Creations: Blouses and shirts

In the beginning of my sewing career I didn’t make many blouses as I hated to fit them. Now I’m learning, plus I love to wear blouses so there will be more in my future.
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Folded Yoke blouse
Folded Yoke blouse


Green Gingham Alma
Green Gingham Alma


Wild Flowers Alma
Wild Flowers Alma


Cropped Hawthorn Blouse
Cropped Hawthorn Blouse
Alma the Third (donated)
Striped Alma
Starry Alma
Midnight Sun Shirt
Covergirl Top
Green floral blouse
Midnight Sun Blouse
Just Floral top (donated)
Sucker for Sand top (donated)
The Indian Shirt
Not a Maddy Blouse (donated)
The Three year blouse (deceased)
Gold Leaf Blouse (donated)
The Azalea that wasn’t blouse (deceased)
Oldie but goody blouse (deceased)
Corset stlye blouse



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