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Cross Stitch Birth Record No. 2

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This is a project I’m very happy to blog about, because it means it’s done! It’s been nine months in the making and it felt great to put in the final stitches in the C in and be done with Erika’s birth record. Now I just need to find a frame and hang it over her bed, just like Gustav’s birth record hangs over his.

Full image
Full image

I bought this way back in 2013, at the same time I bought Gustav’s. Since Erika was only a few months old at the time it was hard to choose, Gustav chose his own. And apparently I thought it would be a quick project since I bought them both at the same time, I didn’t realise that they’d spread over months. Some of the products were focused on the baby aspect, I wanted something that would work better for children, after all being a baby is only a small part of childhood. Also I didn’t want anything overly girly and pink, which in hindsight was good since Erika is neither overly girly or fond of pink (well, it might just be a self-fulfilling prophecy on my part, but darn it if she’s not one cool two-year-old instead of pink and girly). This animal motif fit the bill of what I wanted.

I really like this butterfly
I really like this butterfly

It was started in January and I worked on it two-three nights a week up until June when Indie Pattern Month occurred and I got lost in the world of sewing again. In October I made a conscious decision to focus on finishing the birth record because there wasn’t a lot left and I wanted to get it done.

The pattern in Backyard by Happi. To be honest, working on a cross stitch design is like painting by numbers, you just fill in the blanks with what’s been prearranged. I wasn’t really pleased with the outlines for the backstitching, though. The lines had been added as they should look, but with no regard for where the holes in the weave were. I don’t want to have too long backstitches, but some of them covered too much length. In the previous birth record, also by Happi, the backstitches were aligned according to the holes. It bothered me because since this is embroidery 101, I want to be told how I’m supposed to sew, not having to guess how I should angle my backstitches for the best result. I have done some minor freehand embroidery before (OK, once in grade school) and that’s another challenge, when I buy a cross stitch kit I expect it to come together effortlessly in terms of instructions.

Owil in a floral tree
Owil in a floral tree

I know that I’ve miscounted here and there and not all French knots are perfect. However, I also know that this is a project filled with labour of love and that my daughter loves it and does not care about the minor flaws. That makes this project a complete and utter success!

The deer and the "cat" (no, they don't know what a racoon is
The deer and the “cat” (no, they don’t know what a racoon is


Jag är väldigt glad över att blogga detta projekt eftersom det innebar att jag är klar! Det har tagit mig nio månader och det var riktigt skönt att sy dit de sista stygnen i C:et och bli klar med Erikas födelsetavla. Nu saknas bara en ram, så ska den hängas upp över hennes säng på samma sätt som Gustavs tavla hänger över hans.

Jag köpte båda kitten 2013 i tron att jag skulle göra båda då när Erika ammade oregelbundet och jag satt i TV-soffan hela kvällarna. Jag underskattade hur lång tid det tar att brodera. Rejält. Gustav var då 3 år och valde sitt motiv själv, men Erika var bara några månader så det var svårt att veta vad som passade henne. Jag ville inte ha ett bebis-motiv, hon kommer ju att vara barn längre än bebis, och jag ville inte heller ha något för flickigt och rosa. Med facit i hand var detta ett bra bal eftersom Erika varken är ”flickig” eller överdrivet förtjust i rosa (detta kan mycket väl vara en självuppfyllande profetia för mig, men nog är hon en riktigt häftig två-åring snarare än att vara rosa och flickig). Djurmotivet passade vad jag sökte.

Projektet påbörjades i januari och sen sydde jag två, tre kvällar i veckan fram till juni när jag istället drogs in i Indie Pattern Month och började sy igen. I oktober tog jag mig i kragen och bestämde att sy färdigt tavla eftersom det inte var så mycket kvar och jag ville bli klar.

Mönstret är Backyard av Happi. Att sy korsstygn är lite som i pysselböcker, att fylla i efter färg med vad som sägs. Jag var inte helt nöjd med ritningarna för efterstygnen. Linjerna var ditritade som det borde var, men utan hänsyn till hålen i väven. Jag vill inte ha alltför lång efterstygn, men några av dem blev riktigt långa om jag skulle följa ritningen. I den förra tavlan, också den av Happi, följde efterstygnen hålen. Det störde mig eftersom korsstygn på detta sätt är den lättaste formen av broderi, jag vill veta hur jag ska sy utan att behöva tänka på hur jag ska vinkla stygnen för att få ett bra resultat. Tidigare har jag gjort frihandsbroderi (OK, en gång i högstadiet) och det är en annan utmaning, men när jag köper ett korsstygnskit förväntar jag mig att jag kan sy det utan bekymmer.

Jag vet att jag har räknat fel här och där och att inte alla franska knutar är perfekta. Emellertid vet jag också att detta är ett projekt fyllt med kärlek och att min dotter älskar det och bryr sig inte det minsta om småfelen. Det gör detta projekt till en rungande succé!


Change of Pace

Remember this post from way back? It is pretty much still valid. What happened was that about this time I became pregnant with Erika. After her birth almost two years ago (!) my body has been in status quo. However, I am now sick of clothes not fitting me the way I want them to fit and not really feeling like myself when looking in the mirror. So I decided to try and loose some extra weight, which in the long run means I don’t know my future measurements and I can’t really sew fitted garments. And you know I like my garments fitted.

Gustav's birthrecord
Gustav’s birthrecord

That’s the reason why not a lot of garment sewing takes place over here at the moment. I do, however, have something else to keep my hands busy. Last year, when Erika was nursing a lot in the evenings, I made a birth record cross stitch for Gustav. For Erika I chose Happi’s Backyard motif with lots of cute animals and I’m hoping to add both her names to it. The sample says “Christopher” which comes in at 11 letters, Erika’s two names are 11 combined, although I will need a space too. I think it can works, especially since two of her letters are Is. But that’s a long way to go until I can add the name.

Erika's Birthrecord to be (source)
Erika’s Birthrecord to be (source)

I quite like cross-stitching it’s relaxing and it’s a lot of fun seeing the motif grow. I still remember how happy Gustav was when we put his birth record up over his bed and I’m hoping Erika will like hers too. It’s getting there, one stitch at the time (no picture, but so for I’ve sewn the two birds, the fence to the right of them (almost all of it) and some of the flowers).

Disclaimer: Writing about weight loss is a touchy subject, which is why I won’t go into further details to avoid fat-shaming. I think the sewing community is great for looking beyond bodies and body image and instead just talk about sewing, our shared hobby.


Det blir inte mycket klädsömnad nuförtiden, då jag försöker tappa några överflödiga kilon. Istället ägnar jag mig åt broderi och en korsstygnstavla till dotterns. Sonens, som syns överst, sydde jag klart för ett år sedan och dottern ska få det under motivet. Jag kämpar i TV-soffan, ett stygn i taget.

Cross Stitch Birth Record for Kiddo

I have a creation to show! This is truly labour of love and it has been eating most of my spare time this past fall. I finished it on Friday and it was a huge weight of my shoulders. I still need to frame it, but otherwise it is done.

The Whole Picture

Gustav korsstygn (2)I began working on this when baby E was even more of a baby, and didn’t sleep through the evenings. Since I was tired from breast-feeding her at night I just wanted to sit in the TV couch, and because she was waking up several times during the evening I had to be near her.  So I decided to work on a craft I could do in the couch. So I decided to do cross stitch birth records for the kids. The kiddo chose his own motive, with cars obviously. Little did I know that it was filled with details such as plenty of back stitching and French knots. It wasn’t anything particularly difficult, it was just a lot. Every night I would stitch away and by then end of it I seized every given opportunity to sew just to finish the thing. Baby E will have to wait for hers, I don’t want to sew another cross stitch right now.


The French TrailerGustav korsstygn (1)

This trailor was one of the last things I finished. I had to learn to do French knots. That trailor has 66 of them. 66! I know they are a bit wonky, but frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn. I’ve replaced the worst looking ones, but kept some others. I like how some patterns are repeted in the motive, such as the tree, the lawns and the tractor, the orange car and the orange tree. Plus the animals are cute and varied.

The Tim Gunn CarGustav korsstygn (3)

I sometimes here Tim Gunn when I’m working on something. I hear his concern about over-designing. I actually did hear his voice when working on this cross-stitch. This blue car is an example of that. It has two colours, blue and orange (the blue also uses two strands in different colours) and back-stitching details and French knots. It felt as if Tim Gunn should have stepped in and said that you shouldn’t just keep adding stuff, but also removing them so it doesn’t look over-designed. In the end I think it looks pretty good, but some element could probably have been removed.

The Name

Gustav korsstygn (4)

Yes, here I reveal the kiddo’s full name, as well as birthday (which should be read as June 4, 2010). Gustav is what we call him, but it didn’t sound allright to put Per behind it, it fell weird of the tongue.

There you have it, what I have been working on for about six months. Now maybe my sewing machine can get some attention as well. And my blog. A weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I feel as if I have plenty of time. I wonder how long I will live in that illusion. I also wonder when I will dare to pick up Baby E’s motive (although, it’s not as detailed).


In October I visited a flea market where they had brought out the Christmas decorations. It was too early for me to buy Christmas things, but some banners and table-runners caught my eye, those in cross-stitch. It felt wrong to buy someone else’s work, so I ordered myself a full kit to make my own banner. The kit included fabric, yarn, instructions and a needle.

I spent many evenings in front of the TV stitching away and on the evening of the 22nd of December I finished my banner, although it still needs to be signed. It was fun, although since I had a deadline it sometimes felt more like a chore than a hobby. However, it was a pretty good pregnancy craft to keep myself occupied with something. I’m rather proud and I think it will feel great next Christmas when it will be part of our decorations.

I can imagine doing more cross-stitching and embroidery in the future, without a set deadline. It was a great change in my crafting adventures.