The last gifts

Before Christmas I finished my last homemade gifts. Then I was struck down by the flu and derailed in blogging. I was lucky that I was able to finish my last gifts.

The “big” gift for the kiddo from us was a kitchen. So, it only made sense that he would get an apron too, he loves helping us out when we cook or do the dishes. I used the same fabric as I did for his cousins last year, but only the animal print, there was not enough giraffe print fabric left. I used this tutorial, with the suggested changes.

In stead of tying the bands around the neck, I added a snap for closure. I topstiched all around the edge to get some more stability. Before Christmas the kiddo liked it, now he has otitis, so he hasn’t really payed much attention to his Christmas gift. But they can wait while he heals.

My final gift was yet another grocery bag. Charlie, again. This one is in a cotton jacquard, courtesy of the scrap bin. It was for my aunt and uncle, who really liked it, especially the pouch feature.

Toddler Aprons

Inspired by a Facebook status by my sister I decided to make aprons for my two nieces. They are 1.5 months apart in age so until they come with their own wishes they will get the same things. I had planned to individually pick fabrics, but I didn’t care for the pink ones.

Giraffe stripes for one side

I chose a giraffe stripe for one side. Both fabrics are pretty heavy so I’m sure the aprons can be used for cooking, painting and other crafts.

…and cute animals for the other

The other fabric is more cute; I chose to have one cute and one cooler side to the aprons so the girls can choose which mood they’re in for the day.

Let’s just hope they like them!

I used this tutorial and also made the changes suggested so the neck tie is in two to adjust the length and the apron is wider.

To protect and serve

Since the deer I was making wanted to be for my son instead of niece I need to make her something else. Inspired by my sister Facebook status I decided to make her an apron. At the same time I also decided that my other niece (fiancé’s niece) would also get one. Today I went fabric shopping.

The two sets of parents dress their children quite differently; one niece is most in dresses and leggings, pink, purple, white and turquiose. The other one is mostly dressed in unisex clothing and colours.

I had the intention of doing the aprons in the personal styles of each child (or set of parents, really). I found many fitting into the unisex clothing of niece A, too many to choose. However, the pink fabrics I didn’t care for at all. If I had a daughter she would probably wear unisex more than girly, but I still went there with the mindset of niece L in mind. I could not bear myself to buy any of the pink ones with sparkles, princesses, girls going shopping (yes!). So they will both get identical aprons.

Fabric one

I will make them reversible using this tutorial, so I have bought two different fabrics. Both are in a beige/yellow tone. This one has numbers, letters and cute figures on it.

Closeup of number 3

The other one is a striped on with a giraffe print.

Giraffe and hearts – quite a combo

So, now I must get to work (the deer has been put on hold for now, all I have left is attaching the antlers and ears, though). I will prewaswh the fabrics today and hopefully I’ll draft the pattern by today as well, we’re going away over the weekend, so come Monday I hope to get started. I also hope that they will be appreciated come Christmas eve.