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Sewn: A Sunny Shirtdress

In theory, I don’t mind darkness of winter. That is the darkness caused by the sun staying under the horizon for 17 hours per day at winter solstice (one month later, the sun now stays up 1 hour more!). However, I do mind the dark clouds that lay over our skies, like Sauron’s protective cloud over Mordor, making each day grey, gloomy and dark, even when the sun actually is over the horizon. But that’s the way it is up here in the relative north (I mean I’m still a far distance away from midday darkness) and in the summer time we can enjoy a whopping 17h30m of sunlight. Take that midwinter!

The best cure must surely be to sew something yellow! Something to remind me that the sun is in fact hiding behind the clouds, because it is said that above the clouds, the sky is always blue, but it is difficult to believe it if you cannot see it*. So I added some yellow to my life in lieu of the sunshine I’m missing. A dress, which I then couldn’t photograph for several days, due to the aforementioned lack of daylight. Ah, the irony is not lost upon me.

This type of yellow is not something I usually go for, but it was a colour I was craving last summer after realizing my wardrobe colour choices were very neutral. Let’s add some punch to it! I think it will look better once I get a tan as well. Because I’m hoping I will and that this summer will be kind to dresses of short sleeves and bare legs.

The pattern is McCall’s 7623, a pattern I’ve sewn twice, once as a maxi dress and once as a 90s throwback. The bodice has various cup sizes, which is great, and I added some length to it, as I always do. This time I didn’t use the provided skirt, but added a gathered one, measurements based on the fabric I had left. Also, of course it has pockets!

It has pockets!

The fabric is a viscose/nylon blend from tyg.se and I do love me a stripe. The waistband, outer yoke and collar were cut against grain to create a nice visual effect. Or, that is a blatant lie and I cut them cross-grain to avoid matching the stripes. In reality, it’s a little from column A and a little from column B.  The drape of the fabric is really nice well-suited for both holding the darts of the bodice, but also for creating swooshiness in the gathered skirt.

*This line comes from Swedish song Tusen Bitar by Björn Afzelius. It’s a beautiful song about friendship, doubt, loneliness and fragility of the heart. The line above is the first line of the song, translated into English.