Creations: Dresses

Dresses, the instant way to put together an outfit for those “What should I wear”-days. Behold below all the dresses I have made!
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Bumblebee Dress

Bumblebee Dress
Blue Aubépine Dress
Green Floral Dress
Refashioned Wrap Dress
Purple Tree dress
Grey Skies Dress
Grey Skies Dress
African Belladone
African Belladone
Jade Belladone
Jade Belladone
The Leaf Dress - modelled
The Leaf Dress – modelled
Blue Hawthorn Dress
Blue Hawthorn Dress
Green Anna (13)
Green Maxi Anna
Adult Toddler Dress
Mortmain Frock
Norah Sundress (donated)
Heavenly Organic Anna
The Turnaround Dress
Aqua Painted Dress
Rule Britannia Dress
The Bow Dress (donated)
Heavenly Nursing Dress (deceased)
Lime Truffle Dress (donated)
The Sookie Dress (deceased)
The Leaf Dress
Polka dot shirtdress (deceased)
LPD – Little Purple Dress
The Oasis Dress (donated)
The Elusive Plaid Dress
The floral and Coral Dress
Trial and Error Anda (deceased)
The Beach wedding (guest) Dress
Pretty in Pink dress (deceased)
A green, wait black dress
Stepford Dress (deceased)
A Wedding (guest) Dress
A Christmas Dress (deceased)
The Dissertation Party Dress

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