Creations: Other

I don’t sew garments for myself all the time. Sometimes I sew for my kids. Sometimes I sew accessories. Sometimes I even do embroidery.
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Cross Stitch Birth record
Cross Stitch Birth record
Children's skirts and sweaters
Children’s skirts and sweaters
Various children’s clothes (t-shirts, leggings, cap)
Cross Stitch Birth Record
Polka dot Diaper Bag
Cross Stich Santa Banner
Christmas Stocking
Toddler T-shirt
Mushroom tunic for baby
Toddler jackets
Toddler Pants
Toddler Skirt


Toddler Dress
Baby Dress
Drawstring Backpack
Green purse
Various garments from my past (skirt, dresses, pyjama top, baby pyjamas)

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