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Beyond the Seams – Plaid’n’Wrap Skirt

In my Beyond the Seams series I take a look at some of the garments I have produced to answer the question “Whatever happened to..?

Today’s garment is the Plaid’n’Wrap Skirt

Made: September 2010.

Fabric: A plaid with silver lurex threads. I think polyester is a main fabric content, it could be some cotton too. The fabric was bought in an “everybody loves plaid”-frenzy, thus I had to have a plaid skirt, however as time has gone on I’ve come to realise that I am not really a plaid person. Back when I bought the fabric I didn’t pay much attention to quality, today I would never buy this fabric for a skirt (or anything else) as it feels cheap and drapes in a weird way. I must also add that I’m quite proud of my pattern matching on this skirt.

Pattern/Fit: The pattern is self-drafted with the help of my pattern book (it comes with standard blocks and descriptions on how to alter them). Since it is self-drafted the fit is pretty god, but I always add too much ease at the waistline. I wish the overlap would be a bit longer and the length is a bit off. Yes, the length would have been an easy fix, but since I don’t care about the skirt so much in the first place it has never been taken care of.

Styling: I usually styled it in a “schoolgirl” manner with a grandfather cardigan. Looking back it was a quite boring look.


The skirt in its usual styling

Rotation: I wore this quite a bit when I had first made it, but after a while I started feeling less comfortable in it and all issues were so apparent to me every time I wore it and most importantly, it didn’t feel like me.

Verdict: It is wrong in colours, I don’t like the fabric and the length is off. Perhaps I shall try and find another wrap skirt pattern or just leave it be. Now I now that plaid is not for me. With the review on top I think it’ll be a surprise to hear that it still hangs in my wardrobe. It is on its way out and will be slaughtered and sent for textile recycling. Or should I donate it? Perhaps it deserves a new life.


Denna omlottkjol i rutmönster sydde jag hösten 2010. Rutigt är alltid inne tänkte jag och jag lockades av “skolflickestuket”. Men efter ett tag insåg jag att jag inte alls gillar rutigt och att färgerna i just denna är lite för bleka och mesiga för min smak. Ut ur garderoben ska den, doneras eller återvinnas. Synd på en kjol med egenkonstruerat mönster (ur Mönster och konstruktioner för damkläder) och så snygg mönsterpassning. Men bär jag inte ett plagg får jag låta det komma till annan nytta.


The Plaid’n’Wrap Skirt

My second creation of the year is a plaid wrap skirt. The idea to make a plaid skirt has existed in my mind for quite a while (and the idea has taken at least one unsuccessful turn before).

Fall Fashion

I’ve given up the idea to make my own patterns and will use what someone else has done. I did, however, draft this pattern myself with the help of a sloper skirt and instructions on how to turn this sloper pattern into a wrap skirt. It’s three pieces to this skirt, one back and two fronts. I used interfacing along the waist line and the skirt closes with two buttons. There’s also one snap holding up the inner piece.

In my garden…

The fabric is a polyester blend, beige and black with small silver threads in it. Quite easy to work with and the polyester is OK since this skirt will never be worn close to my skin, there will always be stockings in between.

Closeup of fabric and buttons

Project Summary:

Pattern: Self-drafted from pattern book
Difficulty: Easy

Fabric: Plaid polyester with silver Lurex
Notions: Two buttons, interfacing

Total cost: Fabric 42 SEK (€4.58), buttons, thread, interfacing 10 SEK (€1.09)
Total: 52 SEK (€5.67)

Project rating: A great plaid skirt! Perhaps it needs to be shortened a bit, but that’s easily taken care of.