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Me-Made-May days 18 to 21

Day 18:

What’s me-made in today’s outfit?
Michelle, Ma Belle-skirt
Where was it worn?
Day at home with baking, making lemonade, doing yard work and having guests for coffee.
How often is it worn and why?
It’s a great casual skirt that probably doesn’t get as many wears as it deserves due to my lack of tops. I must make/find more tops that go with the stuff I have.

Day 19:

What’s me-made in today’s outfit?
October top and “I don’t know”-top
Where was it worn?
A trip to the hardware store to buy a birthday gift for my sister and then grocery shopping.
How often is it worn and why?
The top is really exactly what I need, so perhaps I should make myself some more jersey tops. The shrug is not a perfect make, but it helped reduced the “naked feelig” I get from the top. So the top deserves more wear, the shrug is only ever worn for MM/SS challenges.

Day 20 – morning

What’s me-made in today’s outfit?
National Day shorts
Where was it worn?
As can be deduced from the photo: gardening.
How often is it worn and why?
The shorts gets a lot of wear around the house, but they rarely leave our grounds (well, perhaps for walks in the forest).

Day 20 – afternoon

What’s me-made in today’s outfit?
Unblogged blue dress
Where was it worn?
To my sister’s birthday party
How often is it worn and why?
Not a lot. In reality this dress should be a little too big, right now it fits me well. If I get any smaller (which I hopefully will) the dress would, again, be too big, and I don’t really know how to take it in.

Day 21

What’s me-made in today’s outfit?
The Orangery Skirt and the Indian shirt.
Where was it worn?
Work and spontaneous fabric shopping
How often is it worn and why?
I love the colour and shape of the skirt, but it’s a bit hard to match and therefore it doesn’t get a lot of wear. The shirt gets a bit more and I’m really proud of it since it was my first successful pattern alteration.


SSS11 – And so it begins

The first four days of Self-Stitched September are over. I’m actually looking forward to a little colder weather so I can wear my new skirts over tights and not having to repeat too much from Me-made June. I’ll get my wish sooner than think and then I’ll want warm weather back, I suppose.

Day 1
Self-Stitched: The Chocolate Pants

One good thing about these challenges is that you get to try the wearability of your garments. These pants held up for a hold day of work without being uncomfortable. I had some issues photographing myself as the little fellow was very interested in the camera, you can see his belly and hand to the left.

Day 2
Self-Stitched: My Namesake Skirt

When I paired this skirt with these tights I felt it was a match made in heaven. Denim is very easily paired with other colours, such as hot pink. I do fear that the skirt is a little too large in the waist though.

Day 3
Self-Stitched: A T-shirt for a Star.

Wearing the exact same clothes as in the linked blog post, but the kid which was in my belly then is now on the outside. We were going to IKEA, I just did a casual outfit. The t-shirt is wearable, but not perfect.

Day 4
Self-Stitched: The “I don’t know”-top

Heading out to barbecue with my sister in yet another so, so garment. It works but it’s not great. Wearing this makes me think that I am so much better than what this shrug says, I need to focus and study patterns and fabrics before I cut them. At least, every project is a learning project.

An “I don’t know”-top

Seeing Self-stichted September in various blogs raised my inspiration. I want to participate in the next round and furthermore, I want to get sewing again.

I wanted to start out with something simple and easy, I chose a shrug.I drafted the pattern, following the instructions from Weekend Designer.

One pattern piece is enough

Since I don’t read before embarking on the adventures, I figured it would look like the picture, it didn’t. After reading I learnt that this is just the base, you can add length to it if you please. It turned out quite alright anyway.

Posing on my morning walk

The fabric is a sand knit, very light and very soft, so the shrug is really comfortable. It was perfect on my walk today as it wasn’t too warm, but still something to cover my arms. And I looked OK I hope as I met some new people (other new mothers from the village).

Looking back, over my shoulder…

Being your own photographer poses a number of challenges. 1. Finding a good location with somewhere to put the camera. 2. Not worrying about on-lookers. I think I did OK, at least I like these photos better than those I previously have, which are taken inside our house.

Oh, I do you get my lame pun for the headline? If you don’t know, you shrug…

Project Summary

Pattern: Self-drafted, with instructions from Weekend Designer
Difficulty: Novice (my rating)
Alterations: None

Fabric: Sand knit
Notions: None

Total price: Fabric 42 SEK (€4.55), thread 1 SEK (€0.11)
Total: 43 SEK (€4.66)

Project rating: A simple project, just what I needed to get back into sewing!