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Metal Cardigan

I picked up a scrap piece of jersey some time ago. At that point I had no plan, but I found a cardigan pattern so I decided to make my fabric into a cardigan.

The fabric is a jersey with the print “Hard”, “Rock” and “Metal” which I thought was fun since it’s still discrete but still showing my taste in music.

Metal Cardigan (2)

The cardigan has ruffles along the bottom, I omitted one line of ruffles since I thought they fell too high on me. Unfortunately, despite following the pattern, they ended up in different heights on the left and right, but I don’t think anyone will notice. I’m thinking of adding a hook and eye to close the cardigan over the bust.

Metal Cardigan (3)

It was a pretty simple cardigan to sew, technically, but sewing all those gathers for the ruffles is so monotone. No pain, no gain, right?

Project summary:

Pattern: Sömnadsmagasin 02-2012-123
Alterations: Removal of one line of ruffles
Difficulty: Easy

Fabric: Printed cotton jersey.
Notions: Interfacing, thread

Estimated price: I haven’t written down the price of the fabric, so no price estimation

Project Rating: I do need more layering pieces and this cardigan is fun with the print. I’m pretty sure I will add that hook and eye to keep it from just hanging off me. Plus it is one step in my getting over my fear of knits.

And yup, that’s me about 29 weeks pregnant, the picture was taken 4 weeks ago. And yeah a real post about a creation, not just sneak peeks and walls of text regarding style!


The Megan Skirt

My first sewing project for the fall was a simple and quick project, in fact it took me about an hour to whip up.

The skirt is a gathered skirt in a navy twill, found in the scrap bin, and with a wide elastic in the waist. So, after attaching the waistband there’s just one seam to sew and then the hem. That’s it.

By stretching the elastic as I sewed, the skirt got perfect gathers. I’m willing to bet that this skirt will get a lot of wear in the upcoming fall and winter season.

Project Summary: Pattern: Tutorial from here (if the name of the skirt hasn’t led you on, that link will be a hint as to what I will be working on this fall) Difficulty: Simple. One seam, one hem and attaching an elastic. It doesn’t get much simpler than that. Alterations: Mine is longer. Fabric: Navy twill from Stoff och Stil Notions: Wide elastic, thread Price: Fabric 42 SEK (€4.86). Elastic 25 SEK (€2.90),  Thread 1 SEK (€0.12). Total 68 SEK (€7.88).

Project Rating: Last time I was pregnant I lived in two pairs of maternity jeans. This time I want to change things up a bit and this skirt is my first step, and I think some more skirts are in store for me. I can’t wait to try this out when I’m a bit bigger.

(It’s a bit scary since I won’t do my ultrasound scan until late October, until then I can just believe that everything is OK)