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The Azalea that Wasn’t

The Danielle pattern is a favourite of mine (Here and here) and this was yet another go at making a quick blouse. The fabric, a printed cotton fabric, was originally intended for a double layered dress (The Azalea), but when I couldn’t find a good fabric for the second layer the first fabric became a blouse instead. The only alteration is the length of the pattern.

With this attempt I’m really pleased with the pouffiness of the sleeves, I used a wider rubberband for the end of the sleeves for this version than I did for the dress and also, more importantly, I used a tighter fitting rubberband. I’m learning something new with every go! Project Summary Pattern: Burdastyle 9306, Danielle Difficulty: Novice (Burdastyle’s rating – I agree) Alterations: Just the length Fabric: Printed cotton. Lining for bodice part. Notions: Invisible zipper, rubber band Project rating: I love how the sleeves turned out. They’re perfect! It became a usable blouse.


Two Oldies … One New Creation

My blogging last fall was very sporadical and I’m now trying to catch up. Therefore I will now present a creation I made a year ago, but which still has not been posted. Shame on me (to make matters worse, there are more unposted creations as well).

It was last August. We were about to go on vacation, our road trip through France and once I got back (after an additional week for a conference in Switzerland) it would be time to start packing for our move. But I still wanted a sewing project to help my keep sane when moving overwhelmed me. However I did not feel up for the task of doing a completely new pattern, nor buying new fabric so I turned to my stash. The result?

A top made from the Danielle pattern (previous dress here) in the fabric used for this dress.  The pattern was shortened into a top and I omitted the sleeves due to a lack of fabric (plus I had made another blouse version of Danielle as well with sleeves – so far not posted). It’s very comfortable and it fits perfectly.

Project Summary

Pattern: Burdastyle 9306, Danielle
Difficulty: Novice (Burdastyle’s rating – I agree)
Alterations: Shortened into a blouse. Omitted sleeves.

Fabric: Printed cotton
Notions: Invisible zipper, interfacing

Project rating: A quick, simple top, mainly because it was my third go at the pattern.

The Floral and Coral Dress

I didn’t particularly care for Jocelyn as a top. I do not wear tops like that, the length was off to me. I did however like the cut and the fit of the top and I thought it would look good on me, work with my figure. So, with some inspiration from other Burdastyle users I elongated the top into a dress.

Looking back on my creations it seems like my signature has become mixing prints with solids (See Celestina, Michelle, Danielle) and I did the same thing here. I chose a beige flowered fabric for the main part of the dress and a coral fabric for the straps and the belt. I wanted a unique combination and the coral brings out a new side to the beige fabric, which has no touch of red or pink at all. I felt a bit unsure in the fabric store but I wanted to take a chance, not a very drastic one, but still it strays a bit from what I usually do. But I like it!

I finished the dress in almost a day, I had cut and zig-zagged the main pieces an earlier evening, I omitted the lining. It was fairly easy and straight-forward, although there was one point missing in the instructions (or maybe I just didn’t find it) about the third and fourth pieces of straps. Well, I figured it out.
I liked the back, I am a sucker for dramatic backs. I know this back isn’t very dramatic, but it’s still eye-catching and I love wearing this dress.

Project summary

Pattern: Burdastyle 6022, Jocelyn
: Intermediate (Burdastyle’s rating- I agree) It also felt like some of the instructions were missing regarding the sleeves, you are able to figure out how to do them, but it requires a bit of experince in how to put garments together.
Alterations: Elongated into a dress. I omitted the belt which was a passive decision since the sleeves required more fabric than I thoguht.

Fabric: Printed cotton and coral cotton poplin
Notions: Interfacing, invisible zipper.

Project summary: I love this dress! I love how it looks and I love to wear it. The thought of adding a belt has crossed my mind, but I would want it to match the sleeves and I haven’t found that coral poplin again. But it works on its own as well.