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Exclusive Skirt

This skirt was produced during me-made-June and worn as well, in what happened to be one of my favourite outfits from the month. It was a simple skirt to make and my challenge was that it was the first time that I made a full lining.

As seen in Me-Made-June

The pattern is Burdastyle Magazine 2009-01-128 and is an exclusive design made by Laurél. The only tricky part was the curved seams on the waistband, otherwise it was pretty straight-forward.

Curved seams for waistband

I really liked the unusal waistband for the skirt. The fabric is a linen look, pink with a silver print. I was thinking of making a short jacket, but there wasn’t enough fabric for it. Perhaps a vest!

Kick pleat in the back

I like wearing this skirt, pencil skirts make you feel elegant and ladylike without really trying. So, my challenge was to make a full lining. It wasn’t as hard as I thought, but some mistakes were made.

The lining was added to the facings and then turned around with them. I like the finished look the skirt gets from being lined. However, I somehow managed to end up with more narrow lining pieces than the skirt itself so I couldn’t attach the lining to the hem all way round. It pulls a little as well, but I don’t think anyone but me notices. But I like that I took one more step forward in sewing and fully lined a skirt. Next time it’ll be even better.

Project Summary Pattern: Burdastyle Magazine 2009-01-128 Difficulty: 2 of 5 (Magazine’s rating) I agree.The trickiest part was the curved seams and if you just need to pay attention. Alterations: None Fabric: Linen look, polyester lining Notions: Invisible zipper, eye and hook, thread, interfacing Total price: Fabric 33 SEK (€3.74), zipper 23 SEK (€2.60), lining 33 SEK (€3.74), interfacing and thread 5 SEK 0(€0.57). Total 94 SEK (€10.64) Project rating: I love how dressed up you feel just by putting on a pencil skirt. I think the shape is flattering on me and I like the feeling of it. This fabric is pretty neutral, but with the twist of the silver print. I learnt a lot by the lining, especially since it didn’t come out perfectly, it’s the mistakes you learn from. A look I like, and a great find from the scrap bin of the fabric store. My review on Pattern review


Elusive Plaid Dress

This dress was finished back in April, but I haven’t blogged about it. I wore it on Me-Made-June day 12.

As seen in Me-Made-June

The pattern is BurdaStyle Magazine 2009-04-123. It’s empire cut and has curved princess seams in both the bodice and the skirt. The fabric is a very soft cotton plaid, which is gorgeous and comfortable to wear. I remember when I bought it, two years ago, that I got the last of the bolt, and it was just enough left to make a maxi dress. Lucky me!

The dress was supposed to have a full lining in addition to lining for stabilisation in the bodice. I did the lining for stabilising the bodice and one for the skirt. I couldn’t bear to make to linings for the bodice, it would have been very lumpy on top. So I had to finish the neckline and armholes with bias binding. I love this dress and I love to wear it!

Project Summary
Burdastyle Magazine 2009-04-123
Difficulty: 2,5 of 5 (Magazine’s rating) I agree. Not difficult sewing, but a bit tricky and some experience is needed.
Omitted second lining for bodice

Fabric: Plaid cotton, polyester lining
Notions: Invisible zipper, eye and hook, thread

Project rating: My first maxi dress and I’m in love. From fabric to finished project it really came out as I wanted it to. My first attempt at curved seams as well, always good to try new things.

National Day shorts

Today, June 6th, is Sweden’s national day. We don’t really have any major traditions, so most people just see it as an extra day off. I finished a UFO.

The fabric is a cotton blended with some stretch fabric (it was bought ages ago). At first I intended to make an A-line skirt, cut on the bias to get diagonal stripes. I’m glad I didn’t do it as I probably never would have worn a skirt like that. I blame the fabric for that, I wasn’t thinking at all when I bought it. In stead I made shorts for wearing around the house, in the garden or other very casual affairs. It’s been laying in my stash as a UFO for a while (two years, I think).

The pattern is Burdastyle’s Ruby, same as my Lovely in Lavender shorts. I did work on the fit a bit more with this pair, but the pieces were already cut and since my intention were leisure shorts I didn’t bother too much. But someday I will master pants!

Project Summary
Burdastyle #6005, Ruby
Difficulty: Intermediate (BS’ rating) I agree.
Alterations: Most changes made for simplicity of project: belt omitted, pockets omitted, cuffs omitted.

Fabric: Cotton with a bit of stretch
Notions: 8 buttons, interfacing, thread.

Project rating: Luckily this fabric never became a never-worn skirt. With my second project, shorts, I got exactly what I wanted. They’re not perfect, but good enough and quite frankly, I only put in a good enough effort into these shorts, so I’m satisfied with the final result.

Midnight Sun Outfit

I had some leftovers from the Long Wrap dress, so they were to be used. A cotton poplin, while I had quite a large amount of fabric, I could not cut big pieces. I decided on a top.

So, I chose a top from Ingelise, a tank top with paneled front and back. Both the front and back are made up byt three panels in total, giving the top a very sculptured look.

Closeup of top

The top has gathered shoulder straps as well. It closes with an invisible zip in the back. At 40 cm it sounded like a long zip, almost as long as the back piece, but it is needed as the top is very fitted.

After the top was done I still had some fabric left and I used that to make a matching skirt. I did a six-panelled A-line skirt, same as my Red Skirt, but without the pleats. It’s a quick skirt to sew, it only took me one evening from idea to finished skirt.

Full outfit

This outfit is so completely different from anything I’ve done before. I really like the sleek look of the outfit, but I can’t help but wonder if it’s too much. Or too dowdy? Is it something a 28 year-old can wear?

Sleek side view

I vow to wear this whole outfit at least once (and in public). I must do that in order to know how I really feel about it, the same goes for all of my creations. I must dare to wear my creations with pride!

Project Summary
Pattern (Top):
Ingelise 2008-05-1
Difficulty:2/5 – magazine’s rating. I agree, it was quite simple. I made a few stupid mistakes, but I could have avoided them, had I read the instructions properly.

Fabric: Printed cotton poplin
Notions: Interfacing, invisible zipper, thread

Pattern (Skirt): Self-drafted from pattern book
Difficulty: Simple

Fabric: Printed cotton poplin
Notions: Invisible zipper, button, thread

Project rating: Something totally unlike me! Both parts were easy to sew (despite many stupid mistakes on the top). An outfit with a sleek silhouette. I’m not sure how I feel about the combination, but I can always wear them as separates if I feel it’s too much to combine them.

Just Floral Top

My stash cleaning continues and I had enough leftovers from the Floral and Coral Dress to make a simple top.

The pattern is from the Ingelise magazine. The pattern is made for a stretch knit, I used a woven in stead without any modifications. At first I inserted a zipper along the side seam, but since I could get the top over my head without it I took it out again.

The top, in shape, is similar to the Beach Wedding (Guest) DressHowever, the dress could be worn without showing the bra strap, this top can’t. I’ve camoflaged the bra by wearing a nude coloured one, it works.

Just beacuse the top was made for a stretch fabric it is a bit tight in the bust area. I think it would have worked better if I had gone up a size in the upper half and done the bottom in my regular size.

The front and back are pretty much the same, it is a little less pleating in the back. I really like the neckline, especally in the back. The instructions for the straps were a bit unclear so they’re a bit improvised.

I like the top, but because of the bra showing I might need to wear something over it, depending on the situation. I would wear it to work, but not with the bra strap showing.

Project Summary
Ingelise 2008-08-138
Difficulty:  2/5 (Magazine’s rating). The construction was fairly simple, but the instructions were a bit unclear regarding the straps.
Used woven in stead of a stretch.

Fabric: Printed cotton
Notions: Just thread

Project rating: A quick and simple top! I’m not sure I’d like it in a stretch, it didn’t fall very nice in the magazine. Perhaps I can alter the pattern to make the top more appropriate. For a cheap pattern and leftover fabric I’m pleased with the project

Sucker for Sand – Top

This is not my finest work, but it what happens when you don’t have enough fabric to make something proper.

The pattern comes from “Allt om Handarbete”, Danish patterns which are also known as Ingelise.

A beach cover-up, perhaps

It’s a babydoll top with a drawstring in the front, elastc in the back and gathers at the waist. It needs no closures. It looked better in the magazine, but I didn’t like it enough to make an effort in fitting, style, but my interest just wasn’t there.

If I’ll wear this top it will be as a beach cover up (which is why I’m wearing my bikini underneath – my bras are not that pretty). I won’t wear it in a fashion sense. So I’m glad I did it in a cheap fabric that I didn’t care for too much. But it’s still a creation!

Project Summary

Pattern: Ingelise 2008-05-34
Difficulty: 2/5 (Ingelise’s rating – I agree, perhaps even more simple construction, but the instructions were a bit unclear – I just did my own thing)
I think my straps differ from the pattern, that’s because I couldn’t understand the pattern, not a conscious alteration.

Fabric: Seersucker (also used here)
Notions: Elastic thread, thread

Total price: Fabric 20 SEK (€2.26), thread 1 SEK (€0.11), elastic thread 2 SEK (€0.22). Total 23 SEK (€2.60)
Project grading: A simple top. It may be worn, but it’s not my best work. The outcome didn’t reflect the magazine picture. It could perhaps be altered, but I don’t care for it enough to bother.

The Orangery Skirt

Orangery – A greenhouse for tropical plants

The name for this skirt seemed fitting as the skirt is orange and with flowers.

The pattern is Burda 2009-01-105, just like my Exposed Zipper Skirt. The fabric was bought before I began thinking of planning my sewing and making matchable pieces; I guess a bright orange skirt is hard to match.

I think this fabric and the skirt pattern go hand i hand, they complement and bring out the best in each other. For this version I omitted the exposed zipper and sewed an invisible one in the side seam.

Despite its matching difficulties, I love this skirt! It’s cute, very summery and just fun to wear!

Project summary

Pattern: BWoF 2009-01-105
Difficulty: 2/5 (Burda’s rating – I agree)
Alterations: Omitted exposed zipper, used an invisible one in the side seam for closure. Normal hemline (see the original one in my Exposed Zipper skirt).

Fabric: Printed cotton
Notions: Invisible zipper, interfacing

Project rating: A great summer skirt! An interesting fabric doesn’t need an elaborate pattern, so this one was perfect.

The Indian Shirt

After making a blouse from BWoF 2009-04 I realised that the pattern didn’t flatter me as I thought it would. My creative mind got to work and I came up with this idea:

I left the upper front and back pieces as they were but elongated them.The bottom parts were also elongated and modified in width and to add buttons down the front. I did gathers for the upper parts, the bottom part was fitted, using darts.

I had a white cotton poplin, with a little bit of stretch, which was perfect for a shirt. I can’t believe it was bought with the intention of making a skirt, good thing I changed my mind – it is a shirt fabric. The buttons, I’m not 100% sure, but I think they are stolen from an old shirt, I can’t remember buying buttons like these since I’ve never had a shirt project before. The neckline has interfacing tape on it.

It pretty much was a trial and error project and I love the final outcome! The fabric helps a big deal because it feels great. It turned out just as I wanted. Project summary Pattern: BWoF 2009-04-122 Difficulty: 2/5 (Original pattern) Alterations: Elongated, bottom half tighter and with darts, added buttons down the front of the bottom. Fabric: White stretch cotton poplin Notions: Buttons, interfacing tape. Price: Fabric 65 SEK (€7.36), thread 1 SEK (€0.11) Total: 66 SEK (€7.47) Project rating: An alteration I’m proud of. I think the final result is similar to the sketch, which means I was able to follow my vision. I found a great shirt fabric, and I love (love, love) the final result.

Exposed Zipper Skirt

A creation from my past, finally photographed. With “past” in this case I mean spring 2009 and it was finished (and worn) then. It’s not a UFO, just an overdue photoshoot.

My first exposed zipper

I had to put in an eye and hook since the zipper ended up a bit too low and it pulled the waistline into looking like I tried to squeeze into a skirt too small for me. I’ve done everything by the pattern; the exposed zipper, the long hem with contrasting thread. I’m currently wokring on a new version; in this one I will omit the long hem folding and no exposed zipper.

I like this skirt, it goes well for a business environment as well. There are, however, two things that bother me. The fact that the zipper doesn’t go all the way up and that I started the upper hem line in the front, I constantly look down thinking I have spilled something. Now I know for future projects!

Project Summary

Pattern: Burda WoF – 2009-01-105A
Difficulty: 2/5 (Burda’s rating – I agree, although the zipper is a bit tricky)
Alterations: None

Fabric: Cotton twill
Notions: Zipper, interfacing

Project rating: There are a few things which are off, but it was my first exposed zipper so I’ll overlook the zipper mistakes. This skirt is perfect for early Spring and into summer and works for both work and playtime.


This is not a Maddy

This fabric was bought ages ago with the intention of making the Maddy. Lo and behold it now has become the Maddy blouse!


Front view…

Techniaclly this is not really the Maddy blouse. Since before I had the Celeste pattern and have omitted the skirt part to make this blouse, which would be the Maddy. Hey, I didn’t feel like paying money for a pattern I already had.

The fabric is a cotton poplin, I’ve also used interfacing, thread and an invisible zipper in the back. Size-wise I cut a 38, except for the upper side panels which I cut in 40 (that’s where my bust is). When I made the Celeste dress I cut 40 and it was very big. So was this 38 and I have taken the blouse in a bit in the side seams to make it more fitted.


…and side view

Price for blouse: Fabric: 105 SEK (€11.91) Zipper: 25 SEK (€2.84) Thread: 1 SEK (€0.11) Interfacing: 10 SEK (€1.13)

Total: 141 SEK (€16.00)

Project Summary

Pattern: Burdastyle’s Celeste (8132B), modified into what would be Maddy (8132C). Difficutly: Novice (Burdastyle’s rating – The sewing is fairly easy, although a bit tricky with the gatherings) Alterations: Shortened it and turned it into a blouse. Fabric: Cotton poplin Notions: Invisible zipper, interfacing Project rating: A lovely blouse. I love wearing things that are polished, but still not typical. This works in an office environment without being the classic buttondown. I also like that it’s feminine, not a feminine version of a male garment.