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Me-Made-May Week 5

The end of the line… Me-Made-May 14 is over and I have already posted two lessons on declutter and body image, I have a few more lessons to write about.

Me-Made-May day 26

Me-Made-May day 26

Assymetrical Top, Lessons Learnt Skirt

A top thathas been completely overlooked in May, good thing I had time to pull it out in the last week. Good thing I did! The fit is a bit off, but if I pull it up a bit it will drape in both the front and back,making the bad neckline fit almost look intentional. A great comfortable top with some interest in the neckline, even if my pose does nothing to show it.

Me-Made-May day 27

Me-Made-May day 27Blueberry Sorbetto, Three year pants.

In theory I like these garments. In reality the fit is a bit off on both of them. I love the blue colour of the blouse, but the bust darts sit too high on me and it’s bugging me. Likewise the pants have a bit of excess fabric in the front. Neither garment is so bad that it will get the axe right away, but I will look to replace them in the future. I did, unexpectedly, liked the look of o tucked in bloues in high-waisted pants. A surprise!

Me-Made-May day 28

Me-Made-MAy day 28Indian Shirt, Namesake Skirt

I like both of these pieces even though the skirt waistband is beginning to lose its shape. However the shirt doesn’t go very well with the high waist of the shirt so while both garments are keepers, they should just not be paired. BTW, my hair is a total mess. Haircut definitely needed and now we are close enough to the wedding we’re attending in late June that I can actaully get it done.

Me-Made-May day 29

Me-Made-May day 29The Turnaround Dress

I still haven’t blogged this dress and it deserves a post of its own because let me tell you: I love this dress! I wore it to a family day at the race tracks (carousels, horse riding, horse races, lunch – fun for the whole family!) and I loved that I my look was so completely different from everyone else’s. I felt like I stood out in a good way, I liked that feeling. Yup, I was completely full of myself as well.

For days 30 and 31 we just stayed at home so no me-mades for those days (note to self, make a few more casual me-mades to wear around the house).

I completed yet another month of me-mades! However, since I’ve come to the realisation that I’m not very fond of my wardrobe I have no idea what I’ll wear in June. But that’s an issue for another day!


Me-Made-May week 2

Me-Made-May day 5

Me-Made-May day 5Namesake Skirt, top H&M, jacket (Apple Bottom viaMarshall’s)

Back to work for the first time in May. This day added the challenge that I would take the kids to the playground immediately after work, meaning my outfit had to cater both to the office and to the playground.

I like the skirt and I want to make another version for fall using a corduroy and doing the front button closure. I also like the denim and that the colour is so bright blue. Unfortunately (there often is an “unfortunately”, isn’t there?) back when I made the skirt I thought interfacing was for stabilizing in thickness only, not thinking about stretch on the bias. Seeing how I thought the denim was sturdy enough on its own, since I wasn’t too familiar in the world of bias stretch, the waistband is not interfaced. And it’s beginning to show. It’s losing its shape and have stretch out a bit. I’m taking that a lesson learnt. The skirt will be kept though, right now I feel that there are other skirt ahead in line for tossing out

Me-Made-May day 7

Me-Made-May day 7Lesson Learnt Skirt, Midnight Sun Shirt and cardigan (Camaïeu)

Yep, you guessed it, a regular day at work. The me-mades are my Midnight Sun Shirt and Lessons Learnt Skirt. I tried to do an FBA on the shirt, it’s not completely perfect. However, the shirt does not gape and it somewhat follows my curves. It works better on its own and with a belt to tie it in at the waist.

Me-Made May day 6

Me-Made-May day 6Denim Pencil Skirt, Blueberry Sorbetto (unblogged) and cardigna (Camaïeu)

Just another work day. I wore my Denim Pencil skirt and Blueberry Sorbetto. The cardigan is RTW. While I like the Sorbetto, it works tucked in for me, not untucked, there are a few minor mistakes. The darts fall a bit too high on me and I couldn’t quite figure out how to sew the bias neckline so it’s a bit wonky. I love the colour and print and this blouse makes me want to wear blue more often, as does the skirt. These are keepers!

Me-Made-May day 8

Me-Made-May day 8Starry Organic Alma, skirt (365 Sunshine, via flea market), cardigan (Camaïeu).

You see why I can’t have a diary blog? My life’s not that interesting. Another day at work was spent in my new Starry Organic Alma. The cardigan (how I wish I can ditch those soon) is RTW and the skirt is second hand. Love the Alma! Love, love, love! The FBA is totally successful and I noticed that having a well-fitting blouse improved my posture and confidence. I stood proud and tall, secretly hoping that someone would ask about my blouse. No one did.

M-eMade-May day 9

Me-made-may day 9Chocolate Pants, wrap cardigan (H&M), jacket (Lindex)

It was cold, raining and I was tired when I got up. One of those days when comfort is key. I put on my Chocolate pants and RTW tank and cardigan. On my way out of the door I remembered that it’s Friday and we can choose to join the Friday theme over in the Flickr group. I didn’t bother going back to change clothes, so I missed the Blue photo challenge. Ah, well. The pants fit fairly well, but are sewn one baby ago. However, as I pointed on in the Flickr group, these pants may not fit perfectly, but they are still fitting better than any RTW pants I own.

Me-Made-May day day 10 and 11

Me-Made-May day 10 (2)Megan skirt, top (Vero Moda via thrift store)

I’ll admit it straight up. I’m cheating. I said in my pledge that I would do no repeat outfits, yet I wore the same thing Saturday and Sunday. But I don’t care. I don’t think it would have made much of a difference to swap the t-shirt. I’m in my Megan skirt and RTW t-shirt (Vero Moda via thrift store). I originally made the Megan skirt as a maternity skirt and I wore it for most part of the pregnancy, it was a bit too tight in the end. Now, with its wide elastic waistband, it’s a super comfortable skirt for wearing around the house “doing nothing”. I like that it’s as comfortable as sweat pants (my vice, which I want to shed) but I still looked dressed. Stuff like this is needed in order to have a complete me-made wardrobe.

Me-Made-May, The Beginning

Day 1

What’s today’s outfit?
Me-made Cassette Nursing Top and thrifted pants.

Where was it worn?
A day at home with people coming over.

Outfit rating
A v
ery comfortable outfit! However, the pants are a bit too long,as are all RTW pants on me, so I might have to hem them a bit.

Day 2

What’s today’s outfit?
Megan skirt, H&M t-shirt and Camaïeu cardigan.

Where was it worn?
Fabric shopping

Outfit rating
Last MMM it was suggested to dress in honour of Zoe on the last day – I didn’t. However I was putting this outfit on, I felt that it should have been my tribute outfit. Comfortable, but the cardi doesn’t really work with my current shape.

Day 5

What’s today’s outfit?
Mandarin Skirt (un-blogged), RTW t-shirt

Where was it worn?
At home. The kiddo was running a slight fever so our planned guests had to stay at home.

Outfit rating
Truth be told I would never wear a velour skirt out of the house. But it works perfectly as lounge wear.

Day 6

What’s today’s outfit?
Namesake Skirt, No-sew nursing tank, thrifted top and jacket and Polka Dot Diaper Bag.

Where was it worn?
Day at home and then a doctor’s appointment for baby E (regular check-up).

Outfit rating
Finally warm enough to be bare-legged outside! I made the most of that weather. The skirt is comfortable and I wear it alot since denim is so easy to match.

Me-Made-May: Days 28-31

Day 28

What’s me-made in today’s outfit?
The 3-year-pants and the Moo Moo tunic
Where was it worn?
To work, with training in our very cold conference center.
How often is it worn and why?
Both pieces were finished in May so they haven’t gotten a lot of wear. The pants are exactly what I needed so they will probably get a lot of wear. I’m not so sure about the shape of the tunic, perhaps I need to tighten the underbust elastic.

Day 29

What’s me-made in today’s outfit?
The Namesake skirt
Where was it worn?
Another day of training in the cold conference center.
How often is it worn and why?
This skirt gets a lot of wear. Easy to match and comfortable!

Day 30

What’s me-made in today’s outfit?
Lessons Learnt Skirt and Mock Wrap Top
Where was it worn?
Regular day of work
How often is it worn and why?
The skirt has been worn plenty of times during MMM12. I did not expect the top to see the light of day during May, but summer disappeared on us. I can’t put my finger on what it is I don’t like about this top, but it is something.
In my pose I’m trying to convey “Where did summer go?”

Day 31

What’s me-made in today’s outfit?
The Namesake skirt and Blueberry Sorbetto
Where was it worn?
How often is it worn and why?
Obviously I like the skirt (see above). I wasn’t sure about the Sorbetto when the month started but I’ve gotten some styling tips along the way and now I like it, even on me. If I were to make another one, I now also know what to change about it.


Me-Made-May Days 9 – 13

Day 9

Whats me-made in today’s outfit?
Namesake Skirt
Where was it worn?
At work, then on a five hour trip to a power plant.
How often is it usually worn and why?
I love this skirt and wear it all the time. I will probably not wear it during summer, otherwise it’s on high rotation.

Day 10

Whats me-made in today’s outfit?
Namesake Skirt (yes, I wore the same skirt two days in a row)
Where was it worn?
At a business meeting then five hours home again.
How often is it usually worn and why?
As you can see, my answer from above is very valid.

Day 11

Whats me-made in today’s outfit?
Blueberry Sorbetto (unblogged) and Denim Pencil Skirt
Where was it worn?
Regular day at work.
How often is it usually worn and why?
This skirt is also on very high rotation. A colleague commented that I looked very Mad Men, which was in fact what I was inspired by.
Why am I in the basement?
The theme of the day was ugly places. This was the ugliest I could find with my limited options (after work we went straight to the in-laws so I had little time for photography)

Day 12

Whats me-made in today’s outfit?
October Top
Where was it worn?
Chillin’ at the in-laws.
How often is it usually worn and why?
Not that often. It’s a bit too clingy (I know the issue lies with me) and due to the colour I feel a bit naked. I wore a cardi over it for some time of the day. It deserves more wear, though.
What am I reading?
The picture above shows my first read of The Time-Traveler’s Wife. I can already tell that I’ll go insane trying to straighten out the grandfather paradoxes.

Day 13

Whats me-made in today’s outfit?
Mother’s Day sweater
Where was it worn?
Driving home and yard work
How often is it usually worn and why?
Rarely, pretty much only for the MM/SS-months. I’m not super happy with the sewing or the fit which is too bad since the fabric is lovely! I think I have some more of it stashed away.

SSS11: The final outfits

Day 25

Self Stitched – National Day Sweater
Hand-me-down – Kiddo’s sweater
Me-made – Kiddo

Relazing day. Me and the kiddo went to see his grandpa (my dad) and we’ve just gotten home to see the kiddo’s favourite stuffed animal – Spotty the dog. This outfit kind of feels too simple to be a self-stitched outfit since the sweater was so simple to make. But I made it, so I guess it counts.

Day 26

Self Stitched – Denim Pencil Skirt and Think Pink top

Since yesterday’s outfit felt so simple to me, I did two self-stitched pieces today. The top was finished on Sunday and was a perfect addition to my wardrobe, SSS has tought me that I need more self-stitched tops.

Day 27

Self Stitched – The Chocolate Pants

Yes, these pants again. Apparantly they were exactly what I needed.

Day 28

Self Stitched – Namesake Skirt

Today’s mini-challenge was to take a night shot. I really like how my morning shot came out, especially with the colours I decided to wear. Another lesson of SSS: I really get a lot of use out of my denim skirts.

Day 29

Self Stitched – Skirt Without Bow

Yes, I need more tops. Next, please.

Day 30

Self Stitched – The Librarian Skirt

Last day, I made it through yet another month of me-made clothes. It will be nice to get a little more rotation in my wardrobe and getting to work on my missing pieces. Reflections and lessons learnt will be up during the week (I plan).

Self Stitched September Days 19-23

Day 17-18

A stomach bug hit the household and I spent time on the bathroom floor. While I wasn’t hit by it, the kiddo and husband were so while playing nurse to them I didn’t wear anything self-stitched.

Day 19

Self-Stitched – The Plaid’n’Wrap skirt

Channeling (channelling?) my inner school girl with a plaid skirt (which is exactly the comment I got at work). The school girl look was completed with a bunch of yawnings, after having spent the night on the bathroom floor.

Day 20

Self Stitched – Skirt Without Bow

I know this picture is bad. I wanted to show off the fact that the skirt twisted 180 degrees when I hurried to the bus stop. But my photography skills weren’t the best this day and then the batteries in the camera died.

Day 21

Self-Stitched – The Namesake Skirt

My two denim skirts are proving to be great wardrobe staples. I’m not much of a jeans person, but I kind of like denim.

Day 22

Self-Stitched – The Librarian Skirt

I’m posing on my knees to fit in the frame. Tired after a long month at work with many deadlines, I see the light in the end of the tunnel. Great skirt, though.

Day 23

Self-Stitched – The Italian Skirt

Dressing for days when you have two separate activities is hard. Yesterday I had work and then dinner with some friends. The self-stitched part also I added a little challenge. I felt a little overdressed at work, but at least it was Friday and I had no meetings or had to represent.

SSS11 – The days go on

Having a busy week at work and a lot of small projects at home have left me no time to catch up on my SSS posts (or any other posts). But I’ve been wearing Self-Stitched clothing. Picking up right where we left off, starting with day5.

Day 5
Self-Stitched – The Chocolate Pants

My first repeat occured on day 5 only. I was going out for the eveing and going to be outside so I wanted to wear pants. These are very comfortable and look good as well.

Day 6
Self-Stitched: Skirt Without Bow

How much do I love this skirt? Let me count the ways. Seriously, I really do love this skirt. It’s such a classic silhouette and the flounce adds a little bit of fun to what could have been a simple, stiff skirt.

Day 7

SeSelf-Stitched: Mock Wrap top

I’m on the fence regarding this top. I’m not 100% sure about the fabric and the neckline is gaping a bit. Although it is a flattering look for me and the fabric got some compliments on the SSS Flickr group. I’ll probably keep on wearing it, but I’m not sure I will ever truly love it.

Day 8
Self- Stitched – The Librarian Skirt

Another love! It’s really easy (comforting) to realise that I’m coming into my own, finding my own style the more I work on it. Each project, from pattern via fabric selection to execution is more thought trough and better reflects me. I don’t buy fabric just to have, I pick patterns based on what I think will work for me. Therefore, there is more love for my newer projects as well.

Day 9
Self Stitched –Wrap, Long Style

Another one of those dress I do not love. There are some wonks in the sewing and I can’t seem to stop noticing them. Wearing it to work gave me compliments though, especially one girl who showered me with compliments regarding the fabric, fit and style. So perhaps it’s not as bad as I seem to think and noone notices the wonks but me.

Day 10
Self- Stitched – My Namesake skirt

This skirt will most definitely be a wardrobe staple for me. I love it! It is so wearable and versatile. I’m currently working on one more denim skirt, so hopefully that’ll be an equally big success. The top is a victim of som very minor refashioning as well, I’ve removed some sequins that were sewn on the crocheted bits.

SSS11 – And so it begins

The first four days of Self-Stitched September are over. I’m actually looking forward to a little colder weather so I can wear my new skirts over tights and not having to repeat too much from Me-made June. I’ll get my wish sooner than think and then I’ll want warm weather back, I suppose.

Day 1
Self-Stitched: The Chocolate Pants

One good thing about these challenges is that you get to try the wearability of your garments. These pants held up for a hold day of work without being uncomfortable. I had some issues photographing myself as the little fellow was very interested in the camera, you can see his belly and hand to the left.

Day 2
Self-Stitched: My Namesake Skirt

When I paired this skirt with these tights I felt it was a match made in heaven. Denim is very easily paired with other colours, such as hot pink. I do fear that the skirt is a little too large in the waist though.

Day 3
Self-Stitched: A T-shirt for a Star.

Wearing the exact same clothes as in the linked blog post, but the kid which was in my belly then is now on the outside. We were going to IKEA, I just did a casual outfit. The t-shirt is wearable, but not perfect.

Day 4
Self-Stitched: The “I don’t know”-top

Heading out to barbecue with my sister in yet another so, so garment. It works but it’s not great. Wearing this makes me think that I am so much better than what this shrug says, I need to focus and study patterns and fabrics before I cut them. At least, every project is a learning project.

My Namesake Skirt

In preparation for Self-Stitched September I whipped up yet another skirt. This skirt, a Burdastyle pattern, actually had my name on it. It was a quick project, not many hours to make.

The skirt has pleating details in both the front and the back and a waistband. I omitted the front button closure and did a side zipper with buttons in the waistband instead.

The zipper is ridicolously long (the bottom can be seen as it isn’t perfect) but it was all I could spare from my stash. I do have a blue zipper, but I intend to make a  denim pencil skirt, so I’d rather save the blue one for that. The other zipper was a beige visible one, so that wasn’t an alternative.

The pencil skirt was my first intention for the denim and I plan to do some topstitching on it. Therefore I bought the red thread. This skirt didn’t have a lot of potential for topstitching, but the thread leaves a few colour pops along the way.

The pleating runs along both the front and back and adds the special touch to the skirt.

Project Summary
Burdastyle Helena
Difficulty: Intermediate (BS’ rating). My version was very simple, but with the button closure I’m sure it goes up in difficulty. To make my version you need some experience just to alter the pattern. The skirt itself was very easy (if someone was to use my finished pattern).
Alterations: Did the front on the fold in stead of the button front closure. Added zipper in the side seam.

Fabric: Denim
Notions: Invisible zipper, buttons, thread (the pattern called for interfacing in the waistband, but I skipped that as the denim was sturdy enough)

Project rating: A quickie skirt, which was my aim. The alterations were made to fabric, time and notions constraints – I wanted to finish in one day. I’m very pleased with my new denim skirt!

Price: Fabric 35 SEK (€3.96, buttons + thread 5 SEK (€0.57), zipper 23 SEK (€2.60)
Total: 63 SEK (€7.13)

My Pattern Review