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Me-Made-June continues

Five days into me-made-June and here’s what I wore for days 2, 3, 4 and 5.

June 2

We spent the day at the race tracks (nope, no wins for me) and I wore my Celeste dress (never blogged). The fabric is light blue with white polka dots, so I wore it with white shoes and a bow in my hair and felt very put together.

June 3

The day was spent at home cleaning and baking in preparations of my son’s first birthday. I wore an H&M tank and my Lovely in Lavender shorts. Oh, and it was decided in the MMJ Flickr group that we should spin in our photos today. I am spinning, it’s just that a pair of shorts don’t give you a good effect by it.

June 4 – a.k.a. My son’s birthday

For the birthday party I wore my Floral and Coral dress. I paired it with a belt from DressBarn (originally paired with a shirt).

June 5

With incredibly hot weather here I’m dressing very casual and tourist-y. After some day-after cleaning we took a walk in the nearby forest; I wore my Ma Belle-skirt, an H&M tank, a C&A sunhat and Mizuno running shoes.


Lovely In Lavender

Yet another addition to my collection for spring/summer. A pair of shorts (Ruby).

I found purple linen at a fairly cheap price, and I thought it would make for classic shorts with the purple as a twist. However, there were ten buttons, and they ended up costing almost as much as the fabric. The shorts were still cheap though

There were some tricky part, especially the bound pocket, but I managed to get through them with the help of a How-to. There are so minor errors, but if I don’t mention them, maybe nobody else will either.

I really like them and they’re comfortable to wear. Like I said, classic linen shorts, but with the twist of purple.

Project Summary:

Pattern: Burdastyle 6005, Ruby
Difficulty: Intermediate (Burdastyle’s rating – I agree)
Alterations: None

Fabric: Purple linen
Notions: Wooden buttons, interfacing

Project rating: My first pair of pants! A very comfortable pair of shorts. The instructions were easy to follow, I didn’t have any problems with the side closures, which I thought I would.