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Me-Made-May 2022; Days 1-12

The Pledge

While I never did announce it here, over on Instagram I am taking part in Me-Made-May 2022. As this was the month we returned to the office full time, as well as having several social engagements; my pledge was focused on that. After 2 year of social distancing, how does my wardrobe hold up?

Days 1-4

Day 1: One aspect of returning full time to the office is that I can finally remove the last pieces of office from my sewing room. I put the screen in the closet and tidied up the rest. I do look forward to having separate spaces for work and play, even though I need to commute every day. It’s about 20 minutes one way, a mostly lovely drive in the countryside while listening to a podcast, it’s not that bad.
Wearing: A Sysysy-dress in pique.

Day 2: For the first days of Me-Made-May I must squeeze in the garments that are soon no longer weather-appropriate. I did this in this combo, one I found I liked a lot more than expected. The blouse is polyester, so it’ll be uncomfortable in warmer temperatures, and while I hemmed it sing bias tape, I can see that the hemline is beginning to unravel. This day I solved it by wearing it tucked in, but I really should mend it properly.
Wearing: Aubetura blouse and Burda skirt

Day 3: Again, an outfit for a bit more chilly weather. These will very soon get put away until the autumn.
Wearing: Airelle blouse and Burda trousers

Day 4: Pairing this dress and my pink Converse shoes has been on my mind for quite a while, so today I pulled them out of the wardrobe. I like the combination!
Wearing: Aubépine dress, RTW blazer.

Days 5-8

Day 5: One thing about my work is that it sometimes requires long legged trousers (it’s, at the moment, partly a construction site and to enter that part that type of dressing is mandatory). Since I might need to go out there today I wore my chinos, paired with a t-shirt and sweatshirt. While I do like the pieces individually, I felt this outfit lacking in something; colour perhaps, especially in the t-shirt/trousers combo. In order to be able to dress more freely, this was the day I brought an old pair of trousers and a long-sleeved t-shirt to keep at work, that way I could go the construction site no matter what I dressed in that morning.
Wearing: Sara Chinos, star sweatshirt, blue striped wrap top (unseen)

Day 6: This day I knew I needed long-legged trousers (in addition, we also need high-vis vest, safety shoes, hardhat, goggles and gloves; I didn’t take a photo in full get-up). While it’s not more colourfulthan yesterday’s outfit; I still liked it more. Same trousers, same sweatshirt, just a different top. And shoes. Maybe pink Converse can save any outfit? I made these trousers in a cheap twill, and I noticed later that they have ripped along the back welt pocket. Sigh!
Wearing: Sara Chinos, Bruyere shirt, Star sweatshirt (not in picture)

Day 7: Weekend at last! That in-between weather. After my workout I ventured into the city to listen to a concert in which my kid was playing. The School of Cultures is in a 100 year old building, so I posed in the staircase, I love old time staircases (this one is my favourite), so I couldn’t resist the opportunity. In the evening we had friends over for dinner and hanging out (laughing till I cried. Good times!)
Wearing: Coral trousers and Covid Briar

Day 8: A chill Sunday at home. Cleaning up after last night, and finishing my purple Aubépine were the items on my agenda.
Wearing: Grey Brumby and Red Knit top.

Days 9-12

Day 9: I wanted to add some colour to my work outfit and settled on a green Aubétura and denim skirt. I really like the design lines of the skirt, they shine in this fabric, but I’m not convinced it pairs well with the Aubétura blouse. Ah, well.
Wearing: Green Aubetura and Olga in Denim

Day 10: If yesterday was about colour, today was about neutrals. Premiere wearing of my rhomb trousers, paired with my scissors shirt. I think the shirt lends enough humour to the outfit as to not get boring.
Wearing: Rhomb Trousers and Scissors shirt.

Day 11: Work again, but with an added team activity of shuffleboard and dinner in the evening. In order to have some wine, I took public transport today, which is why I am wearing my work backpack on the way to the bus stop, instead of having it in the car waiting to be driven to work. I can take public transport door to door, however it takes at least 45 minutes each way and clashes with pickups/drop-offs at school. And in the same time I could theoretically bike to work.
Wearing: Coral Trousers and White Bruyere.

Day 12: Tired morning. I wish it was Friday, so I went for a casual Friday look. That said, around the office you see people in all types of wardrobe around here. If you’re eagle-eyed, you’ll see that the bomber jacket of today, matches the skirt of day 1. Although I haven’t worn them together yet.
Wearing: Rhomb Trousers, Teal Bomber and RTW t-shirt


Me-Made May, the first half

While I do share my outfits every day on Instagram, I want to share them here too. To really make myself think about my outfits, what I like and what I don’t like.

Day 1: Meeting people. At a distance, of course. Wearing Checkered Chardon, a Megan Nielsen Briar in linen knit and a double gause Simplicity 8610 jacket.
Since I was actually leaving the house this day, I tried to combine things in a new way. It kind of works. I’m still debating whether or not I should add a button to the jacket.

Day 2: Staying casual at home in Waffle Patterns Pinda pants and Burda 11/2019 hoodie.
Casual and comfy. Nothing more, nothing less.

Day 3: Wearing Waffle Patterns Pinda Pants, RTW tank and Megan Nielsen Briar. And thrifted pink Converse.
I had to rush out as soon as the store opened as we were out of toilet paper (we’re so not hoarding!) and something for the kid to bring to scouting. Tired, but comfy and I had those pink shoes to cheer me up!

Day 4-6, all working from home in knit tops.
On 4 and 5 I’m wearing a wrap top from Burda 02/2020, thrifted trousers on day 4 and my Olga skirt on day 5. I love the colour of the top and the details of the skirt. And look at those lime green leaves in the background! Day 6 is a meh outfit. Both pieces are from Allt om Handarbete (top, trousers) and I need to make so many adjustments to get them to fit, both in terms of sizing and other alterations, that I think I’m done with that company. The colour scheme is nice, though, and the top is a bit better with a belt.

Day 7-9Day 7: I won the Hey June Lane Raglan in an IG giveaway and after six weeks of travelling from the US it arrived and I already had a fabric dedicated to it. A nice and comfy t-shirt, I like the fit since the pattern came with a built in FBA and I like the paint effect of the blue stripes.
Day 8: I went all out with blue shades today! This dress is so comfortable, but still with a nice shape. The fabric is pique and the free pattern is from Swedish designer Jenny Hellström. Rest is RTW. While in theory I would want a me-made denim jacket I don’t see the point as this jacket is perfectly fine. Once it’s worn out, we’ll talk.
Day 9: I went on a pre-breakfast bikeride and while waiting for the family parkour with my daughter I threw on some old sweat pants and a t-shirt. They served their purpose for keeping me clothed, but not sweating on anything precious

Day 10: Lane Raglan again. Handstitching a hem on a dress in one of my favourite fabrics.
Day 11: Pinda pants, a slouchy cardigan in linen knit (refashioned from a me-made warp cardigan) and an Allt om handarbete knit blouse. This knit blouse is OK, despite my complaining of the company earlier. And, while not shown, I like to think my sleeves are better matched than their own example.
Day 12: OK, so I wore the same outfit as yesterday, but got around the issue by wearing a me-made top for the gym. This is a nice airy top, but it’s quite tricky to put on, and it does show off my efforts at the gym.

Day 13: Olga skirt and grey MN Briar. I like the silhouette of this outfit, but, as can be seen in the two Briar outfits above, the neckline is very wide on me. And then I’ve taken in the knit one!
Day 14: These trousers have so many cool details (that I effectively hide) and I love the colour, but the fit is off as they are Allt om handarbete. Their block and I are just not compatible! The linen knit works like this, a bit slouchy (in the best way) over a tank. It was an experiment and while OK, not great.
Day 15: It was grey, windy and raining, so I decided to wear some blue skies and flowers. Clothes can help elevate your mood! The pattern is New Look 6301 and it’s comfortable and put together. A great dress!

MMMay16: Week 1

Me-Made May is up and running and I thought I’d do weekly summaries here. It’s a great way to assess what I actually wear and what works in my wardrobe. The shift in weather and therefore the shift in clothes this week is remarkable.

Me-Made-May är i full gång och min tanke är att sammanfatta veckovis här. Det är ett bra sätt för mig att bedöma vad jag bär och vad som funkar i min garderob. Väderomslaget och därmed omslaget i kläder denna vecka är anmärkningsvärt.

May 1/1 maj

Me-Made-May day 1

Made by me: Wrap top/Sytt av mig: Omlottopp

Worn to: Hanging at home and then playing in the woods as well as eating ice cream in the woods.
Buren: Hängde hemma och sen skogslek med glasspaus

This top works well for leisure and is nice and warm. Honestly, I didn’t think it would see the light of day during Me-Made-May, but it was just cold enough on the first day for a wear.

Toppen är bra och ledig, dessutom är den skön och varm. Helt ärligt så trodde jag inte att denna skulle dyka upp under Me-Made-May, men den första maj var det tillräckligt kallt.

May 2/2 maj

Me-Made-May day 2

Made by me: Jade skirt/Sytt av mig: Jade-kjol

Worn to: Work
Buren: Till jobb

A simple, easy to make, easy to wear skirt. While wearing it I noticed that I need to secure the pleat more and that it, due to the pleat, seems front heavy. I need to check the hem length.

En enkel kjol som var lätt att sy och lätt att bära. Jag märkte två saker när jag sydde en, jag måste fästa vecket bättre och pga. vecket känns den som den hänger längre ner fram. Jag måste kolla längden.

May 3/3 maj

Me-Made-May day 3

Made by me: Seersucker blouse, Olga skirt/Sytt av mig: Seersucker-blus, Olga-kjol

Worn to: Work
Buren: Till jobb

I love this skirt and can easily see why it is so popular here in Sweden. The blouse was recently finished. I did a quick toile and thought it worked OK, but if I make it again I will size down and FBA it. Lesson learnt.

Jag älskar kjolen och kan fattar varför den är så populär här i Sverige. Bluse gjorde jag nyligen. Jag gjorde en snabb toile och trodde att den var OK, men om jag gör om den kommer jag välja en mindre storlek och justera för bysten. Jag har lärt mig.

May 4/4 maj

Me-Made-May day 5

Made by me: Seersucker blouse, Clover pants/Sytt av mig: Seersucker-blus, Clover-byxor

Worn to: work (followed by getting a much needed haircut)
Buren: Till jobb (följt av en välbehövd klippning)

I am not above wearing the same blouse two days in a row. I love the colour of the pants, the fit is a bit off but I’m counting these as a wearable toile.

Jag har inget emot att bära samma blus två dagar i rad. Jag älskar färgen på byxorna, passningen är inte helt hundra, men jag räknar dessa som bärbar toile.

May 5/5 maj

Me-Made-May day 4

Made by me: Minnie Skirt/Sytt av mig: Mimmi-kjol

Worn to: Family day at the horse race track, then hanging at my dad’s Place
Buren: Till familjedag på Jägersro, följt av häng hos min pappa.

My daughter picked out my skirt today. The fabric of this skirt (poplin with 3% lycra) is gorgeous and I love to wear it. I’m building the courage to wear a bright red skirt

Idag fick min dotter välja vad jag skulle ha. Tyget (poplin med 3 %lycra) är underbart och jag älskar att bära det. Jag bygger upp mitt mod att bära en klarröd kjol

May 6/6 maj

I used one of my skip days…
En av mina fria dagar…

May 7 and May 8/7 och 8 maj

Me-Made-May day 7

Made by me: Chambrey shorts/Sytt av mig: Chambrey shorts

Worn to: Hanging at home being effected by pollen (and some minor yard work, a picnic and forest walks)
Buren: Jag hängde hemma, pollensjuk (lite trädgårdsarbete, picknick och skogspromenader)

I finished these shorts on Saturday, so I wore the same outfit two days in a row. The fabric is great for these shorts, the fit is a bit off in the back, but not so much I won’t wear them.

Dessa shorts blev klara i lördags, sen bar jag samma klädsel två dagar i rad. Tyget är perfekt till dessa shorts, passningen är lite fel bak, men inte så mycket att jag inte kommer att bära dem.

So, for the first week of May, it was mostly successes. I felt good in my outfits, now I need to get the other things into rotation, those I don’t wear that much.

För första veckan i maj var det mesta framgångar. Jag trivdes i mina klädslar, nu måste jag få in andra plagg i rotation, de jag inte bär så mycket.

2016 Spring Plan Completed

Spring has sprung! Or has it? My spring plan is now complete and I find that I can hardly wear any of the pieces. Apparently in my mind spring is warm; bare legs and light jackets. Are you surprised when I say it’s not? I have learnt my lesson for next year, spring is not warm, spring is not bare legs and light jackets.

Våren är här! Eller är den? Min vårplan är nu komplett och jag inser att jag inte än kan bära något av plaggen. I mitt sinne är våren uppenbarligen varm med bara ben och tunna jackor. Det är inte så överraskande när jag säger att så är icke fallet. Jag har lärt mig en läxa till nästa års plan: våren är inte varm, våren är inte bara ben och tunna jackor.

Helena 2016 vårplan
The plan

Although I’m still awaiting my warmer spring, my spring plan is completed. The plan I presented back in January had four pieces, the finished plan has five pieces and I never did sew that Taffy. What can I say, bias cut scares me. Viscose also scares me with its perpetual shifting, so combining those two was a mountain far too high for me to climb. But I still have five other pieces to mix and match for a springtime look.

Även om jag fortfarande väntar på min varma vår så är min vårplan klar. Planen som jag presenterade i januari hade fyra plagg, den färdiga planen har fem och jag sydde visst aldrig Taffy. Jag kan inte säga mer än att skrådden skrämmer mig. Viskos skrämmer också mig med sitt eviga glidande, en kombination av de två blev ett för högt hinder att ta mig över. Men jag har fortfarande fem plagg att mixa för en vårlook.

White Tiger Jacket: This jacket has still to see the light of day, but I’m counting the days (or the temperature) until I can wear it. I hope the jacket won’t feel like too much when I do wear it since I’m very proud of it.

Vit tigerjacka: Denna jacka har inte burits men jag räknar dagarna och graderna tills jag kan ha den. Jag hoppas att jag inte kommer att känna att jackan är ”för mycket” när jag väl bär den eftersom jag är stolt över den.

Aqua Skirt: I haven’t worn this skirt either, but I’m thinking it could work with tights as well as bare legs. It’s flattering and practical and my guess is that it will see high rotation. Somehow, if I can’t wear a garment hot off the sewing machine it falls back into needing a special moment to be worn. I never know what I’m waiting for.
Aquakjol: Jag har inte burit denna kjol heller, men den borde funka med strumpbyxor lika bra som med bara ben. Den är smickrande och praktiskt och jag gissar att den kommer att bäras mycket. På nåt sätt, om jag inte bär ett plagg direkt när det är nytt faller det in i att behöva ett speciellt tillfälle. Jag vet aldrig vad jag väntar på.

Tiramisu top: I like that I sewed a casual knit top, but with all my fitting issues it doesn’t look as I imagined it. I love the fabric I used, so I hope I will feel comfortable in it when I wear it.
Tiramisu-topp: Jag gillar att jag fick med ett lite ledigare trikåplagg, men med alla bekymmer jag hade så ser den inte riktigt ut som jag tänkte mig. Jag älskar tyget, så jag hoppas att jag känner mig bekväm i den när jag bär den.

Olga Skirt: Love, love, love! This has been worn and I love the fabric and lines of the skirt. This will be worn until it rips in pieces and that will be a very sad day.
Olga-kjol: Kärlek! Denna har burits många gånger och jag älskar tyget och linjerna i kjolen. Denna kommer jag nog att bära tills den faller i bitar, vilket kommer att bli sorgligt.

90s Blouse: I have come to the realization that I am not a bold print person. I prefer solids and texture and if I have prints they must be small scale. Like this blouse. I wanted a casual blouse and this one fits the bill. It is still a bit stiff, but I’m hoping it will get softer and smoother with wear and wash.
90-talsblus: Jag har insett att jag är inte en person för stora, starka mönster. Jag föredrar enfärgat och om jag ska ha mönstrat ska det vara småmönstrat. Som denna blus. Jag ville ha en ledig blus, vilket denna passar in på. Den är lite stel, men jag hoppas att den mjukar upp lite när jag bär och tvättar den.

The garments

In addition to these planned garments I have also done some non-planned sewing. In February The Monthly Stitch’s theme was UFO Showdown so I took the opportunity to finish two skirts lingering around (Leaf skirt, Jade Skirt). A skirt is also what I’ll be sewing for half of April’s theme of Flower Power. Needless to say, when I’m planning my summer sewing I will not sew skirts. The idea is to continue building so my summer pieces can be worn with these spring pieces. (and dresses. Summer needs dresses).

Förutom dessa planerade plagg har jag också sytt lite oplanerat. I februari var temat i The Monthly Stitch UFO (ofärdiga plagg) so jag tog tillfället i akt att färdigställa två kjolar som låg här (Bladkjolen, Jade-kjol). Jag kommer också att sy en kjol till hälften av aprils tema Flower Power. När jag planerar min sommarsömnad kommer jag inte ha med kjolar. Tanken är att fortsätta bygga så att sommarplaggen kan bäras med dessa vårplagg. (och klänningar. Sommar betyder klänningar).

I’m pleased with my new additions and the fact that they mix and match, so all I need now is warmer weather!

Jag är nöjd med mina nya tillskott och faktumet att de matchar så bra, nu behöver jag bara varmare väder!

Creation: Olga in Denim

Olga skirt

Meet Olga, my new best friend! After all the work that was my Tiramisu-top, I went back to what I love. Crisp fabric, interesting style lines, woven fabric.

Här är Olga, min nya kompis! Efter allt arbete jag lade ner på min Tiramisu-topp återgick jag till vad jag älskar. Lätthanterat tyg, intressanta linjer, vävt tyg.

Interesting lines
Interesting lines

Since its release in 2013, this skirt has been very popular in the Swedish sewing community, making rounds and rounds. It was finally time for me to jump on that bandwagon. And what a fun bandwagon it was! This skirt was so much fun to sew with the pockets, the gathers, the topstitching and the fabric was a dream to work with it, behaved very well and also took well to pressing.

Sedan Jenny Hellström släppte sin bok Sy! Från hood till skjortklänning har denna kjol varit väldigt populär hos svenska synördar. Nu var det äntligen dags för mig att hoppa på det tåget. Och vilket kul tåg det var! Jag hade riktigt roligt när jag sydde denna kjol, med fickorna, rynket, stickningarna och tyget som var underbart att arbeta med, det skötte sig bra och blev snyggt när det pressades.

Olga skirt

This fabric probably also accounts for the shortest time spent in my stash. It is a thin denim I fell in love with the second Stoff och Stil’s spring collection was released. I bought it, with the intention of making an Olga, and here she is, just a few weeks later and the fabric has already turned into a skirt. The pockets are lined with and patterned cotton fabric since I didn’t buy enough of the denim and the star buttons (more love!) was bought for an idea that was never realized.

Tyget vinner också tävlingen för att ha tillbringat kortast tid i mitt förråd. Det är ett tunt denimtyg som jag blev kär i direkt när Stoff och stil släppte sin vårkollektion. Jag köpte det med intentionen att sy en Olga och här är hon, bara några veckor senare har tyget förvandlats till en kjol. Fickorna är fodrade med ett tryckt bomullstyg eftersom jag köpte lite för lite av denimet och stjärnknapparna (mer kärlek!) köpte jag till en idé som aldrig förverkligades.

Up the skirt shot of Minnie courtesy of Erika who wanted in on the Picture (I cropped her out)
Up the skirt shot of Minnie courtesy of Erika who wanted in on the Picture (I cropped her out)

As you can see from the line drawing, the skirt is supposed to have a ruffle at the bottom. While I’m not normally a frills and ruffle person, I thought that I might get away with it due to the simple fabric (not a bad thing). Plus most versions I’ve seen features the ruffle and they have looked good. So, I sewed plenty of basting, gathered, attached the ruffle, spent time taking out the basting. Just as an FYI I can tell you that the ruffle had a circumference of 2.4 metres. Once I tried the skirt on, ruffle and all, I felt like I should braid my hair and run down a grass hill Little House on the Prairie style. Especially when I went downstairs and the ruffle swooshed around my legs. Not pretty. My husband actually didn’t think it was that bad, but I didn’t like it so I took the whole thing out. Cutting it out, since the denim is lightweight I knew the ripper would damage it anyway and I would have to even it out. It was later hemmed with some light blue bias tape I had laying around. Perfect match!

Av den tekniska ritningen kan en se att kjolen ska ha en volang längst ner. Normalt är jag inte så mycket för volanger och annat pynt, men jag tänkte att med detta enkla tyg (inte en dålig sak) kunde det kanske fungera. Dessutom har de flesta versioner jag har sett haft volangen och sett bra ut. Så jag tråcklade massor, rynkade, sydde fast volangen och sprättade tråckelstygnen. Som information kan jag berätta att volangens omkrets är 2,4 meter. När jag väl provade kjolen, med volang och allt, kände jag mig som att jag borde fläta håret och springa nerför en gräskulle i sann Lilla huset på prärien-anda. Speciellt när jag gick nerför trappan och volangen hoppade runt min ben. Inte snyggt. Min man tyckte faktiskt inte att det såg så dåligt ut, men jag gillade inte den, såg jag tog bort hela volangen. Jag klippte bort den eftersom denimet var så tunt att sprättare skulle ändå ha skadat det och jag hade varit tvungen att klippa bort de skadade bitarna. Istället fållade jag kjolen med lite ljusblå snedslå som låg här hemma. Perfekt matchning!

Pocket detail
Pocket detail

If I hadn’t been made clear I totally love this skirt and I can see why it’s such a big hit. The fabric I chose was a perfect pairing and the stars are just right. I was so happy with this skirt that I want to buy the same material so I can replicate it should my body change or the fabric tear. Would that be crazy? (It might not be totally serious, but it says something about how much I like this skirt)

Om det inte har framgått så älskar jag denna kjol och jag förstår varför den är så populär. Tyget jag valde var en perfekt matchning och stjärnorna är helt rätt. Jag är så nöjd med denna kjol att jag funderade om jag skulle köpa en uppsättning till av materialet så jag skulle kuna kopiera den om min kropp ändras eller om tyget slits sönder. Är det helt galet? (Det kanske inte är helt seriöst, men det säger lite om hur mycket jag gillar kjolen)

While it wasn’t on my original spring plan, I had two open spots left to make up six garments, so this is one of my additions. Chances are I will live in this skirt all spring and summer!

Den var inte på min originalplan för våren, men jag hade två öppna platser upp till sex plagg, denna är ett av mina tillägg. Det är stor sannolikhet att jag kommer att bo i denna kjol till våren och sommaren!


Pattern: Olga skirt from Sy! Från hood till skjortklänning by Jenny Hellström
Fabric: Lightweight denim, Stoff och stil. Cotton weave for pocket facing
Notions: Invisible zipper, interfacing, Pants hook and eye, Star buttons, cotton bias tape.

Mönster: Olga kjol från Sy! Från hood till skjortklänning av Jenny Hellström
Tyg: Tunt denim, Stoff och Still. Tryckt bomullsväv till fickfoder.
Sybehör: Osynligt blixtlås, byxhäktor, stjärnknappar, bomullssnedslå.