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Me-Made-May Week 5

The end of the line… Me-Made-May 14 is over and I have already posted two lessons on declutter and body image, I have a few more lessons to write about.

Me-Made-May day 26

Me-Made-May day 26

Assymetrical Top, Lessons Learnt Skirt

A top thathas been completely overlooked in May, good thing I had time to pull it out in the last week. Good thing I did! The fit is a bit off, but if I pull it up a bit it will drape in both the front and back,making the bad neckline fit almost look intentional. A great comfortable top with some interest in the neckline, even if my pose does nothing to show it.

Me-Made-May day 27

Me-Made-May day 27Blueberry Sorbetto, Three year pants.

In theory I like these garments. In reality the fit is a bit off on both of them. I love the blue colour of the blouse, but the bust darts sit too high on me and it’s bugging me. Likewise the pants have a bit of excess fabric in the front. Neither garment is so bad that it will get the axe right away, but I will look to replace them in the future. I did, unexpectedly, liked the look of o tucked in bloues in high-waisted pants. A surprise!

Me-Made-May day 28

Me-Made-MAy day 28Indian Shirt, Namesake Skirt

I like both of these pieces even though the skirt waistband is beginning to lose its shape. However the shirt doesn’t go very well with the high waist of the shirt so while both garments are keepers, they should just not be paired. BTW, my hair is a total mess. Haircut definitely needed and now we are close enough to the wedding we’re attending in late June that I can actaully get it done.

Me-Made-May day 29

Me-Made-May day 29The Turnaround Dress

I still haven’t blogged this dress and it deserves a post of its own because let me tell you: I love this dress! I wore it to a family day at the race tracks (carousels, horse riding, horse races, lunch – fun for the whole family!) and I loved that I my look was so completely different from everyone else’s. I felt like I stood out in a good way, I liked that feeling. Yup, I was completely full of myself as well.

For days 30 and 31 we just stayed at home so no me-mades for those days (note to self, make a few more casual me-mades to wear around the house).

I completed yet another month of me-mades! However, since I’ve come to the realisation that I’m not very fond of my wardrobe I have no idea what I’ll wear in June. But that’s an issue for another day!


Assymetrical Top

This was the first garment I finished after baby E was born and, to be honest, there hasn’t been many others. But still, a garment which has gotten lost in blogging world.

Assymetrisk Top (1)

The top is Burdastyle 02-2013-109, one of the knit tops from that issue. It also comes as a dress option, with a skirt panel added below the top. The dress is the “sewing school” project of the issue so the instructions are clear and easy to follow. Assymetrisk top, detalj

I do like the assymetry of the top, both from the front and back. The front left side has pleats and gathers, a bit tricky to do, but a very nice detail (and yes, there still are som gathering threads I need to unpick). I had to shorten this band to make the top sit well on me, otherwise I had to pull it down to leave a very inappropriate cleavage (especially since I was in the beginning of breast-feeding at the point). This means that the pleats are a bit closer to the seam than they are supposed to be, but to me it’s not an issue.Assymetrisk TopThe fabric is a viscose jersey in one of my favourite colours, bordeaux. I found it in the scrap bin so it was cheaper than usual. The assymetric hemline doesn’t bother me, I like it on the outside of garments, as above, and I think it can be tucked in as well, haven’t tried, though.

Project summary:
Burdastyle 02-2013-109
Alterations: Shortened shoulder strap.
Difficulty: Novice

Fabric: Viscose jersey
Notions: Thread, interfacing bias tape.
Estimated price: Fabric 88 SEK (€10),thread and interfacing 5 SEK (€0.57). Total: 93 SEK (€10.61)

Project rating:
I’m not very good on tops and blouses, so finding those patterns and making them is definitely needed. This is a fun shape in a colour I like so it will probably get a lot of wear in the winter, layered. The colour doesn’t scream “summer” to me. Perhaps I’ll make one more, but since the style is distinct I don’t want too many of it.