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Me-Made-May Week 3

Me-Made-May day 12Me-Made-May day 12

Lessons Learnt skirt, Metal Cardigan, RTW t-shirt (Vero Moda) and belt (Target)

This is the first time I’ve worn this cardigan since I made it (BTW, check out that belly in the creation-post. Yikes!) When I made the garment I was hesitant about the fact that it has no closure and I thought about adding a hook and eye. Unfortunately that wouldn’t work as well without that big belly so it has just been left in my wardrobe for the past year. Now during Me-Made-May, when I really want to put my wardrobe to the test I figured it was about time I actually wore it. I figured I’d do a wrap under a wide belt as styling.

The verdict? I’m unsure. I love the fact that the words spell out excellent music (Hard, Rock and Metal), but the fit is weird. I think the magazine used a heavier knit. The sleeves are a bit too big and feel a bit pyjama and the ruffles (which BTW are uneven) hit me in a very bad spot. Plus I noticed today that the print varies in colour, going from green on my left to teal on my right. As fun as the fabric is I think this cardigan is not for me. Hopefully I can make this fabric up for something else, but it’s hard since it’s cut in panels. Maybe something for the kids? I’m not quite ready to let it go, but maybe it’ll be for the best. I don’t feel completely confident in this outfit.

I don’t intend to assess my RTW as much as me-mades this month, but two comments regarding today’s RTW: The belt is tight and I had to take it off in the afternoon (making the cardigan look even sloppier). I do like the lace detail around the t-shirt’s neckline, those I the kind of details I want to be working on in my clothing.

Me-Made-May day 13

Me-Made-May day 13

The Turnaround Dress (unblogged), RTW cardigan (H&M), belt (thrifted)

This dress is my turning point. It is not modern or trendy but it is fun and unusual. Belting over a cardigan is not something I’ve done before, but in this outfit it works. A keeper! Inspired by all other lovely Me-Made-Mayers I ventured out and bought some reddish lip gloss. I think I might like som elip colour!

Me-Made-May day 14

Me-Made-May day 14

Moo Moo Tunic (unblogged), 3-Year Pants (unblogged)

This outfits makes me torn. On one hand I’m not so sure that the tunic is a flattering shape on me, on the other hand I really like the colour and I felt good in it. The pants are a bit ill-fitting, but that is hidden due to the fact that the fabric has a bit of stretch in it. However, I rarely wear them outside of the Me-Made months. I think these are keepers – for now. If I don’t wear them more, off they go.

Me-Made-May day 15

Me-Made-May day 15

Rule Britannia dress. RTW cardigan (Camaïeu)

We had a crisis drill at work, with planned work hours from 7 to 18. I decided to go for comfort. I know I have worn the dress before this month, but in a different outfit (different cardigan, a loophole which I accept). However, after working up a steam initially, the cardigan went off. Love this dress! Comfortable, fun, colourful, structured and feminine, all of my core words in one dress. Plus the right colours as well!

Me-Made-May day 16

Me-Made-May day 16

Lessons Learnt Skirt, RTW top (thrifted) and cardigan (Camaïeu)

This skirt is a real staple piece, even though it’s a bit too bog in the waist. Love the pockets, the shape and the colour is perfect for matching. I have a denim version of this skirt planned for fall, inspired by Zooey Deschanel (I know that the skirt in the link is a dead ringer for Colette’s Ginger skirt, but I’m using what I have). The top is thrifted and even though I’d like it just a few cm longer I still like it. Great colours, easy to wear and just enough prints, I like them regular and small.

Me-Made-May day 17 and 18

Me-Made-May day 17

Painted Aqua dress

This dress is super comfortable and so easy to wear. It was perfect for the day planned taking care of children (my MIL and I took care of my children as well as their two cousins). You gotta love a well-fitting jersey dress.








Creation: Aqua Painted Dress

I am back to work since a couple of weeks following my parental leave. Now, don’t you worry about baby E (who, by the way is outgrowing her baby status soon) she’s at home being taken excellent care of by hubby. There’s a reason I write parental leave and not maternity leave. Besides working I am also trying to find time for my hobbies; sewing and judo (how stupid of me to have two hobbies that require to study and learn and remember more and more techniques). Tuesdays and Thursdays are judo nights. Seeing how Fridays and Saturdays are family nights that leaves three sewing nights; Monday, Wednesday and Sunday. I’ve have found that with limited time I am more efficient and can now present my next make.

I decided to use McCall’s 5974, “the perfect knit dress” and the pattern behind my Rule Britannia dress, yet again. Why ditch a winning concept? And it’s been my plan ever since January when I picked up the two pieces of fabric from the scrap bin.Aqua Painted Dress (3)

As I had already made this pattern once this dress went together rather quickly and only at the cost of one twin needle (although that was my own fault and I can’t put the blame on either the needle, the machine or the fabric). I made the FBA a bit smaller, for the Rule Britannia Dress it was 2”, for this one I narrowed it down to 1.5”. Instead of a narrow hem at the neckline, it bubbles a bit on the other dress, I sewed a banded neckline with a piece of fabric 2 cm wide and 80% of the neckline width. I liked that finish so much better. I also sewed the side and back seams with a 1.5 cm seam allowance as opposed to the suggested 1 cm. And yes, I’m uncontrollably mixing imperial and SI units. It’s how I roll.

Aqua Painted Dress (6)

The biggest challenge for this dress was stripe matching. I had 2 m of fabric, more than enough, so I knew  could do it. I cut the back first, on the fold, this was the easiest piece to match. The front has three pieces; bodice, midriff and skirt so I had to work with getting the lines as correctly as I could. You see, the lines are supposed to look tie-dyed, so they are not regular, the distance between them varies. With this in mind, I think I did a pretty damn good job.


Aqua Painted Dress (4)
Look at that stripe matching


The fabric is a printed cotton jersey, a printed tie-dye as opposed to, you know, a real one. I like the summery feel of the fabric, yet I think it works in the office (at least my office). It’s fun, comfortable, it fits and it’s flattering. I have nothing else to ask for. Although having made two jersey dresses in a rapid fashion I’m now in the mood for some woven fabrics, I have som eprojects lined up.

Do you use the same pattern more than once? Do you make version different from each other or are you fine with “having one in every colour”? How do you find time for all your hobbies?