wearing Waffle Patterns Pinda Pants, RTW tank and Megan Nielsen Briar. And thrifted pink Converse.
I had to rush out as soon as the store opened as we were out of toilet paper (we’re so not hoarding!) and something for the kid to bring to scouting. Tired, but comfy and I had those pink shoes to cheer me up!

Day 4-6, all working from home in knit tops.
On 4 and 5 I’m wearing a wrap top from Burda 02/2020, thrifted trousers on day 4 and my Olga skirt on day 5. I love the colour of the top and the details of the skirt. And look at those lime green leaves in the background! Day 6 is a meh outfit. Both pieces are from Allt om Handarbete (top, trousers) and I need to make so many adjustments to get them to fit, both in terms of sizing and other alterations, that I think I’m done with that company. The colour scheme is nice, though, and the top is a bit better with a belt.

Day 7-9Day 7: I won the Hey June Lane Raglan in an IG giveaway and after six weeks of travelling from the US it arrived and I already had a fabric dedicated to it. A nice and comfy t-shirt, I like the fit since the pattern came with a built in FBA and I like the paint effect of the blue stripes.
Day 8: I went all out with blue shades today! This dress is so comfortable, but still with a nice shape. The fabric is pique and the free pattern is from Swedish designer Jenny Hellström. Rest is RTW. While in theory I would want a me-made denim jacket I don’t see the point as this jacket is perfectly fine. Once it’s worn out, we’ll talk.
Day 9: I went on a pre-breakfast bikeride and while waiting for the family parkour with my daughter I threw on some old sweat pants and a t-shirt. They served their purpose for keeping me clothed, but not sweating on anything precious

Day 10: Lane Raglan again. Handstitching a hem on a dress in one of my favourite fabrics.
Day 11: Pinda pants, a slouchy cardigan in linen knit (refashioned from a me-made warp cardigan) and an Allt om handarbete knit blouse. This knit blouse is OK, despite my complaining of the company earlier. And, while not shown, I like to think my sleeves are better matched than their own example.
Day 12: OK, so I wore the same outfit as yesterday, but got around the issue by wearing a me-made top for the gym. This is a nice airy top, but it’s quite tricky to put on, and it does show off my efforts at the gym.

Day 13: Olga skirt and grey MN Briar. I like the silhouette of this outfit, but, as can be seen in the two Briar outfits above, the neckline is very wide on me. And then I’ve taken in the knit one!
Day 14: These trousers have so many cool details (that I effectively hide) and I love the colour, but the fit is off as they are Allt om handarbete. Their block and I are just not compatible! The linen knit works like this, a bit slouchy (in the best way) over a tank. It was an experiment and while OK, not great.
Day 15: It was grey, windy and raining, so I decided to wear some blue skies and flowers. Clothes can help elevate your mood! The pattern is New Look 6301 and it’s comfortable and put together. A great dress!


Creation: Adult Toddler Dress


A few weeks ago I found a really cute and cosy dress for Erika in the hand-me-down box. A hooded velour dress with a patch kangaroo pocket. I told husband that I wanted a dress like that to wear around the house, to which he jokingly replied “you have to sew one”. Little did he know that I had a pattern that worked perfectly in copying dress, never dare a sewer!

Toddler dress in adult version
Toddler dress in adult version

The pattern is Sömnadsmagasin 02-2012-115. I had some issues with the pattern, such as the hood not matching the neckline and I somehow messed up the hood facings so they didn’t match the hood opening, this could have something to do with velour losing its stretch when I interfaced the facing. The fabric is velour in organic cotton from Stoff och Stil. It’s really soft and feels so much better than the regular velour, which has a 20% polyester content. The lace is cotton.

Pocket if hands are extra cold
Pocket if hands are extra cold

I wanted to add some length, but I didn’t have enough fabric, it must have shrunk more than planned. But it will still work with thick leggings or, if I’m feeling extra cold, my Pyjama Party Pants in velour. If my Mortmain Frock is the dress I’ll wear for all festive events in the upcoming season, this is what I’ll wear the day after. Lounge wear to be worn at other people’s house (I would never wear sweatpants at other people’s places, this dress I could totally wear).

Cosy! (Inspirational toddler in background)

There was one element of Erika’s dress that I skipped adding to mine. The ruffle. As it turns out I do have a limit for how far I will go in my toddler inspiration at that limit is at a ruffle over the butt. It would have added the length I needed, but no. Butt ruffles should be limited to toddlers only, they are the only ones who can pull it off.

Due to some bad weeks at work I had lost my sewing spirit, luckily I had my sewing meet-up planned. I sewed this dress and my sewing spirit returned. Now I’m working on a new skirt for my fall plan, sadly the Michelle looks to homemade and unmodern to be worn.

Cuddling up with a good book*
Cuddling up with a good book*

Fabric: Organic cotton velour
Pattern: Sömnadsmagasin 02-2012-115
Notions: Interfacing, Lace1, Lace 2, thread, satin band
Techniques used: Sewn on lace, patch pocket, hood, buttonholes.

*Currently reading The Emigrants novel series about the mass emigration from Sweden to America during the 19th century. It’s a very well written book, fascinating and combining facts and fiction. Having emigrated relatives in the US this book gives me so much in terms of the hardships, reasoning and what their ancestors went through. I’m reading it in preparation for attending the musical based on the books, Kristina från Duvemåla, in March.

Pyjama Party Pants

A few mishaps, unintentional alterations and pimping that went away, but now I’m ready for Karen’s pyjama party!

Since I knew my sewing time was limited I chose a pattern I already had at home, namely Sömnadsmagasin 02-2012-115, velour pants. I was also a conscious decision to do velour pants as they come together without any seam finishes.Pyjama Party Pants (3)

The pants were drafted very high in the waist, which is not the most comfortable, plus it’s a lot of excess fabric in the front crotch. This was impossible to see in the technica drawing and in the magazine they were styled with a matching hoodie so the waist part was not seen. If I make another pair (which feels unlikely right now) I will consider this. I am a bit keen on the hoodie though.Pyjama Party Pants (4)

The waist has a 5 cm elastic (which has already begun pulling up. The ribbon is a satin ribbon which I cut 12 cm longer than the recommandation and every time I pull the pants over my bum I must hold on to them so they won’t go into the waistband. I must add some sort of stop feature.Pyjama Party Pants (5)

There was supposed to be drawstrings along the pant at the ankle. But due to my messing up, I had to cut the bottom piece off. I don’t fear the ripper, but small stitches on velour would leave holes in the fabric. I added ruffles to the pants in stead. My husband was saying that velour pants looks very 70s, he hasn’t dared say anything about the ruffle addition.Pyjama Party Pants

They have a bit too much ease for my taste, a common thread for the Sömnadsmagasin patterns I’ve tried. But then again, these are pants for chilling at home, the shouldn’t be too tight either.

Project summary:

Pattern: Sömnadsmagasin 02-2012-115.
Alterations: Waistband sits about 2 cm lower, ruffles in stead of drawstrings at the bottom (both alterations due to messing up more than anything else).
Difficulty: Easy.

Fabric: Stretch velour
Notions: 5 cm elastic, satin ribbon, thread.
Estimated price: Fabric 157 SEK (€18.13), elastic 14 SEK (€1.62) ribbon and thread 5 SEK (€0.58). Total: 176 SEK (€20.33)

Project rating:
A pair of pants that I think will be cosy during autumn and winter, especially if I make the hoodie as well. Not the most perfect pants. but they do the job.

Now, with all the formalia sorted out, I’ll put my hair in braids, jump into (the kiddo’s) bed and I’m ready for the pyjama party to get started!Pyjama Party Pants (1)

Pyjama Pant Progress

With baby E taking a long nap and the kiddo at preschool, I had some time to work on my pyjama pants yesterday. I got a lot of work done, impressed by my own efficiancy and I was confident that these pants would be finished soon. Then, the first setback.

Pyjama pant waistband
Button holes on the inside

The waistband was to be sewn in around the elastic. It meant lots of pulling to pin the waistband to the pant and stretching while sewing. In the end it turned out fine, even the bobbin thread cooperated and ran out as I was sewing the last stitch. I turned the pants back to the right side and admired my work, or at least until I noticed that the button holes I’d sewn were on the inside. I figured this would be easily fixed by cutting the waistband off and re-setting it, perhaps even redo the piece if it’s too narrow. No biggie. I would redo the waistband and the be back on track.

Pyjama pant drawstring
Drawstrings that should be mirrored

But, I as came up the stairs while the pants were hanging on the bannister I noticed the next sloppy error; one drawstring casing opened on the outside, as it should, the other opened on the inside. Did I mention I’ve sewn velour? And that I used a very narrow stitch to sew the drawstring casing? I got the seam ripper out, but 5 stitches in and I ripped the fabric. It would take forever to unpick the casings plus it would probably result in more ripped fabric.

Therefore I’m resorting to alterations for the legs. I’ve cut the pant leg off right above the casings and then I will add a ruffle in stead.  And I can still pimp it with the lace, perhaps with the ribbon too.

And I won’t be naked at the pyjama party.

Metal Cardigan

I picked up a scrap piece of jersey some time ago. At that point I had no plan, but I found a cardigan pattern so I decided to make my fabric into a cardigan.

The fabric is a jersey with the print “Hard”, “Rock” and “Metal” which I thought was fun since it’s still discrete but still showing my taste in music.

Metal Cardigan (2)

The cardigan has ruffles along the bottom, I omitted one line of ruffles since I thought they fell too high on me. Unfortunately, despite following the pattern, they ended up in different heights on the left and right, but I don’t think anyone will notice. I’m thinking of adding a hook and eye to close the cardigan over the bust.

Metal Cardigan (3)

It was a pretty simple cardigan to sew, technically, but sewing all those gathers for the ruffles is so monotone. No pain, no gain, right?

Project summary:

Pattern: Sömnadsmagasin 02-2012-123
Alterations: Removal of one line of ruffles
Difficulty: Easy

Fabric: Printed cotton jersey.
Notions: Interfacing, thread

Estimated price: I haven’t written down the price of the fabric, so no price estimation

Project Rating: I do need more layering pieces and this cardigan is fun with the print. I’m pretty sure I will add that hook and eye to keep it from just hanging off me. Plus it is one step in my getting over my fear of knits.

And yup, that’s me about 29 weeks pregnant, the picture was taken 4 weeks ago. And yeah a real post about a creation, not just sneak peeks and walls of text regarding style!

Polka Dot Shirtdress

This dress was finished in April and worn during Me-Made-May. One the day I wore it the weather was nice a perfect for a photo shoot (however it was windy which explains my facial expressions and hair).

The pattern is Sömnadsmagasin 08-2008-124. The fabric is a matte satin and was bought at the Stoff och Stil sale last winter. The buttons come from Bernt i Lund. The perfect match would be a more colourful belt, but since I didn’t have that this light pink would have to make do.

The front piece is divided by princess seams, which are also top stitched, the back is in one full piece. The original pattern had wrist length sleeves, I shortened them and it really lifted the dress, it was so much better!

I chose the size based on my measurements, but in retrospect I probably should have used a size smaller since the dress had a lot of ease. It’s bulky in the chest and collar. Despite this I’m happy with the dress and I got plenty of compliments at work. I also heard that polka dots are in fashion right now, but I don’t know enough about trends to verify or deny this statement.

Project Summary:
Sömnadsmagasin 08-2008-124
Difficulty: Average. The instructions were a bit tricky, but I figured it out. I haven’t sewn a collar in quite a while, so it was nice with a new challenge
Alterations: I shortened the sleeves.

Fabric: Polka dot matte satin from Stoff och Stil
Notions: Thread, interfacing, buttons
Price: Fabric 189 SEK (€20.99). Buttons 85 SEK (€9.65). Thread and interfacing 5 SEK (€0.57). Total 279 SEK (€31.66).

Project Rating: The dress is not perfect, but rather good enough. I don’t know if others see the mistakes that I see. It’s fun to wear, even if a bit bulky. I got to work on a new technique, the collar. All in all, I’m pleased.

Mushroom tunic

The Christmas sewing continues! Since I ran out of sweatshirt fabric after making three jackets the youngest cousin to the kiddo will get another garment.

She’s getting a tunic in this adorable mushroom fabric (the next time I’m in the fabric I must see if they still have the blue/turquoise/green jersey mushroom fabric, I hope so!). This is a woven. The pattern is from Allt om Handarbete (Ingeliese) 05-2008-7.

The neckline is a keyhole neckline finished with a drawstring. I imagine that it can be used even in the wintertime with a long sleeved shirt underneath and then later with a t-shirt. Bright and happy colours are needed in the darkness of winter!

There are pleats along the front, held in place by a panel. I really like pleating on children’s clothes.

g cousin who didn’t get a jacket.

Project summary:
: Allt om handarbete/Ingeliese 05-2008-7
Difficulty:2/5, AoHS’ rating  – I agree. It was very simple sewing with no hard techniques.
Alterations: None

Fabric: Printed cotton.
Notions: Thread.
Price: Fabric 40  SEK (€4.42), thread 1 SEK (€0.11).
Total: 41SEK (€4.53).

Project Summary: The fabric is really cute, and I like the style. I can see why people like sewing children’s clothes since it’s so fast. What I don’t like about it is sewing the small bits. Plus I don’t get anything from it. Anyway, I like the fabric and the style and I hope that the kiddo’s cousin (‘s parents) will like it too.

Matching Cousins-jackets

The Christmas sewing goes on and on and I’ve been having a little mini sweatshop here, fixing up three jackets.

The kiddo and his two older cousins will get matching jackets. Almost, the kiddo’s has a blue zipper. Plus he has matching pants. The pattern is from Allt om handarbete (aka Ingeliese) 08-2008-106. It only goes to a size 90 cm (the kiddo’s size) so I scaled it up to 100 cm for his cousins who are nine and ten months older than he is. This is why they have different zippers, so that I easily can separate them from each other.

It’s a raglan style jacket, the sleeves is in two parts and go all the way up in the neckline. It closes with a zip and and edges have wristlet fabrics (ah, the pulling!). I love how they turned out and I hope the kids like them too. yesterday I put them on the floor to measure sizes, the kiddo took them and ran away with them. I think he likes them, but he has to wait for Christmas.

It was a fairly easy pattern, the only difficult thing was all the pulling. But I like the result!

Up next on my Christmas sewing list is another Charlie and a tunic for the remaining cousin who didn’t get a jacket.

Project summary:
: Allt om handarbete/Ingeliese 08-2008-106
Difficulty:3/5, AoHS’ rating (the pattern also included pants with pocket) – I agree somewhat. The sewing was very easy, as I mentioned above the hardest part for me was the wristlets, especially the wrists. To think I sewed 6 of them!
Alterations: None (if you don’t count that I didn’ sew the pants).

Fabric: Sweatshirt fabric (so soft!), wristlet fabric
Notions: Thread, zipper, interfacing
Price: Fabric 29  SEK (€3.19), thread 1 SEK (€0.11), zipper 22 SEK (€2.42) Wristlet fabric comes from an old project which I don’t know the price of.
Total: 52 SEK (€5.71) + whatever the wristlet fabric cost.

Project Summary: I just love the purple colour. I had planned to make myself something of the fabric, but this idea was so much better. I know the kiddo likes his, let’s just hope that the two cousins do too.

Midnight Sun Outfit

I had some leftovers from the Long Wrap dress, so they were to be used. A cotton poplin, while I had quite a large amount of fabric, I could not cut big pieces. I decided on a top.

So, I chose a top from Ingelise, a tank top with paneled front and back. Both the front and back are made up byt three panels in total, giving the top a very sculptured look.

Closeup of top

The top has gathered shoulder straps as well. It closes with an invisible zip in the back. At 40 cm it sounded like a long zip, almost as long as the back piece, but it is needed as the top is very fitted.

After the top was done I still had some fabric left and I used that to make a matching skirt. I did a six-panelled A-line skirt, same as my Red Skirt, but without the pleats. It’s a quick skirt to sew, it only took me one evening from idea to finished skirt.

Full outfit

This outfit is so completely different from anything I’ve done before. I really like the sleek look of the outfit, but I can’t help but wonder if it’s too much. Or too dowdy? Is it something a 28 year-old can wear?

Sleek side view

I vow to wear this whole outfit at least once (and in public). I must do that in order to know how I really feel about it, the same goes for all of my creations. I must dare to wear my creations with pride!

Project Summary
Pattern (Top):
Ingelise 2008-05-1
Difficulty:2/5 – magazine’s rating. I agree, it was quite simple. I made a few stupid mistakes, but I could have avoided them, had I read the instructions properly.

Fabric: Printed cotton poplin
Notions: Interfacing, invisible zipper, thread

Pattern (Skirt): Self-drafted from pattern book
Difficulty: Simple

Fabric: Printed cotton poplin
Notions: Invisible zipper, button, thread

Project rating: Something totally unlike me! Both parts were easy to sew (despite many stupid mistakes on the top). An outfit with a sleek silhouette. I’m not sure how I feel about the combination, but I can always wear them as separates if I feel it’s too much to combine them.

Just Floral Top

My stash cleaning continues and I had enough leftovers from the Floral and Coral Dress to make a simple top.

The pattern is from the Ingelise magazine. The pattern is made for a stretch knit, I used a woven in stead without any modifications. At first I inserted a zipper along the side seam, but since I could get the top over my head without it I took it out again.

The top, in shape, is similar to the Beach Wedding (Guest) DressHowever, the dress could be worn without showing the bra strap, this top can’t. I’ve camoflaged the bra by wearing a nude coloured one, it works.

Just beacuse the top was made for a stretch fabric it is a bit tight in the bust area. I think it would have worked better if I had gone up a size in the upper half and done the bottom in my regular size.

The front and back are pretty much the same, it is a little less pleating in the back. I really like the neckline, especally in the back. The instructions for the straps were a bit unclear so they’re a bit improvised.

I like the top, but because of the bra showing I might need to wear something over it, depending on the situation. I would wear it to work, but not with the bra strap showing.

Project Summary
Ingelise 2008-08-138
Difficulty:  2/5 (Magazine’s rating). The construction was fairly simple, but the instructions were a bit unclear regarding the straps.
Used woven in stead of a stretch.

Fabric: Printed cotton
Notions: Just thread

Project rating: A quick and simple top! I’m not sure I’d like it in a stretch, it didn’t fall very nice in the magazine. Perhaps I can alter the pattern to make the top more appropriate. For a cheap pattern and leftover fabric I’m pleased with the project