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Me-Made-May days 18 to 21

Day 18:

What’s me-made in today’s outfit?
Michelle, Ma Belle-skirt
Where was it worn?
Day at home with baking, making lemonade, doing yard work and having guests for coffee.
How often is it worn and why?
It’s a great casual skirt that probably doesn’t get as many wears as it deserves due to my lack of tops. I must make/find more tops that go with the stuff I have.

Day 19:

What’s me-made in today’s outfit?
October top and “I don’t know”-top
Where was it worn?
A trip to the hardware store to buy a birthday gift for my sister and then grocery shopping.
How often is it worn and why?
The top is really exactly what I need, so perhaps I should make myself some more jersey tops. The shrug is not a perfect make, but it helped reduced the “naked feelig” I get from the top. So the top deserves more wear, the shrug is only ever worn for MM/SS challenges.

Day 20 – morning

What’s me-made in today’s outfit?
National Day shorts
Where was it worn?
As can be deduced from the photo: gardening.
How often is it worn and why?
The shorts gets a lot of wear around the house, but they rarely leave our grounds (well, perhaps for walks in the forest).

Day 20 – afternoon

What’s me-made in today’s outfit?
Unblogged blue dress
Where was it worn?
To my sister’s birthday party
How often is it worn and why?
Not a lot. In reality this dress should be a little too big, right now it fits me well. If I get any smaller (which I hopefully will) the dress would, again, be too big, and I don’t really know how to take it in.

Day 21

What’s me-made in today’s outfit?
The Orangery Skirt and the Indian shirt.
Where was it worn?
Work and spontaneous fabric shopping
How often is it worn and why?
I love the colour and shape of the skirt, but it’s a bit hard to match and therefore it doesn’t get a lot of wear. The shirt gets a bit more and I’m really proud of it since it was my first successful pattern alteration.


And Me-Made-June goes on

I’m not very good with keeping up with my me-made-June posts, but here comes another badge of outfits.

Day 16
Blouse – The Azalea that Wasn’t
Pants- H&M

I really like this blouse, the neckline, the sleeves. I feel comfortable in it and I think it’s totally work appropriate. Picture taken in my office.

Day 17Midnight Sun top and skirt

I did vow to wear the top and skirt together and I did! I feared it was a little too much, but wearing it I made it my own and I didn’t feel overdressed. I can wear pretty things if I want to.

Day 18-19

National Day Shorts
White tee

Just chillin’ at home in some me-made shorts. The weekend consisted of running, playing with the kid, sewing and grocery shopping. This is what I look like then.

Day 20

Not a Maddy blouse
Cardi – Target

The fit on this blouse isn’t perfect, but under a cardi it works fine. It’s an interesting blouse and I wish the fit was better. A third attempt perhaps?

Day 21Just Floral Top
Cardi – H&M
Jeans (as a side note, I bought new pants today, so perhaps this jeans overload will end)

My first repeat garment, the top. I matched with a lower cut cardigan this day to show off the neckline which was lost last time.

Day 22

The Indian Shirt
Exclusive Skirt (just finished, not yet blogged)
Obi belt – Le Chateau
Tank – H&M

I really like this outfit! I like the contrast of the soft colours with the black belt. Also the contrast of flowy on top and straight on the bottom.

There you go, a few more days. Now it’s midsummer time, celebrating of the solstice, and we’re going away all weekend. In me-made clothes.

National Day shorts

Today, June 6th, is Sweden’s national day. We don’t really have any major traditions, so most people just see it as an extra day off. I finished a UFO.

The fabric is a cotton blended with some stretch fabric (it was bought ages ago). At first I intended to make an A-line skirt, cut on the bias to get diagonal stripes. I’m glad I didn’t do it as I probably never would have worn a skirt like that. I blame the fabric for that, I wasn’t thinking at all when I bought it. In stead I made shorts for wearing around the house, in the garden or other very casual affairs. It’s been laying in my stash as a UFO for a while (two years, I think).

The pattern is Burdastyle’s Ruby, same as my Lovely in Lavender shorts. I did work on the fit a bit more with this pair, but the pieces were already cut and since my intention were leisure shorts I didn’t bother too much. But someday I will master pants!

Project Summary
Burdastyle #6005, Ruby
Difficulty: Intermediate (BS’ rating) I agree.
Alterations: Most changes made for simplicity of project: belt omitted, pockets omitted, cuffs omitted.

Fabric: Cotton with a bit of stretch
Notions: 8 buttons, interfacing, thread.

Project rating: Luckily this fabric never became a never-worn skirt. With my second project, shorts, I got exactly what I wanted. They’re not perfect, but good enough and quite frankly, I only put in a good enough effort into these shorts, so I’m satisfied with the final result.