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My “Dress”

This is from a year ago, I made it for one of my close friend’s doctoral defense party. I like making things in fancy fabrics for occassions like these, but they’re not very wearable in less formal places.

So I decided to make a corset-style top and half-cricle skirt. By doing this I could use it as a dress but also I can use either piece with something else, dress them down for those occassions.

I used a baby blue silk, and tons of white ribbon, it was hell putting it on every piece. But it turned out alright, even though there are some minor mistakes. But, as my motto, if I don’t mention them, maybe you won’t either.

Project Summary

Pattern: Corset top and half circle skirt, both self-drafted from pattern book.

Fabric: Baby blue silk, lining (for top)

Notions: Invisible zipper (both in top and skirt), ribbon.

Project summary: I love how this turned out! It’s a fancy outfit on its own, but each piece can be worn seperately and be dressed down.