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Project Anda: Part III

I went from this:

to this:

A maxi dress with a lower neckline. The Anda dress would not be flattering for my body figure so I tried to fix that. The neckline was made lower and I added the sewn in belt. I chopped the pattern in half, with one bodice part and one skirt part and, obviously, lengthened it. I also had to add a zipper since I made the belt fitted to my body.

I used gathers at the top of the belt and in the lower back, for the front I did pleats. I put ribbon around the armholes, which I made a bit smaller, and the neckline, it made it a bit stiff, I haven’t figured out if I like that or not.

I don’t think I’ll win, people have made the most fantastic alterations of this pattern and mine doesn’t feel special. However, I did rush this, and if there’s another contest I hope I’ll have more time, I only used one week for this even though the contest was for two. And hopefully the next contest won’t be when I’m busy either, I wasn’t busy right now, but if I should be for the next there’s no point.

Regardless of whether or not I win, it sure has een a learning experience, I’ve learnt so much and I’m again peeking at my pattern book wondering what I can do with the basic patterns. Also how can I rework existing patterns. So, I may or may not win the actual prize, but I’ve won a lot of knowledge (yes, cheesy)

Project Summary

Pattern: Burdastyle 7969, Anda
Difficulty: Novice (Burdastyle’s rating – I agree)
Alterations: The intent was to alter, what I did is covered in the text above

Fabric: Cotton blended with something else.
Notions: Invisible zipper, ribbon

Project rating: A learning experience! I don’t think the dress turned out perfectly, but I did learn a lot and the dress looks like the vision I had. I hope to alter and see more potential in patterns in the future.


Polka Dots!

Yet another creation. I started this early in the Spring, I can’t even remember when, but things always came up, and two weeks ago I got some time and could finish it. (Another thing that held me up was that I messed up with the pleats).

A lightweight pink cotton – with small white polka dots – and red cotton for the contrasting parts built my skirt together. I love wearing it since it has an unusual shape to it, with the sleek look on one side and the pleats on the other.

Project summary

Pattern: Burdastyle 6002, Vanessa
Difficulty: Intermediate (Burdastyle’s rating – I agree)
Alterations: None

Fabric: Printed cotton and plain cotton.
: Invisible zipper, button, interfacing

Project rating: Quite tricky to sew. In retrospect I wish I had omitted the back pleats and the belt. I now see more potential in the skirt without those elements. If I were it make it again I would want to redeem the skirt and make a better version than the one I made.

Another Belle

I really liked the Michelle pattern and when I saw this fabric I fell in love. I really, really liked it and thought it would make a perfect skirt. So that’s what I’ve been up to these past evening (that and other things) to make one more Michelle skirt. I omitted the contrasting trim and hem this time, this fabric (“pink retro flowers”) didn’t need it and it would make it more different than my other Michelle.

Because I didn’t buy enough fabricI had to do the back piece in two, so I also put the zipper in the back. I really worked on fitting this time, even harder since I had two back pieces, and my work paid off, it came out with a perfect fit.Michelle 2, fabric

Also, as if on demand, summer returned today so I could wear my new skirt, bare-legged.

To see my other Michelle click here.

Project summary

Pattern: Burdastyle 8090, Michelle
Difficulty: Novice (Burdastyle’s rating – I agree)
Alterations: Removed contrasting hem and band. Sewed two back pieces in stead of one due to fabric restrictions, therefore I put the zipper in the back seam in stead.

Fabric: Cotton/linen blend
Notions: Invisible zipper, interfacing

Project rating: Another quickie skirt! It got a different feeling than my other Michelle, imagine what small alterations actually can do. A simple project, great for beginner sewers!

The Beach Wedding (Guest) Dress

The other project I finished over my sewing weekends, the Minna dress. It was a bit tricky with all the pleating and gathering, especially fitting the placket over the shoulders, when fitting had to be done with plenty of needles in place. In the middle of the project I was spectical of the outcome, but it did turn out better than I thought. I added darts in the back, for a better shape of the dress in the back and by pulling the fabric it also became more fitted in the front.

I love the back cleavage, I’ll wear this

dress to a beach wedding in two weeks, let’s hope the weather gods are on the happy couple’s side, for all reasons, not just for me of course.

It’s a nylon fabric, I’m not good with “official” fabric names, so I won’t even make a guess. It’s shimmering in Red/orange/yellow and has small transparant golden flowers printed in dots on it. Sound confusing? Well, the closeup of the fabric showed it off just as well as my description.


Project summary

Pattern: Burdastyle 6007, Minna
Difficulty: Novice (Burdastyle’s rating – I partly agree. Simple conatruction, but tricky fitting)
Alterations: Added darts in the back

Fabric: Nylon taffeta
Notions: Invisible zipper

Project rating: It flattered me more than I thought it would. Very tricky when fitting, otherwise simple.


Michelle, Ma Belle

So my two sewing weekends are over for this time, now it’s two weekends away, and then no plans again, so maybe even more then.

The first garment to be finished, I rushed it on Saturday so I could wear it downtown when shopping (sewing supplies among other things). The Michelle skirt.

I really liked the fabric, it felt very springlike and the texture made for the perfect silhouette for this skirt. However, despite fitting, it turned out a bit big in the waist, so I think I’ll take it in a bit the next time I bring out my machine, the point of making your own clothes is to get clothes that fit you. Which made it more annoying since I thought it fit when I tried it on before putting on the interfacing. Ah, well, it’s not a major procedure, it’s just annoying, especially since I know I only have myself to blame.

Project Summary

Pattern: Burdastyle 8090, Michelle
Difficulty: Novice (Burdastyle’s rating – I agree)
Alterations: None

Fabric: Printed and plain cotton
Notions: Invisible zipper, interfacing

Project rating: A quick skirt with an interesting silhouette. Easy to sew, easy to wear.

ETA: Action shot from Les Issambres, France; September 2008

A hot walk

My “Dress”

This is from a year ago, I made it for one of my close friend’s doctoral defense party. I like making things in fancy fabrics for occassions like these, but they’re not very wearable in less formal places.

So I decided to make a corset-style top and half-cricle skirt. By doing this I could use it as a dress but also I can use either piece with something else, dress them down for those occassions.

I used a baby blue silk, and tons of white ribbon, it was hell putting it on every piece. But it turned out alright, even though there are some minor mistakes. But, as my motto, if I don’t mention them, maybe you won’t either.

Project Summary

Pattern: Corset top and half circle skirt, both self-drafted from pattern book.

Fabric: Baby blue silk, lining (for top)

Notions: Invisible zipper (both in top and skirt), ribbon.

Project summary: I love how this turned out! It’s a fancy outfit on its own, but each piece can be worn seperately and be dressed down.

Lovely In Lavender

Yet another addition to my collection for spring/summer. A pair of shorts (Ruby).

I found purple linen at a fairly cheap price, and I thought it would make for classic shorts with the purple as a twist. However, there were ten buttons, and they ended up costing almost as much as the fabric. The shorts were still cheap though

There were some tricky part, especially the bound pocket, but I managed to get through them with the help of a How-to. There are so minor errors, but if I don’t mention them, maybe nobody else will either.

I really like them and they’re comfortable to wear. Like I said, classic linen shorts, but with the twist of purple.

Project Summary:

Pattern: Burdastyle 6005, Ruby
Difficulty: Intermediate (Burdastyle’s rating – I agree)
Alterations: None

Fabric: Purple linen
Notions: Wooden buttons, interfacing

Project rating: My first pair of pants! A very comfortable pair of shorts. The instructions were easy to follow, I didn’t have any problems with the side closures, which I thought I would.

Pretty In Pink

The latest addition to the Eitchy 2008 spring/summer collection, a pink dress. The pattern I used was Danielle.

I realised I rarely use patterned fabric so with this design I used a small print pattern (I did the same with the Celestina dress). Maybe some day I’ll dare to really use patterns on fabrics.

I found a lovely pink/apricot cotton fabric, I also managed to find a cotton ribbon in the exact shade of the pattern on the fabric. I’m ready for spring and summer!

Project Summary:

Pattern: Burdastyle 9306, Danielle
Difficulty: Novice (Burdastyle’s rating – I agree)
Alterations: Replaced inset with ribbon.

Fabric: Printed cotton, cotton ribbon
Notions: Invisible zipper, interfacing

Project rating: Love this dress! Figure flattering, for me, and simple to sew. I really like the silhouette.

And the dress in action, picture taken in Monte Carlo in September 2008.

The yachts and a homemade dress
Pattern Description:
Danielle, dress from Burdastyle
Pattern Sizing:
Burda 34-44 (I used 40)
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
Yes. My sleeves didn’t turn out as poofy, but that was my own fault, I cut the elastic band too loose.
Were the instructions easy to follow?
Simple dress to put to together, no unusual details. Pretty straight-forward. (The instructions on the site has changed from the ones I used)
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I liked the shape, a shape that would flatter my figure, by going in under the bust. There was nothing I disliked.
Fabric and other material used:
Printed cotton. Cotton band. Interfacing and invisible zipper.
Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made:
I used a cotton band under the bodice instead of making the insets. It worked as well, although the band had to have very little seam allowance since it was so thin.
Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
(Since I’m writing this review long after I made this dress). Yes, in fact I have made two tops with this pattern. I would also recommend it for someone taking their next step in sewing, having passed the first stages of beginner. The only tricky part would be the sleeves, but with focus they’re not too hard. (see here and here for the two other versions)
A nice shape of a dress, with some twist to it. Simple and interesting. Easy pattern.

A Green, Wait Black Dress

This is the first piece of my personal 2008 Spring/Summer collection. The Celestina dress.

The second I saw the dress I knew I wanted to make it in a small print pattern, with a solid coloured fabric for the insets and the bow. I found a polyester fabric that was what I wanted; I would prefer natural fabric, but this was the one. The front insets were a bit tricky, but all in all it was a pretty easy pattern and I love the result. Perfect for dressing up a bit on normal days, not too low cut or too short.

The front, the back and a fabric cloesup. The last one since, for some reason, it looks green in the full shot pictures. It’s very comfortable as well.

Project Summary:

Pattern: Burdastyle 7939, Celestina
Difficulty: Intermediate (Burdastyle’s rating)
Alterations: None

Fabric: Printed polyester. Plain Cotton
Notions: Invisible zipper, interfacing

Project rating: A great everyday dress. A bit tricky, but worth it since it fits me great and flatters my figure.

I’m a Stepford Wife!

For my 25th birthday party the theme was move characters. I went as a Stepford wife in a dress I made myself. Cotton fabric, with flowers. The pattern is Simplicity 6114. I wonder if I’ll wear it as a normal dress…

Project Summary

Pattern: Simplicity 6114
Difficulty: 3 of 5 (my rating. The neckline was a bit tricky.
Alterations: Added waistband

Fabric: Printed cotton and plain cotton
Invisible zipper

Project rating: Back to commercial patterns for me. To me it fit the theme of a Stepford wife, perhaps a little too much colour. I realised that I really do love making my own things during this project.