The hopefully never-completed list of my creations.

I like to sew so this is my collection. The pictures aren’t the greatest but for now they’ll do. I have a dream of doing more editorial pictures, but so far it’s just a dream.

If you wish to see images or view a specific garment type I have pages for Blouses and Shirts, Dresses, Pants, Skirts, Toppers, Tops and Other.

If an item has an asterix* it has left my wardrobe, one way or another. It could have been worn out, donated due to not fitting/not being my style or it could actually had left the wardrobe as was and snuck its way back in via a refashion or reuse of the fabric.

As seen, it is most of the stuff I’ve sewn up until 2015. Due to my blog hiatus there’s a chunck missing from 2016-2019 and those are the clothes that are in rotation now.

I hope I can inspire you!


Stevie Budd Outfit (raglan t-shirts) – January
D&D Aubépine and Datura – March
Vaccine Outfit (Cold Shoulder top and Blue Wrap Skirt) – May
Bumblebee Dress – June


Rectangle Skirt – January
Curtain Skirt – March
Completed Spring Plan – March
Purple Tree Dress – April
Grey Linen Brumby – May

Bum Bag – June
Coral Shorts – June
Refashioned Wrap Dress – July
Green Floral Dress – July
Checkered Cina – September

Winter Brumby and Wrap Top – October
Daisy Hi-lo Shirt – December


Green v-neck top – January
Lego T-shirts – July
Lumberjack Outfit (Shirt and “jeans”) – October
The 16 Hours Coat – November
Green Corduroy Skirt, Green V-neck Top, White and Silver Top, Coral Zipper trousers – Sewing Bottom 5

Woman Dress, Red Maxi Skirt, Striped Reglisse – Sewing Top 5, otherwise unblogged

Floral Cropped Cardigan – March
Stripy Mélilot – September
Faux Leather Purse – October
Portside Toilet Bag – October
Bordeuax Red Christmas Dress – November

Checkered Chardon and Oxford Mélilot – January
Faux Wrap Dress – May
*Denim Pinda Pants – November


Grey floral shirt – June
Brudone Shirt dress – June

*The Queen Skirt – April
Olga in denim – March
*Knit Wrap Sweater – March
*Tiramisu Top – March
*White Tiger Jacket – March

*90s Blouse– March
*Making a Poodle Skirt – February
*Aqua Skirt – February
The Portside Bag – February
The Princess Dress – January



Paint Splatter Dress (January)
Mortmain Polka Dot Skirt (May)
*Blue Hawthorn Dress (May)
*Green Maxi Anna (June)
*Cropped Hawthorn Blouse (June)

Flared Skirt (June)
*Pocket Skirt (June)
*Aqua Clovers (June
*Wild Flowers Alma (July)
*Green Gingham Alma (July

Jade Belladone (August)
African Belladone (August)
*Denim Mini Skirt (September)
*Folded Yoke Blouse (October)
*Grey Skies Dress (October)

*Bordeaux Mini Skirt (October)
Multicolour Top (November)
The Dexy Sweatshirt (November)
Scuba set – Skirt and Peplum Top (December)


2014 – Finding Myself
*The Nap Time t-shirt (January)
*Rule Britannia Dress (February)
Midnight Sun Shirt (February)
*Bow Top (February)
*Painted Aqua Dress (March)

The Turnaround Dress (April)
Starry Organic Alma (April)
*Striped Organic Alma (May)
*Heavenly Organic Anna (June)
*Norah Sundress (July)

*Cake Tee (August)
*Alma The Third (September)
*Michelle the Third (September)
Mortmain Frock (October)
Adult Toddler Dress (November)

*Sweatshirt Blazer (November)
*Helena in corduroy (November)
*Rock Glam Skirt (December)



*Mandarin Skirt (January)
*Metal Cardigan (January)
*Cassette Nursing Top (January)
*Purple Pleated Skirt (January)
*Heavenly Nursing Dress (January)

*Bow Dress (March)
*Knot Tank (March)
*Assymetric Top (June)
Pyjama Party Pants (June)


A New Beginning – 2012

*Lessons Learnt Skirt (January)
*Polka Dot Shirt Dress (March)
*Leaf Skirt (April)
*Green Floral Blouse (April)
Leaf Dress (May)

*The Sookie Dress (May)
*Lime Truffle Dress (June)
*Covergirl top and skirt (July)
*Pink Lace Top (July)
*The Megan Skirt (September)

*Plaid Skirt (September, altered April 2013)


Autumn Sewing 2011

*Exclusive Skirt (June)
*Chocolate Pants (August)
*Librarian Skirt (August)
*Skirt without Bow (August)
*Namesake Skirt (August)

*Denim Pencil Skirt (September)
*October Top (September)
*The Oasis Dress (October)
*Little Purple Dress (October)
*Blouse with a bow (November)

*Blueberry Sorbetto (December)


Cleaning out my stash and finishing UFOs 2011:

*The Three Year Blouse (January)
*50s Sunhat (January)
*The “Not a Maddy”-blouse (March)
*The Indian Shirt (March)
*The Orangery Skirt (March)

*Sucker for Sand – Top (March)
*Just Floral Top (March)
Midnight Sun Top (March)
Midnight Sun Skirt (April)
Elusive Plaid Dress (April)

*Mother’s Day Sweater (May)
*National Day Shorts (June)


Fall 2010:

*The “I don’t know”-top (September)
*The Plaid’n’Wrap Skirt (September)
*Wrap Bolero (Bolero, September)



*The Gold Leaf Blouse (May)
*Exposed Zipper Skirt (April)
*Floral and Coral dress
*Flouncing Sleeves Top
*Envy Dress (February)

*Mock Wrap Top (September)
*A T-shirt for a Star (October)


Fall 2008

*The Italian Skirt (December)
*Wrap, Long style (Dress, December)
*Brown and Red Go Together (Dress, December)


Eitchy’s 2008 Spring/Summer Collection:

*A Green, Wait Black dress (February)
*Pretty in Pink
(Dress; March, deceased)
*Lovely in Lavender
(Shorts; April)
*Michelle, Ma Belle
(Skirt, April)
*The Beach Wedding (Guest) Dress

*Another Belle (Skirt, July)
*Polka Dot Skirt
(July )
*Trial and Error Anda
(contest entry, July)
*Oldy but goody
, (Top, August)
*The Azalea that Wasn’t
(Blouse, August)


Starting out:

The Dissertation Party Dress (September, 2006)
My Christmas Dress
(December, 2006)
*A Red Skirt
(March, 2007)
The “Dress”
(March, 2007)
*A Wedding (guest) Dress (June, 2007)

*The ANTM Top (September, 2007)
*A Plaid Skirt
(October, 2007)
*Stepford Dress
(November, 2007)



Blast from the Past Some garments from my past (mid-1990s)
The Curtain Purse (January, 2010)
Drawstring Backpack (Mockup, January,2010)
Baby dress for niece
Owl dress for niece

Toddler Skirts  (August, 2011)
Toddler Pants (November, 2011)
Matching cousins-jackets (December, 2011)
Mushroom tunic (December, 2011)
Cassette T-shirt (June, 2012)

Christmas Stocking (November, 2012)
Cross-stitch Santa Banner (December, 2012)
Detour Diaper Bag (March, 2013)
Kiddo’s cross stitch birth record (January, 2014)
Fun for Children (September, 2014)

Another Christmas Stocking (November, 2014)
Cross-stitch birth record for Erika (October, 2015)
Children’s skirts and sweaters (September, 2015)
Children’s Pants (October, 2015)


2 thoughts on “Creations

  1. do you have a pattern for the retro 60’s 3 armhole wraparound dress……..I lost mine and am desperate to find another.

    1. The Midnight Sun dress? It’s the Desira pattern from Burdastyle, which I’ve elongated. Perhaps not the best way to make a wrap dress, I’d say it’s better to take a regular wrap dress pattern.

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