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A Skirt – Made by Me!

OK, so I said that I would present my fashion here, so here is my very first post about fashion (in which I just don’t bitch about the sheeps of fashion)

I bought this fabric back in November, thinking it would be a winter wrap skirt. But then other things came up and I never made my skirt. So now, with some nights with nothing to do I picked up my fabric, thinking that since it is a winter fabric I would love to wear it sometimes before spring comes (and I get to break out my fun spring clothes (or at least the fun spring clothes I will make)).

The wrap skirt idea was no more; in stead it became a skirt in six pieces with pleats at the bottom and a zipper in the side. I stick by my assumption that it is easier to make an invisible zipper, up until now when I got too close and put some stiches in the zipper so it wouldn’t close. So I brought out the scissors and bought a new zipper. This incident turned out to be a good thing since once i cut about an inch off, the waistline became perfect.

The fabric is strechy in the horisontal but not in the vertical way, which makes the skirt super comfortable. Plus the fabric really gave a finished look once sewed together. So now that the story has been presented here it is

Project Summary

Pattern: Self-drafted from pattern book.

Fabric: Cotton stretch.

Notions: Invisible zipper. Button

Project grading: A simple skirt. My second attempt at drafting, a more simple project to draft. An everyday skirt – nothing more, nothing less.


My Christmas Dress

I was downtown a couple of weeks ago, wanting to find something new to wear for Christmas. After plowing through several clothing stores it dawned on me; why don’t I make my own dress? The fabric was an impulse buy pretty much, and then it was home to construct the pattern. I made a one-piece dress (with one piece I mean one peice lengthwise) with lace trim. The neckline was a bit difficult to form and it didn’t turn out very well. The dress is nice, that’s it. I’m not overly proud, but I sure know that for next Christmas I will prepare better!

Project Summary:

Pattern: Self-drafted with the help of pattern book.

Fabric: Probably a polyester blend. Lining fabric.

Notions: Two types of lace. Invisible zipper.

Project grading: A rushed project and my first attempt at drafting my own pattern. I did wear the dress for Christmas but haven’t since. A project to learn from, the dress isn’t well made, but it is my first self-drafted pattern.

The Dissertation Party Dress

I learned sewing in elementary school, did some there and at home. In junior high school I also took sewing but since I took science in high school there was no place for sewing and crafts. When my sister turned 25 she got a new sewing machine so I got her old one.

I have wanted to do something for a while, so I decided to do something for my boyfriend’s thesis defense party. I bought a pattern from an online store and the second I walked into the small fabric store in my town I found the perfect fabric.

So I got to work and the result became a red dress, stunning in my opinion. Many people at the party knew I had made my dress, my mum thought I had failed and later bought one. But it was my own creation. A silk fabric for the main part and chiffon (hard to sew…!) sleeves. Without further ado, here it is:

Project Summary:

Make: Svenska Mönster 9v04, view A
Difficutly: No rating on pattern. My rating: Dress simple, sleeves hard (since they’re meant for chiffon)

Fabric: Silk with embroidery, chiffon.

Notions: Invisible zipper, interfacing

Project grading: The dress was simple to sew, the sleeves were hard as I had never sewn in chiffon at all. Luckily the pattern designer helped me out via e-mail with how to handle chiffon.