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A Skirt – Made by Me!

OK, so I said that I would present my fashion here, so here is my very first post about fashion (in which I just don’t bitch about the sheeps of fashion)

I bought this fabric back in November, thinking it would be a winter wrap skirt. But then other things came up and I never made my skirt. So now, with some nights with nothing to do I picked up my fabric, thinking that since it is a winter fabric I would love to wear it sometimes before spring comes (and I get to break out my fun spring clothes (or at least the fun spring clothes I will make)).

The wrap skirt idea was no more; in stead it became a skirt in six pieces with pleats at the bottom and a zipper in the side. I stick by my assumption that it is easier to make an invisible zipper, up until now when I got too close and put some stiches in the zipper so it wouldn’t close. So I brought out the scissors and bought a new zipper. This incident turned out to be a good thing since once i cut about an inch off, the waistline became perfect.

The fabric is strechy in the horisontal but not in the vertical way, which makes the skirt super comfortable. Plus the fabric really gave a finished look once sewed together. So now that the story has been presented here it is

Project Summary

Pattern: Self-drafted from pattern book.

Fabric: Cotton stretch.

Notions: Invisible zipper. Button

Project grading: A simple skirt. My second attempt at drafting, a more simple project to draft. An everyday skirt – nothing more, nothing less.