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Bad fit

It didn’t fit.

Sadly, since my sister liked it. I have things to learn regarding sewing. A’s head didn’t fit through the waist seam and from holding it in front of her it seemed to narrow as well. Maybe I should stop trying to do things I don’t know of. Apparantly I don’t know how to use the clothes I have to make patterns.

Well, I have learnt and the fabric wasn’t expensive so it’s not a big economic loss. And, if we don’t have a girl, I can always rip out the front buttons and reuse them.

I must focus on what I’ve learnt and maybe someday I’ll see A in a garment I’ve made for her.


Dress for niece

With a little work today I finished the dress for niece A. I hope she (and her mum) likes it and that it doesn’t wash her out, it’s a risk with a fabric like this. If it does perhaps she can pair it with a bright tee underneath.

White/sand seersucker with some green details

The bodice is sewn double, two pieces for both the front and back of the bodice. It made for a more “stable” bocide. The bodice also has a topstich in light green (to match the buttons) around the edges. The skirt pieces are single and I did a gather at the waist.

I decided not to do an appliqué, but to settle for the buttons as embellishments. The three front buttons serve no purpose, other than being cute.

Buttons and snaps

Since the dress this pattern is based off is in a stretch I put snaps on the shoulder straps to make it easier to put the dress on and take it off. So, now I just have to wait until I meet niece A to give it to her, and hopefully she’ll like it!

Project summary

Pattern: Self-drafted, modelled from another dress
Difficulty: Easy
Alterations: Well, it’s a self-drafted pattern, so none

Fabric: Cotton seersucker
Notions: 3 buttons
Total price: Fabric 8 SEK (€0.83), snaps 2 SEK (€0.21), buttons 3 SEK (€0.31) thread 0.5 SEK (€0.05)
Total: 13,50 SEK = €1.40

Project rating: A pattern based on another dress. I think it’s incredibly cute and I’m pleased with my work.

The Plain Dress

Baby clothes are easy to sew, the seams are so short it takes no time. In addition, there are no “figure forming” things, such as darts, that need to go into the garment. So after little over an hour’s work I now have the basic dress for my niece, A. There’s still some things I need to do.

I guess ironing should be on my to do-list

I still need to decided on the length and hem it. I haven’t decided if I’m going to add a ruffle to the bottom or not, therefore I didn’t touch the hemline today. I’m going to do a topstitch on the bodice in light green, to match the buttons I plan on putting down the front of the bodice. I might do an appliqué on the skirt as well.

Snaps, new technique?

I added snaps for closure, since the dress I based it on was jersey. I put one snap on each of the shoulder bands in stead of the seams. Since I want to try a new technique for every project, I guess the snaps can be my new technique for this project. I have bought snaps once upon a time, also a snaps tool, but I have never had a project to use them on. It wasn’t hard at all, which I’m sure everyone but me knows.

I’m pleased with my dress, a bit plain right now, but it will be pimped out. I just hope it fits A and that she (and her mum) likes it! Once I’m done I will do a proper creation post about it.

Creativity Flowing

The inspiration I felt yesterday morning stayed with me all day and I managed to get something done, even with a back that is hurting and a stomach that gets hungry in an instant.

After work I popped into the craft store to buy material for my hat and look for buttons. After a long time (so long that I almost missed the bus home) I settled on a brown with white polka dots cotton fabric. There were some other interesting fabrics, but I found them too pricey, especially for this project. The light green I figure will make the band that goes around the hat.

Polka dots!

After buying the light green fabric for myself I also settled on some lime green “children buttons”. Maybe I can do some embellishments with the fabric as well perhaps an appliqué. Niece A likes bling so maybe the more shiny buttons for her (or not, I have a feeling that her mum – my sister – will worry about her ripping the buttons off and choking on them).

Lime green with some bling

After I got home I started working on the pattern. I drafted it from one of my old dresses. It is in more of a stretch, but I did wear it when I was one, so hopefully it’ll fit them anyway. I know that I have to work in some closures in stead of it just being for pulling over their heads.

The skirt pieces are supposed to be gathered at the waist. I can’t really wrap mty mind on how this will play with the skirt length, hence the weird skirt piece. I added some extra length, so I can fix it in the hemming process.

Are babies really that small?

After drafting the pattern I ironed the fabric. I have 1.5 metres of the seersucker and looking at the pattern pieces and the fabric, I realised I can make dress for both A and L and still have leftover fabric. So maybe they’ll get one dress each.

In the evening I started selecting the photos for my album, I finished 2005 and half of 2006 (we didn’t take many pictures back then). When pictures were analogue, and every picture cost money, you tended to take better pictures, now there’s a lot of scrap pictures that aren’t really good for anything. Only the good ones make it to my album.

So I felt pleased with my creative work yesterday. I hope it’s still in me when I get home today. The next step will be putting the scissors to the fabric.