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Me-Made-May Week 3

Another week of me-made outfits and the self-photography is getting old. To be honest, I don’t have pictures of all my outfits, but I have been wearing handmade stuff. Let’s go over week three.

Ännu en vecka med handsydda klädslar och bildtagandet av mig själv börjar bli tråkigt. Jag har inte ens bilder av alla klädslar, men jag har burit handsydda kläder varje dag. Här är tredje veckan.

May 16/16 maj

Made by me: Blue Hawthorn dress
Worn to: Work
Sytt av mig: Blå Hawthorn-klänning
Buren till: Jobb

I love the swooshiness of the skirt, the way it falls around my legs when walking. It’s almost a bit too vintage for my taste, but I usually feel good in it when I’m wearing it

Jag älskar fallet i kjolen och hur den rör sig. Klänningen är nästan lite för vintage för min smak, men oftast känns det bra att bära den.

May 17/17 maj

Made by me: Dexy sweatshirt
Worn to: A day at home with the kids
Sytt av mig: Dexy-tröjan
Buren till: En hemmadag med barnen

Leisure wear. Enough said.

Fritidskläder. Det räcker så.

May 18/18 maj


Made by me: Leaf skirt
Worn to: Work
Sytt av mig: Bladkjolen
Buren till: Jobb

I love the fabric of this skirt and now that it fits it should get more wear.

Jag älskar tyget och nu när den passar borde den bäras mer.

May 19/19 maj


Made by me: Bordeaux skirt
Worn to: Work
Sytt av mig: Bordeauxkjol
Buren till: Jobb

This skirt is simple to wear. I’m guessing this was the final wear for now, but it will see daylight again in the fall and winter. As will its denim sister.

Denna kjol är så lätt att bära. Jag gissar att detta var säsongens sista gång, men till hösten och vintern kommer den fram igen. Även dess denimsyster.

May 20/20 maj


Made by me: Seersucker blouse, Portside bag
Worn to: Work and going to the in-laws
Sytt av mig: Seersucker-blus, Portside-väska

I didn’t get a picture of my outfit, but I did wear my seersucker blouse. In the afternoon we went on a weekend trip to my in-laws and of course I packed in my Portside bag.

Jag tog ingen bild av klädseln, men jag bar min seersucker-blus. På eftermiddagen åkte vi till svärföräldrana och givetvis packade jag i min Portside-väska

May 21-22/21-22 maj


Made by me: Striped Plantain, Chambery shorts
Worn to: Hanging with kids, meeting people, going to the beach
Sytt av mig: Randig Plantain, Chambery shorts
Buren till: Hänga med barnen, träffa folk, strandbesök

OK, I wore RTW pants on Saturday, but I did wear the top both days. I sewed these pieces to go together and they do that well. First beach trip of the year (no swimming though) and you can see my 3-year old in the background being happy (my 5-year old acted as photographer).

Jag bar köpta byxor på lördagen, men jag bar toppen båda dagarna. Jag sydde dessa plagg för att de skulle passa tillsammans och det gör de bra. Årets första strandbesök blev det (inga bad) och min glada 3-åring springer i bakgrunden (5-åringen var fotograf)


Creation: Colette Hawthorn Dress

I’m not the person to instantly buy a new pattern when it’s released. I’d rather wait and see the pattern made up by various sewers before I buy it, therefor I am always late to the pattern party. So now, two years after its release, I have finally joined the Hawthorn bandwagon. It is also one of my two makes for “One Pattern, Two Ways” in Indie Pattern Month.

Me and my two Hawthorns
Me and my two Hawthorns

According to my measurements I hit all the numbers for the size 8. Yet I had to add a 2 cm FBA (1 cm per side). Pattern drafting and pattern maths are things I will never understand. I followed the FBA tutorial on Sewalongs.com and added an extra side dart. After that I proceeded to split the waist dart in two. I really like the fit of this dress, the bodice could be a smidgen shorter, but I won’t beat myself up about it.

Bodice with plenty of darts
Bodice with plenty of darts

The fabric is a ripstop (which says nothing to me), a 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester. I like the colour and the small print of the pattern, subtle but it keeps the fabric from become boring. It pressed well and was easy to work with. The oddest thing about this fabric however, is that it was actually bought with a Hawthorn in mind! It’s been sitting in my pile for almost a year and in the end it became the dress it was intended. Isn’t that amazing!? The buttons are mother of pearl. Hawthorn dress (12) The pattern was quite easy to follow, and I made my first tower placket and cuff. They’re not perfect but for my first attempt I’m very satisfied. I really liked the fold lines on the pattern piece for the placket, which made the whole thing easier, and the pictures on the sewalong really helped a lot.

My very first placket and cuff!
My very first placket and cuff! (Maybe I forgot one stitch line?)

This is a perfect transition piece, great for work in those in between seasons. It got its first wear at the horse race track for their annual family day on Ascension Day. Carousels, taco lunch, pony rides and horse betting, it really is fun for the whole family! Especially fun when I put 10 SEK (€1.07) on Mr. Gorgonzola, just because I loved that name, and that cheesy sounding horse (pun fully intended) won and gave me 347 SEK (€37) back. Thank you Mr. Gorgonzola!


Can you tell I’m really pleased with my new dress? Putting an effort into fitting, something I never did before, really pays off.

Perfect twirl dress!
Perfect twirl dress!

    Som en del av The Monthly Stitch’s Indie Pattern Month har jag sytt en Hawthorn-klänning. Tyget är ripstop (50/50 bomull/polyester) från Stoff och Stil. Trots att mina mått föll précis på storlek 8 var jag tvungen att göra en FBA på 2 cm (jag kommer aldrig att förstå mönster-matte), vilket gjorde att jag lade till en sidinprovning, dessutom delade jag midjeinprovningen i två. Klänningen bar jag första gången på Jägersros familjedag där hästen Mr. Gorgonzola sprang in 347 kr på min satsade tia. Härlig klänning att bära och storvinst på travet blev en väldigt glad Helena!

Creations: Cropped Hawthorn Blouse and Mortmain Skirt

The second contest for Indie Pattern Month over at The Monthly Stitch is “Separates”. The rules were simple enough, sew two coordinating pieces that work together in an outfit. To sew my separates I reached for two of my dresses patterns, because it seems like the natural thing to do, right?

Minnie Outfit (2)

I bought the polka dot poplin back in January on the annual sale and even back then I had the intention of making a Mortmain skirt. I love the shape of the skirt with those big box pleats. The main feature of the Mortmain is the exposed zipper in the back, which is inserted in a clever way, here demonstrated by Roobeedoo. Of course I had to have an exposed zipper in the back of my skirt, a white zipper to match the polka dots.

Minnie Outfit (9)

After making my skirt I needed something to pair it with. The skirt is pretty high-waisted so I settled for a cropped version of Colette’s Hawthorn dress. All my measurements hit the same size on the size chart, but I still had to do a 2 cm FBA. I will never understand the mathematics of pattern drafting. In the FBA I added a side dart, following the FBA I also split the waist dart in two to reduce bulk, after my FBA it was 10 cm across. For the sleeves I did view A, with short sleeves and a folded cuff. The buttons are fabric-covered buttons.

Minnie Outfit (16)
Not my best face, but it shows off all my FBA darts

This outfit will be dubbed the Minnie outfit as it reminds me of Minnie mouse. I really like how well these two half-dresses go together, although I don’t think they would make a good Frankenpattern. Just the fact that one closes with buttons in the front and one with an exposed zipper in the back is one clue. Plus, I think there would be too much going on. These pieces can also easily be worn with other items, although I’ve passed the bare midriff age and will search for high-waisted bottoms to go with the shirt. Or layer it beneath something longer.

Sleek profile
Sleek profile

I like the outfit, it may be a bit out there, but it did turn out as I envisioned it so I’m quite pleased. I find that is it flattering on me and fun. Obviously it is my entry for the separates contest at The Monthly Stitch.


Den andra tävlingen i The Monthly Stitch’s indie-månad är uddaplagg. Jag sydde två plagg i bomullspoplin med stretch; en kjol med Mortmain-mönstret och en kort blus från Hawthorn. Kjolen har jag sytt enligt denna beskrivning och den har givetvis ett synligt blixtlås där bak, précis som klännings-förlagan. På blusen har jag gjort 2 cm FBA, lagt till en bystinprovning samt delat midjeinprovningen i två. Det blev en blus som passade mig mycket bra!