Creations: Skirts

Separates are essential to a mix-and-match wardrobe. Skirts are one of my favourite garments to make, and here’s the proof:
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Bordeaux Mini skirt
Bordeaux Mini skirt
Denim Mini Skirt
Denim Mini Skirt
Blue Pocket Skirt
Blue Pocket Skirt
Gored Skirt
Gored Skirt
Polka Dot Mortmain Skirt
Polka Dot Mortmain Skirt
Rock glam skirt
Rock glam skirt
Helena Skirt in Corduroy
Michelle the third (donated)
The Megan Skirt
Covergirl Skirt
The Leaf Skirt
Lessons Learnt Skirt
Denim Pencil skirt
My Namesake Skirt
Skirt without bow
The Librarian Skirt
Exclusive Skirt (donated)
Midnight Sun Skirt
The Orangery Skirt
Plaid’n’Wrap Skirt (desceased)


Exposed Zipper Skirt (donated)
The Italian skirt
Polka Dot Vanessa (deceased)
Another Belle Skirt
Michelle, Ma Belle Skirt
Plaid Mini Skirt (deceased)
Satin half circle skirt
Red Skirt (deceased)

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