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Me-Made-May: Days 28-31

Day 28

What’s me-made in today’s outfit?
The 3-year-pants and the Moo Moo tunic
Where was it worn?
To work, with training in our very cold conference center.
How often is it worn and why?
Both pieces were finished in May so they haven’t gotten a lot of wear. The pants are exactly what I needed so they will probably get a lot of wear. I’m not so sure about the shape of the tunic, perhaps I need to tighten the underbust elastic.

Day 29

What’s me-made in today’s outfit?
The Namesake skirt
Where was it worn?
Another day of training in the cold conference center.
How often is it worn and why?
This skirt gets a lot of wear. Easy to match and comfortable!

Day 30

What’s me-made in today’s outfit?
Lessons Learnt Skirt and Mock Wrap Top
Where was it worn?
Regular day of work
How often is it worn and why?
The skirt has been worn plenty of times during MMM12. I did not expect the top to see the light of day during May, but summer disappeared on us. I can’t put my finger on what it is I don’t like about this top, but it is something.
In my pose I’m trying to convey “Where did summer go?”

Day 31

What’s me-made in today’s outfit?
The Namesake skirt and Blueberry Sorbetto
Where was it worn?
How often is it worn and why?
Obviously I like the skirt (see above). I wasn’t sure about the Sorbetto when the month started but I’ve gotten some styling tips along the way and now I like it, even on me. If I were to make another one, I now also know what to change about it.



SSS11 – The days go on

Having a busy week at work and a lot of small projects at home have left me no time to catch up on my SSS posts (or any other posts). But I’ve been wearing Self-Stitched clothing. Picking up right where we left off, starting with day5.

Day 5
Self-Stitched – The Chocolate Pants

My first repeat occured on day 5 only. I was going out for the eveing and going to be outside so I wanted to wear pants. These are very comfortable and look good as well.

Day 6
Self-Stitched: Skirt Without Bow

How much do I love this skirt? Let me count the ways. Seriously, I really do love this skirt. It’s such a classic silhouette and the flounce adds a little bit of fun to what could have been a simple, stiff skirt.

Day 7

SeSelf-Stitched: Mock Wrap top

I’m on the fence regarding this top. I’m not 100% sure about the fabric and the neckline is gaping a bit. Although it is a flattering look for me and the fabric got some compliments on the SSS Flickr group. I’ll probably keep on wearing it, but I’m not sure I will ever truly love it.

Day 8
Self- Stitched – The Librarian Skirt

Another love! It’s really easy (comforting) to realise that I’m coming into my own, finding my own style the more I work on it. Each project, from pattern via fabric selection to execution is more thought trough and better reflects me. I don’t buy fabric just to have, I pick patterns based on what I think will work for me. Therefore, there is more love for my newer projects as well.

Day 9
Self Stitched –Wrap, Long Style

Another one of those dress I do not love. There are some wonks in the sewing and I can’t seem to stop noticing them. Wearing it to work gave me compliments though, especially one girl who showered me with compliments regarding the fabric, fit and style. So perhaps it’s not as bad as I seem to think and noone notices the wonks but me.

Day 10
Self- Stitched – My Namesake skirt

This skirt will most definitely be a wardrobe staple for me. I love it! It is so wearable and versatile. I’m currently working on one more denim skirt, so hopefully that’ll be an equally big success. The top is a victim of som very minor refashioning as well, I’ve removed some sequins that were sewn on the crocheted bits.

Creation: Mock Wrap Top

A top from BWoF 1/2009, a mock wrap top.

I used a small print jersey for this, cut in size 38 and elongated. I chose this top since I thought it would flatter my figure, which it did. I like the gathering over the stomach as it hides the stomach (mine is a little out of shape at the moment). I like V-necks on me, this however is a bit too low, so I must wear a cami underneath it, the technical drawing looked higher, but I read on some websites that the neckline came out lower than expected.

While looking a bit complicated it actually wasn’t, it was mostly my screw-ups that made this top more difficult (my machine settings were off, despite my changing them and I accidentily put on one sleeve upside down). But eventually I was able to finish the top, I’ve worn it to work since then, it’s comfortable and stylish.

Project Summary

Pattern: BWoF 2009-01-110
Difficulty: 2/5 (Burda’s rating – I agree, simple construction but concentration is needed)
Alterations: None

Fabric: Printed cotton jersey
Notions: Interfacing tape

Project rating: A simple top, with some stupid mistakes. A great everyday top. I can see myself making this again in a “happier” print.

Sneak Peak

aka. “what happens when you’re not paying attention”.

My top is finally done! Again. After assembling one sleeve upside down I’ve now taken it out and put it back, the right way this time. I hate ripping seams and I hate it even more in fine jerseys, when the seam is overlocked. Ah, an evening spent with my seam ripper.

I plan on wearing the top tomorrow so I will photograph it on then, in the mean time enjoy this sneak peak. Or see the stupidity that was me!

What happens when youre not paying attention
What happens when you’re not paying attention


My mock wrap top is finally finished. However, I’m too tired to play model today, so the pictures will have to wait until tomorrow. It’s not just setting up the picture, I also must change out of my sweats and that’s a sacrifice too hard to make at the moment.

I can give you a brain teaser to keep you busy. I did this today and I wonder if I’m alone. I noticed that one of the threads (when I was sewing with the twin needle) was nearing the end, so I began to sew slower. As if the thread would last longer… Why did I do that? Am I the only one?

I will try to post pictures tomorrow…

First Autumn Day

It’s raining. It’s windy. This is definitely one of fall’s first days. They (as in meteorlogists) say it will be summer weather next weekend, but for now it’s fall. So how does one spend this day, this first fall day?

Cutting fabrics

Yes I use the floor. No table big enough in this household (and those tables would not be comfortable working on)

This is the last piece (excluding the facing, which isn’t a big piece) I’m cutting, and there’s plenty of fabric left. But not enough to make something else. Why do they over-estimate the fabric so much? I now have all this fabric and nothing to use it for.

Shoe shopping

I guess it’s impossible to buy just one pair of shoes, right?

For weekdays I live in sneakers. The ones I currently use broke and I needed to buy new ones. I like the white ones, but white doesn’t seem very practtical for fall so I chose the black ones, a bit more sturdy sneaker than I’m used to. However, the whites were really cheap so I bought them as well, they will rest in my closet until spring (or next weekend should “they” be right). I notice now, as I preview the post, that the picture is not the best, but believe me, the black ones are sneakers as well. Very shiny sneakers, and they go a bit higher than normal, which I liked since that makes them more autmn-y.

Listening to music

Guns ‘n Roses was my music choice du jour, the Greatest hits album which we got as a house warming gift in January.

Tonight we’re attending a drink party at the friend of a friend. I might only do virgin drinks though, I haven’t decided. Since the weather is not very nice I’m not in the mood for a late night walk and having to fit bus schedule so I might drive. And then I must do virgin drinks. I’m thinking I will, hoping that people don’t get too drunk so it’s a pain being sober.

What will tomorrow bring? I’m hoping to start sewing my top (didn’t feel like breaking out the machine today), I will vacuum, if the weather’s not too bad I might go for a run. I like weekends!