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Exclusive Skirt

This skirt was produced during me-made-June and worn as well, in what happened to be one of my favourite outfits from the month. It was a simple skirt to make and my challenge was that it was the first time that I made a full lining.

As seen in Me-Made-June

The pattern is Burdastyle Magazine 2009-01-128 and is an exclusive design made by Laurél. The only tricky part was the curved seams on the waistband, otherwise it was pretty straight-forward.

Curved seams for waistband

I really liked the unusal waistband for the skirt. The fabric is a linen look, pink with a silver print. I was thinking of making a short jacket, but there wasn’t enough fabric for it. Perhaps a vest!

Kick pleat in the back

I like wearing this skirt, pencil skirts make you feel elegant and ladylike without really trying. So, my challenge was to make a full lining. It wasn’t as hard as I thought, but some mistakes were made.

The lining was added to the facings and then turned around with them. I like the finished look the skirt gets from being lined. However, I somehow managed to end up with more narrow lining pieces than the skirt itself so I couldn’t attach the lining to the hem all way round. It pulls a little as well, but I don’t think anyone but me notices. But I like that I took one more step forward in sewing and fully lined a skirt. Next time it’ll be even better.

Project Summary Pattern: Burdastyle Magazine 2009-01-128 Difficulty: 2 of 5 (Magazine’s rating) I agree.The trickiest part was the curved seams and if you just need to pay attention. Alterations: None Fabric: Linen look, polyester lining Notions: Invisible zipper, eye and hook, thread, interfacing Total price: Fabric 33 SEK (€3.74), zipper 23 SEK (€2.60), lining 33 SEK (€3.74), interfacing and thread 5 SEK 0(€0.57). Total 94 SEK (€10.64) Project rating: I love how dressed up you feel just by putting on a pencil skirt. I think the shape is flattering on me and I like the feeling of it. This fabric is pretty neutral, but with the twist of the silver print. I learnt a lot by the lining, especially since it didn’t come out perfectly, it’s the mistakes you learn from. A look I like, and a great find from the scrap bin of the fabric store. My review on Pattern review


And Me-Made-June goes on

I’m not very good with keeping up with my me-made-June posts, but here comes another badge of outfits.

Day 16
Blouse – The Azalea that Wasn’t
Pants- H&M

I really like this blouse, the neckline, the sleeves. I feel comfortable in it and I think it’s totally work appropriate. Picture taken in my office.

Day 17Midnight Sun top and skirt

I did vow to wear the top and skirt together and I did! I feared it was a little too much, but wearing it I made it my own and I didn’t feel overdressed. I can wear pretty things if I want to.

Day 18-19

National Day Shorts
White tee

Just chillin’ at home in some me-made shorts. The weekend consisted of running, playing with the kid, sewing and grocery shopping. This is what I look like then.

Day 20

Not a Maddy blouse
Cardi – Target

The fit on this blouse isn’t perfect, but under a cardi it works fine. It’s an interesting blouse and I wish the fit was better. A third attempt perhaps?

Day 21Just Floral Top
Cardi – H&M
Jeans (as a side note, I bought new pants today, so perhaps this jeans overload will end)

My first repeat garment, the top. I matched with a lower cut cardigan this day to show off the neckline which was lost last time.

Day 22

The Indian Shirt
Exclusive Skirt (just finished, not yet blogged)
Obi belt – Le Chateau
Tank – H&M

I really like this outfit! I like the contrast of the soft colours with the black belt. Also the contrast of flowy on top and straight on the bottom.

There you go, a few more days. Now it’s midsummer time, celebrating of the solstice, and we’re going away all weekend. In me-made clothes.

Skirt Projects

I am making skirts. Two are currently in the making, well one just needs the finishing touches and the other is ongoing work.

I’m in love with this fabric. When I saw it in the catalogue I knew I had to have it and after washing it, it became even softer. Perfect for an autumn skirt. I need to put in a button and buttonhole in the waistline and it needs hemming. No hurry though, since it is an autumn skirt.

This linen (which is not really linen, but close enough) pencil skirt is my working project. The fabric is very sheer, so I hope the lining I’ll be using will be enough to not make the skirt completely see-through. I’ve never made a full lining before, so it’ll be a new technique for me. I need to learn more and push myself.

I still have some leftover fabric, so I’m planning to make a cropped jacket or vest to make a casual summer suit. Me-made-June sure inspires me!

Next project started

Now I want to make something pretty. As I still need seperates more than dresses, I see a skirt in my future.

I’m making the Exclusive design by Laurél from BWoF 01-2009. It’s a pencil skirt design, which I’m also planning to make in denim. The fabric I’m using now is a “linen look” in pink with silver details. I really like this fabric, plus it was from the scrap bin so it was really cheap. I don’t think it’s supposed to be a clothing fabric, but after washing it I think it became soft enough.

Like Tilly, I ‘ve also somewhat stuck in my progress and need to evolve as sewer. Therefore I’m going to do a full lining for this skirt, something I’ve never done before. The fabric is so sheer that a lining is necessary, at first I thought of making a slip instead, but after reading Tilly’s post I decided to challende myself a little more.

Today was prep day. The pieces are cut and zick-zacked, the interfacing is pressed on. I haven’t begun the lining yet. This will be my first project in my second coming, it’s time to leave the plateau and aim higher in skills (not saying that all my projects will be complicated, though).