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Dagen før var allting som en sommerflirt

Yes, yesterday was like a summer flirt. I was strolling through Vienna, looking at gorgeous and impressive buildings, just taking in the atmosphere. (The day before that I had attended a ball at Hofburg Imperial Palace, but that’s a topic for another post. Yes, I did make my dress). Anyway, this summer has been filled with travelling, and my how I’ve missed it during the 2 corona pandemic years. I know, I know the pandemic itself is not over, but the restrictions are gone and the impact they’ve had on our lives. This summer I have been to many packed places and haven’t caught as much as a cold, maybe people are staying home when they’re feeling unwell.

This summer we’ve been travelling a lot (4 countries in total: Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Austria). I love the feeling of just been somewhere else, experiencing other cultures. I live in the south of Sweden, but just going across the bridge to Copenhagen really is a shift in culture. Maybe a subtle one to an outsider, but I can definitely feel it. We started the month of July cheering for the world’s finest cyclists as they took on the streets of Copenhagen in the first stage of this year’s Tour de France. Fantastic!

We then took on the Netherlands, with stops in Germany, playing on the beach, visiting Amsterdam and just enjoying life. Then the weekend in Vienna. During all this time, I really got to flex my language skills, which I love doing. In Denmark it was French and Danish, German in Germany and Austria and my Duolingo Dutch in the Netherlands. I did manage to get by, but some of the time it was easier to fall in English; it works most of the time.

However, one thing that is easily done even with limited language skills is fabric shopping. Meter is meter in many languages, and as long as you stick to full ones it’s just easy to hold up fingers indicating the meterage. If you’d like 1.7 meters, it’s a bit trickier, but my German counting skills got me by. (If I’d like 1.25 meters in German, that’s where it gets hard, ein meter, fünf und zwantig (one meter, five and twenty)).

In the Netherlands I took the bike into Alkmaar (what a treat to bike in a country where everyone shows consideration to cyclists!) and Böttger Stoffenwinkel, where I spent some time and money. Beware, some places in the Netherlands don’t accept credit cards, so even if my Visa card is a Debit card (as stated on it) it was declined. Luckily there was an ATM nearby and I could get cash. I bought the following (from top to bottom):

Og i morgen er endelig

Viscose twill, off-white with dots. It will probably be a long-sleeved blouse of some sort.
Cotton/viscose blend, linen look; blue/black with flowers. A summer dress. Something a bit looser than my normal aesthetics, I think.
Stretch denim, light blue: Probably a pair of DD Acajou.

Then in Vienna, my husband and I stuck to our deal on weekend getaways (it’s been exercised once before), that he gets to run for a while and I can visit a fabric shop. So I visited Die Stoffschwester from a tip from Sølvi/Delfine Elise. It was a lovely shop packed with fabrics and I ended up with four pieces. I had originally decided on three, but then that peace sign fabric screamed out to me. I snagged the final piece of it, as well as the yellow floral one.


Cotton knit red/white. For a knit top.
Cotton sweatshirt, peace signs. A sweatshirt and perhaps a skirt if the meterage agrees.
Viscose, yellow with flowers. A summer dress. Of course. Or maybe a maxi skirt… We’ll see next summer. Perhaps some flowy trousers as I found that missing in my wardrobe.
Cotton double gauze, blue tie dye. A beach outfit in which I can bike. The beach dresses I have are not suitable for the bike I bought, so if we’re biking to the beach I need something that doesn’t risk getting entangled in the gear wheels and chain.

For a second I did ponder memorizing my Vienna trip with an Edelweiss fabric, but it was white flowers on white, not my style. Had it been the flowers on green, you would have seen in in the picture.

Soundtrack: Dagen Før; Volbeat ft. Stine Bramsen. (A Danish metal band who, in some songs mix English and Danish lyrics, appealing to my bilingual mind.
Yesterday, everything was like a summer’s flirt, but tomorrow it’s final.)


The Stash

Helena (yes, what a lovely name!) of Gray All Day is running a series called “Sew it Chic in a Week”. In it we are encouraged to share our finished garments. I have shared one garment there, since then I’ve been busy stitching away on my cross-stitch project. However, that cross-stitching project has not stopped me from adding onto my stash, so at the moment it’s been a larger input than output. Mind you, my stash is usually manageable in that I mostly buy fabrics for which I have a purpose. I don’t hoard fabrics. At least I don’t hoard fabrics when I do have an output of garments. Still, I don’t think it’s that bad… I just wish I could properly close my cupboard doors.

The Stash (2)I started out with using the two middle shelves for fabrics. It quickly got too small and my fabrics have extended up and down, as you can see those shelves are really meant for other things. And scraps have moved in. And garments I would like to alter. There’s a huge piece I meant to make curtains of, still there. Some stretch-denim which I ambitiously bought to make a suit, haven’t gotten around to that yet. Some Christmas fabric leftovers, I have no idea what to do with them.

The Stash (1)

These are my favourite pieces. (Note, no curtain fabric or Christmas leftovers). I almost have plans for all of these pieces.

Top row, LtR: Poplin, thinking a jacket/skirt set; 2x viscose, meant for blouses; Stretch twill, Clover pants
Middle row, LtR: Pique, meant for a skirt; knitted fabric, a sweater/skirt set; Gingham poplin, maxi Anna dress and a blouse (if enough fabric); cotton (also a blouse)
Bottom row LtR: Cotton, a blouse (I really need blouses); polka dot cotton poplin, a Mortmain skirt; Pique, another skirt.

(I accidentally left out a piece of blue rip stop meant for a Hawthorn dress. Oops!)

I do have a little bit left on my cross-stich birth record for Erika, but I can’t wait to start working with my uncut pieces. Every new piece is a new adventure!

Are you a fabric hoarder or project buyer? Have you ever bought a fabric with one project in mind and have it ending up something else? Which piece of fabric would you steal from me?

Helena från Gray All Day bjöd in sina läsare att visa upp sitt tygförråd. Mitt har växt ut ur sin avsedda plats och tar över mer och mer av min bokhylla. En del av bitarna gillar jag lite extra och har redan planer för, jag ska bara bli klar med mitt broderi först!

Why I Don’t Stashbust

One common goal in sewing seems to be stashbusting. There are groups and sewalongs dedicated to this matter and I wish I could join in on the fun. But I can’t, my stash is not big and diverse enough. Don’t believe me?

This a picture of my uncut fabrics. However I’ve excluded two pieces, one that is meant for curtains and one I’ve bought as a muslin fabric. This is it. I don’t drown in fabrics or can swim around in them. I do however have a few UFOs as well as some fabric that has been cut but not gotten any further (do to sizing). So, the way I see it I don’t have THAT much fabric that I “shouldn’t” be allowed more. (I have some scraps too, but since I usually buy for specific projects, I throw away the leftovers. There are a few “big enough pieces too, but not many)

So, if I don’t have that much fabric, it wouldn’t be too hard to use it before I buy new, right? The thing is, most of these (excluding one) are wovens. Most of them also have an idea. For the first part of 2014 (and perhaps longer) I want to focus on getting in shape, find an exercise routine and, as much as I hate to say it, lose some baby weight. I want my clothes to fit better and look better on me. It’s not very smart to make fitted garments in woven for a body I want to change and hopefully will. Apart from this, I also want to work with knits (did anyone say Tiramisu?) and whenever I buy knits they tend to get used right away, therefore I have no knits in my stash. What I can do is focus on buying knits instead of wovens, but if a luscious piece in the scrap bin, I’m not sure I’ll be able to resist. I’ll try and focus my shopping on knits, though.

I do however want to focus on the patterns I have, they are not many, but they shoulnd’t be left unused. Apart for the ones I have (a number of magazines (like 10), 7 envelope patterns and Burdastyle’s and Colette’s sewing handbooks) I will buy two sewing books and hopefully get buy on that this year (although, the Cabarita looks so tempting and I don’t know what pattern makers have up their sleeve).

There you have it, my version of stashbusting. Focus on buying knits and using the patterns I have.

Do you stashbust? Or do you, like me own a modest number of fabrics/patterns?

(Fabrics in the picture
Left Top to bottom: Black heavy denim (probably skirts), dark teal satin (thinking Hawthorn, but it might not be enough), aqua silk (Thinking Taffy), grey poplin, stretch netting (no ideas. Giveaway?).
Right TtB: Printed cotton (a dress of some sort), purple linen (no idea), polka dot cotton (heavyweight, a dress), pinstripe stretch denim (planning a suit, but I need more time than I currently have), aubergine “party satin” (jacket or structured skirt), teal satin (Secret Santa Gift, a blouse)