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A Blouse to Learn From

A blouse I made way back was BWoF 2009-04-122, which was a crepe blouse. I did it in crepe as well, but it hasn’t been something I’ve worn, for several reasons. However, I will learn from this project and try to make a blouse I will like and wear.

I see potential in the pattern, but the version I’ve made is not very flattering on me, which I thought it would be.

It is too short, in my opinion. I should have elongated the front upper piece to accommodate my bust size. I don’t like the fact that the bottom piece just hangs, it does not flatter me at all.

I have 1 metre of white stretch poplin, which I could see in this pattern – modified.

Please forgive my poor drawing skills. Anyway, this is what I have in mind. I will elongate the front upper pieces and make gathers in lieu of the drawstring. The bottom pieces will be more fitted and longer (which I see I gaven’t made clear in the drawing). I will put buttons down the front.

I’m not that used to altering patterns so it will be a trial and error project. I hope in the end I will have a new cute blouse!

Project Summary

Pattern: BWoF 2009-04-122 Difficulty: 1.5 of 5 (Burda’s rating – I agree although the instructions were a bit confusing. Alterations: None

Fabric: Cotton crepe Notions: None

Project rating: It didn’t look as good on me as I thought. I have an idea on how to alter the pattern to make it more flattering on me. I’m not sure this blouse will be worn – too bad since the fabric is cute.