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Me-Made-May 16: Week 2

After the second week of Me-Made-May I’m beginning to realise what I miss and what I don’t wear. Another thing I’m thinking about is what I want to sew. What is my goal? I will do a round-up at the end of the month to explore these thoughts. Now, on to the outfits!

Efter Me-Made-Mays andra vecka börjar jag inse vad jag saknar och vad jag inte bär. En annan sak jag funderar på är vad jag vill sy. Vad är mitt mål? Jag kommer att göra en sammanfattning i slutet av månaden för att utforska dessa tankar. Nu, mina klädslar!


May 9/9 maj


Made by me: The Turnaround Dress/Sytt av mig: Ändringsklänningen
Worn to: WorkBuren till: Jobb

This dress is a bit ill-fitting, but I love it nonetheless. The fabric is just so beautiful and it is a silhouette I don’t usually go for.

Klänningen passar inte helt bra, men trots det älskar jag den. Tyget är så vackert och det är en siluett som jag inte brukar bära.

May 10/10 maj

Clover and Alma

Made by me: Clover Pants, Starry Alma/Sytt av mig: Stjärnalma, Clover-byxor
Worn to: Work/Buren till: Jobb

These two piece go well together and I like the silhouette of this outfit.

Dessa två plagg passar bra ihop och jag gillar denna klädsels profil.


May 11/11 maj

Burdastyle skirt and blouse

Made by me: Aqua skirt, 90s blouse/Sytt av mig: Aqua-kjol, 90-talsblus
Worn to: Work/Buren till jobb

Yes, the skirt is made in the same fabric as the pants yesterday. I always buy about 0.5 metres more than the recommendation, since the recommendations usually are generous then I have enough for one more garment (or I can mess up). I like the skirt. The blouse is a bit stiff, I hope it will be a bit softer after a go in the washer.

Ja, kjolen är sydd I samma tyg som byxorna under gårdagen. Jag köper alltid cirka en halvmeter mer är rekommendationen, eftersom rekommendationerna oftast är väl tilltagna har jag tillräckligt över för ännu ett plagg (eller så kan jag klanta mig). Jag gillar kjolen. Blusen är lite styv, jag hoppas att den mjukas upp efter en vända i tvättmaskinen.

May 12/12 maj


Made by me: Clover pants, White Tiger Jacket/sytt av mig: Clover-byxor, Vit tiger-jacka
Worn to: Work/buren till: Jobb

What this outfit tells me is that I need to make more pants. I have a need for them. I couldn’t really decide if the jacket is cool or costume, although I like it more in the picture than I did in the mirror.

Denna klädsel säger mig att jag måste sy fler byxor, jag har ett behov av dem. Jag kan inte riktigt avgöra om jackan är häftig eller för mycket, men jag gillar den mer på bilden är in spegeln.

May 13/13 maj


Made by me: Blue Pocket Skirt/Sytt av mig: Blå kjol med fickor Worn to: Visiting kiddo’s new school/Buren till: Besök på barnets blivande skola

Big day! The kiddo and I visited what will be his school in the fall. I wore a casual skirt and t-shirt outfit which worked well. I wore this with a denim jacket, my shoes are blue. The kiddo was in denim shorts, a blue t-shirt and blue cap. We were matching in blue.

Stor dag! Besök på nya skolan för mig och 5-åringen. Jag bar en ledig klädsel med kjol och t-shirt som funkade bra. Jag hade även en jeansjacka, min skor är blå. Sonen bar jeansshorts, en blå t-shirt och blå keps. Vi matchade i blått.

May 14/14 maj

Skip day – Hoppdag

My skip days almost always fall on days off work. This means I’m lacking in handmade leisure wear. If that is something that needs to be fixed is something I’m pondering at the moment.

Mina hoppdagar infaller nästan bara på lediga dagar. Detta betyder att jag saknar hemmasydda fritidskläder. Om det är något jag måste justera funderar jag på.

May 15/15 maj


Made by me: Dexy Sweatshirt/Sytt av mig: Dexy-tröjan

Worn to: Visiting my dad with the kids/Buren till: ett besök hos min pappa

I was suffering from hay fever and had a bit of a cold, so I chose a cozy sweatshirt, the only sweatshirt I have in my handmade wardrobe.

Jag hade höfeber och var lite förkyld så jag valde en mysig tröja, den enda tröja i min handsydda garderob.



Me-Made-May Week 4

Me-Made-May day 19

Me-Made-May day 19

Starry Organic Alma, Exposed Zipper Skirt, RTW cardigan (Camaïeu)

Love the blouse! There’s not much more to say. I like the skirt, it’s a basic shape with a fun pop of colour. However the sewing is pretty bad and all I can think of when wearing the skirt is if anyone else notices them. Probably not right, I mean it’s practically only sewists who care about stripe matching right? The verdict for this skirt is that it will be kept in my wardrobe, until I can replace it. Seeing how the skirt is totally wearable, it’s not unflattering or too worn, I have other things to prioritise before replacing this skirt. So a keeper it is! I have two of this cardigan (one grey, one navy) and I love wearing them. Cardigans like these should definitely be on my “to buy”-list even if I do want to sew toppers as well.

Me-Made-May day 20

Me-Made-May day 20

Lessons Learnt Skirt, Green Floral Blouse

Skirt – no comments needed. The blouse is awkward, it’s the blouse from the Burdastyle Sewing Handbook. In theory I like it and I could like it on me as well, just not this version. What is awkward? Let me count the ways. The sleeves hit at a bad place, especially since they have cuffs. The cuffs hit me right where I want to bend my arm, pushing the cuffs up, or restraining me at first. The blouse is made before 2014, aka. the year of the Full Bust Adjustment, meaning I never did an FBA and my ample bosom makes the elastic go up, hitting me above my natural waist – not pretty. Plus the colour is a bit too pale on me, a brighter green would have been better. I could see myself making another version of this blouse, granted I fix the errors above, but I can’t really place it at the top of my sewing list.


Me-Made-May day 21

Me-Made-May day 21

Midnight Sun Shirt, Midnight Sun Skirt, RTW cardigan (Target)

Symbolic dressing today. I’ll explain in day 22’s description. I haven’t worn this combo before, the shirt and the skirt as a dress. I struggled with an FBA in the making of the shirt and the fit is not spot on, however it looks much better when belted. I like the slight A-line shape of the skirt, it has six gores to shape it. These will stay!

Me-Made-May day 22

Me-Made-May day 22

Striped Organic Alma, Thrifted skirt (Sunshine 365)

Premiere wearing of my Striped Organic Alma, with matching belt. The symbolism continues. You see, last night I took my green belt in judo. Before that it was orange, but since I don’t have an orange belt the yellow belt yesterday stood in. Today I wear my green belt. With pride. Both in my judo accomplishment and due to the fact I really like this blouse, such a cool fabric and great fit! The skirt is thrifted but I love it, the shape is great and I love how it swooshes as I walk. I keep wishing for the Hollyburn skirt in various giveaways, maybe I should just relent and buy it already.

Me-Made-May day 23

Me-Made-May day 23

Pretty in Pink dress

I really like the shape and the square neckline of this dress. However, it’s not that the fit is too bad, it just sits badly. The edge of my bra is on display, the sleeves feel a bit dated and I’m not 100% sure about the colour. It was a tough call, but as I kept tugging on the dress all day to try and at least not show my bra I think it’s time to let go. The negatives, sadly, outweighs the positive. The same goes for its sister blouses.

Me-Made-May day 24

I wore a thrifted dress as I didn’t meet anyone today. Very comfortable dress, I need more casual dresses in my wardrobe.

Me-Made-May day 25

Picture is old, but I looked like this. With different hair. And a hat. The shoes were the same, but are unseen.

Lime Truffle Dress.

Busy day today. Out running before eight, brunch at my sister’s, last gymnastics class for kiddo and voting for European parliament. When I first made the Lime Truffle Dress, it was my first Colette Pattern. I thought this dress fit well, since Colette drafts for a C cup, whereas most others draft for a B cup it fit me better than anything else I’d made. But since discovering the FBA (why, oh why did it take me so long!?) I realised that this dress doesn’t fit that well. I kept pulling it all day. It won’t go right away because the fabric makes me happy and if this dress is to be replaced I need to find a fabric that makes me equally happy. Also I wore a hat. Hats are great for blocking the sun without hiding your face behind sunglasses. More hats for the people!



Me-Made-May week 2

Me-Made-May day 5

Me-Made-May day 5Namesake Skirt, top H&M, jacket (Apple Bottom viaMarshall’s)

Back to work for the first time in May. This day added the challenge that I would take the kids to the playground immediately after work, meaning my outfit had to cater both to the office and to the playground.

I like the skirt and I want to make another version for fall using a corduroy and doing the front button closure. I also like the denim and that the colour is so bright blue. Unfortunately (there often is an “unfortunately”, isn’t there?) back when I made the skirt I thought interfacing was for stabilizing in thickness only, not thinking about stretch on the bias. Seeing how I thought the denim was sturdy enough on its own, since I wasn’t too familiar in the world of bias stretch, the waistband is not interfaced. And it’s beginning to show. It’s losing its shape and have stretch out a bit. I’m taking that a lesson learnt. The skirt will be kept though, right now I feel that there are other skirt ahead in line for tossing out

Me-Made-May day 7

Me-Made-May day 7Lesson Learnt Skirt, Midnight Sun Shirt and cardigan (Camaïeu)

Yep, you guessed it, a regular day at work. The me-mades are my Midnight Sun Shirt and Lessons Learnt Skirt. I tried to do an FBA on the shirt, it’s not completely perfect. However, the shirt does not gape and it somewhat follows my curves. It works better on its own and with a belt to tie it in at the waist.

Me-Made May day 6

Me-Made-May day 6Denim Pencil Skirt, Blueberry Sorbetto (unblogged) and cardigna (Camaïeu)

Just another work day. I wore my Denim Pencil skirt and Blueberry Sorbetto. The cardigan is RTW. While I like the Sorbetto, it works tucked in for me, not untucked, there are a few minor mistakes. The darts fall a bit too high on me and I couldn’t quite figure out how to sew the bias neckline so it’s a bit wonky. I love the colour and print and this blouse makes me want to wear blue more often, as does the skirt. These are keepers!

Me-Made-May day 8

Me-Made-May day 8Starry Organic Alma, skirt (365 Sunshine, via flea market), cardigan (Camaïeu).

You see why I can’t have a diary blog? My life’s not that interesting. Another day at work was spent in my new Starry Organic Alma. The cardigan (how I wish I can ditch those soon) is RTW and the skirt is second hand. Love the Alma! Love, love, love! The FBA is totally successful and I noticed that having a well-fitting blouse improved my posture and confidence. I stood proud and tall, secretly hoping that someone would ask about my blouse. No one did.

M-eMade-May day 9

Me-made-may day 9Chocolate Pants, wrap cardigan (H&M), jacket (Lindex)

It was cold, raining and I was tired when I got up. One of those days when comfort is key. I put on my Chocolate pants and RTW tank and cardigan. On my way out of the door I remembered that it’s Friday and we can choose to join the Friday theme over in the Flickr group. I didn’t bother going back to change clothes, so I missed the Blue photo challenge. Ah, well. The pants fit fairly well, but are sewn one baby ago. However, as I pointed on in the Flickr group, these pants may not fit perfectly, but they are still fitting better than any RTW pants I own.

Me-Made-May day day 10 and 11

Me-Made-May day 10 (2)Megan skirt, top (Vero Moda via thrift store)

I’ll admit it straight up. I’m cheating. I said in my pledge that I would do no repeat outfits, yet I wore the same thing Saturday and Sunday. But I don’t care. I don’t think it would have made much of a difference to swap the t-shirt. I’m in my Megan skirt and RTW t-shirt (Vero Moda via thrift store). I originally made the Megan skirt as a maternity skirt and I wore it for most part of the pregnancy, it was a bit too tight in the end. Now, with its wide elastic waistband, it’s a super comfortable skirt for wearing around the house “doing nothing”. I like that it’s as comfortable as sweat pants (my vice, which I want to shed) but I still looked dressed. Stuff like this is needed in order to have a complete me-made wardrobe.

Creation: Starry, Organic Alma

A few weeks ago we had a town hall meeting at work, with four executives coming to talk about the organisation in the future. Three men and one woman. What struck me was that all four of them were dressed in suits and classic button down shirts. Now, it’s not so weird that the men were dressed in that attire, but I don’t like the common attitude that a woman needs to “dress as a man” in order to be dressed to impress in the corporate world. Granted, the suit and shirt she had were tailored for women, but still, it was a female variation with the man as standard. Starry Organic Alma In my wardrobe and style update I want to look proper and professional, but still  use feminine attire. I don’t want to look like I’m wearing a female cut of menswear, I want to wear clothes cut and styled for women. Enter Sewaholic’s Alma. A simple cut blouse, but with shaping and darts that flatter the female body. Simple and elegant and a blouse I can easily wear to the office and look professional. Score! Starry Organic Alma Closeup Since this is  a fitted blouse, I did a muslin. First I cut the size 8, with the length of size 16. I got some excess fabric at the lower back and as Jo of Sew Little Time pointed out, some wrinkles indicating in needed an FBA. So for my second muslin, unphotographed, I did the following alterations to get my perfect fit: Front: Cut a size 8, length according to size 16. Lengthened an additional inch. Did a 1” FBA (½” on each side) (following this tutorial) Back: Cut a size 8, length according to size 16. Graded to a 6 waist down. Sewed the side seams with 1 cm seam allowance (1.5 cm included). And mixing SI and imperial units wildly. That’s how I roll. Starry Organic Alma (2) I have never, ever had a blouse that fitted me this well. Ever. It’s flattering, well-drafted and adaptable. It works both tucked in and out. I really like that Tasia has created a  blouse that is a great canvas, but also easily modified. I really want to try to make a long-sleeve, or at least ¾ length sleeves, for fall. And play with neckline, although I think the notched neckline is just perfect to create a small interest in being discrete. The only thing I’m not completely satisfied with is the width of the armholes, I find them too big. Perhaps for my next version I’ll make real sleeves instead of the cap ones. Starry Organic Alma (1)

The fabric is a lightweight cotton satin. It’s from Stoff & Stil’s organic collection, so in addition to making me happy, it also makes the environment happy (or at least happier than if I hadn’t bought organic fabric). I could wriggle into the Alma without a side zipper, but due to the lightness of the fabric I chose to add the zipper. I will probably do that in the future too, since I want to treat my beloved me-mades with some respect.

The material price is about 250 SEK (€27.60) which includes a custom-fitted blouse in organic material. I’m happy with my make! BTW, my hair is a mess. I need a haircut, but we’re attending a wedding on June 28, so I wish to cut it a bit closer to that date. Therefore now it’s in nowhere’s land.