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Spring Plan 2020

For the past years I have been sewing with a plan. I am a member of a (Swedish) FB group where we each plan our seasonal sewing, either by doing a capsule wardrobe or by filling identified gaps. The goal is to have a cohesive wardrobe with nicely fitted garments; the quality of the garments being produced by the group’s members is high and it makes me up my game as well.

As I have been wardrobe planning for many years, my plans tend to go the fill gaps route, especially now that I’ve figured out what I like to wear and what I feel good in. But don’t be fooled by that sentiment, sometimes I feel like trying a new silhouette or fabric type, at times a success, during others not so much. The plans of this year will also focus on my goals for the year, to use what I have, both fabric and pattern-wise and refashion things that need it. I’m thinking it could be fun to have one refashion project per plan, but I don’t know if I have enough clothes in need of refashion. For the spring and summer plan they’ll be one each, then for the later season we’ll see if I can find something.

The spring plan for 2020 has 7 pieces, some easy, one refashion and some gaps to fill.

I’ve been curious about the Briar by Megan Nielsen for a while, so for Black Friday 2019 I bought it (along with the Brumby skirt, also in plan). I hope to make many version over time, this one is intended to be a layering piece in a grey knit (probably cotton/lycra).

The Burda 05-2012 skirt is a skirt I’ve made several times and my aqua version has been retired due to a lot of wear. For this season I’m making another version, this time is some curtains woven by my grandmother. The bottom edge has a crochet lace, so I will make use of that. During the spring there is a contest running in which you need to refashion something, #icare_2020, plenty of entries have already been submitted. I’m thinking a skirt made from my grandmother’s handwoven curtains sewn on her 1954 Husqvarna Automatic would be an excellent entry for reuse!

Isn’t trousers* something you always need? I know I do, since I’m working my way through various pattern companies and seeing which drafts suits me best. This time I’ll be making a pair of Burda pants (2012-03-126) with interesting seaming. I planned to make them in red, but the fabric I had planned wasn’t really what I expected, but I came across a quite thick navy jersey twill, which I think will be excellent. The fabric gods were smiling at me, the piece I found in the remnant bin was just the amount of fabric needed.

Another gap I have is dressier skirts. Last year I found some remnant bin cupro and I think it would make a nice looking skirt, using the Megan Nielsen Brumby pattern. I have it in grey and blue, could be either, but leaning towards grey as the blue is a larger piece which could be a dress.

Speaking of experimenting with silhouettes, I am on the hunt for a loose-fitting shirt and have tried some. I like the Xaja from Knipmode due to the drawstring which lends some shape while still being loose. I have a nice, stashed black thin voile for this.

On weekends I love wearing simple skirts that you don’t feel you’re wearing. The Trintje from Knipmode fits that bill and in denim it will be a perfect casual skirt. I’ll admit, maybe not my first choice, but the denim is a leftover from my denim Pindas, so I have a limited quantity.

Finally, the refashion of the plan. In the fall of 2018 I made this wrap sweater in a linen knit. The fabric doesn’t take well to being tied up, it looks quite bad, so I will see if I can take those off an make a faux wrap top. I will do my best, but foresee two main issues. That I have gotten most of the fit from being able to wrap it as tightly as I want it and a faux version wouldn’t fit as well. This will be my third grey layering piece and maybe that will be too many. So if I cannot nail this one, it might get overlooked in favor of other grey layering pieces.

There, off to go sew!

*There’s a reason I’m calling it trousers and not pants which I used to. It involves the specifics of discussing a British coworker’s pants in detail. But this post is long enough as it is, so I’ll save that anecdote for another post.