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Me-Made-May days 22-27

Day 22

 What’s me-made in today’s outfit?
Another Belle -Skirt
Where was it worn?
The kiddo had an eye infection so I stayed home with him. It was a minor infection and he wasn’t sick at all, plus it’s slow at work, so we visited some playgrounds and just hung out.
How often is it worn and why?
The skirt is a great casual skirt. My problem is that I rarely know what to match it with.

Day 23

What’s me-made in today’s outfit?
“The Azalea that wasn’t”-blouse and Exposed Zipper Skirt
Where was it worn?
To work
How often is it worn and why?
The skirt gets some wear. I like the idea of the blouse, but I’m not sure it’s the most flattering silhouette on me.

Day 24

What’s me-made in today’s outfit?
Blueberry Sorbetto and Lessons Learnt Skirt
Where was it worn?
To work
How often is it worn and why?
Considering that the skirt is made from the lessons I learnt during last year’s Me-Made-June, it’s no wonder it gets a lot of wear. The Sorbetto wasn’t worn until Me-Made-May, but I’ve learnt how to style it better, I also found ways to improve it if I were to make another one.

Day 25

What’s me-made in today’s outfit?
“Not a Maddy”-blouse and Denim Pencil Skirt (the necklace is handmade by my cousin)
Where was it worn?
To work
How often is it worn and why?
The skirt gets a lot of the. The blouse, while I like the idea and construction of it, I never feel completely comfortable in it.

Day 26

What’s me-made in today’s outfit?
The Sookie Dress
Where was it worn?
A day in the garden.
How often is it worn and why?
Considering I finished the dress two days prior to this wear I can’t really say how much wear it gets.

Day 27

What’s me-made in today’s outfit?
Star T-shirt
Where was it worn?
Forest playgroup.
How often is it worn and why?
Mostly just during Me-Made-Months. I did the sleeves at an weird length (elbow) and I never stitch the facings down. I should fix those things.


And Me-Made-June goes on

I’m not very good with keeping up with my me-made-June posts, but here comes another badge of outfits.

Day 16
Blouse – The Azalea that Wasn’t
Pants- H&M

I really like this blouse, the neckline, the sleeves. I feel comfortable in it and I think it’s totally work appropriate. Picture taken in my office.

Day 17Midnight Sun top and skirt

I did vow to wear the top and skirt together and I did! I feared it was a little too much, but wearing it I made it my own and I didn’t feel overdressed. I can wear pretty things if I want to.

Day 18-19

National Day Shorts
White tee

Just chillin’ at home in some me-made shorts. The weekend consisted of running, playing with the kid, sewing and grocery shopping. This is what I look like then.

Day 20

Not a Maddy blouse
Cardi – Target

The fit on this blouse isn’t perfect, but under a cardi it works fine. It’s an interesting blouse and I wish the fit was better. A third attempt perhaps?

Day 21Just Floral Top
Cardi – H&M
Jeans (as a side note, I bought new pants today, so perhaps this jeans overload will end)

My first repeat garment, the top. I matched with a lower cut cardigan this day to show off the neckline which was lost last time.

Day 22

The Indian Shirt
Exclusive Skirt (just finished, not yet blogged)
Obi belt – Le Chateau
Tank – H&M

I really like this outfit! I like the contrast of the soft colours with the black belt. Also the contrast of flowy on top and straight on the bottom.

There you go, a few more days. Now it’s midsummer time, celebrating of the solstice, and we’re going away all weekend. In me-made clothes.

This is not a Maddy

This fabric was bought ages ago with the intention of making the Maddy. Lo and behold it now has become the Maddy blouse!


Front view…

Techniaclly this is not really the Maddy blouse. Since before I had the Celeste pattern and have omitted the skirt part to make this blouse, which would be the Maddy. Hey, I didn’t feel like paying money for a pattern I already had.

The fabric is a cotton poplin, I’ve also used interfacing, thread and an invisible zipper in the back. Size-wise I cut a 38, except for the upper side panels which I cut in 40 (that’s where my bust is). When I made the Celeste dress I cut 40 and it was very big. So was this 38 and I have taken the blouse in a bit in the side seams to make it more fitted.


…and side view

Price for blouse: Fabric: 105 SEK (€11.91) Zipper: 25 SEK (€2.84) Thread: 1 SEK (€0.11) Interfacing: 10 SEK (€1.13)

Total: 141 SEK (€16.00)

Project Summary

Pattern: Burdastyle’s Celeste (8132B), modified into what would be Maddy (8132C). Difficutly: Novice (Burdastyle’s rating – The sewing is fairly easy, although a bit tricky with the gatherings) Alterations: Shortened it and turned it into a blouse. Fabric: Cotton poplin Notions: Invisible zipper, interfacing Project rating: A lovely blouse. I love wearing things that are polished, but still not typical. This works in an office environment without being the classic buttondown. I also like that it’s feminine, not a feminine version of a male garment.