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Guess what? More Me-Made-June!

I’m falling behind on everything. New projects, posting about me-made-June, posting about anything else. Anyhoo, here’s what I’ve been wearing.

Day 23
Wrap on Top bolero
RTW t-shirt and pants

This bolero is a good enough project, it’s not perfect but it works. Nothing more, nothing less.

Midsummer weekend
Oldie, but goody top
RTW pants

Over the weekend I was not very creative in dressing. This is what I wore the entire weekend. For Friday it was clean, on Saturday we did fondue and you don’t want to wear clean clothes for that and on Sunday you didn’t want to put on clean clothes. So one outfit for the entire weekend.

Day 26
Flouncing sleeves top
Exposed Zipper Skirt

A complete me-made outfit. This outfit made me realise that solid neutrals make good outfits and they’re easy to match. I see more neutrals and solids in my future.

Day 28
Midnight Sun skirt
Blouse – Banana Republic Outlet

A repeat skirt. Making this type of outfit as I did for the Midnight sun outfit and also my “Dress” is great as you get three looks; the skirt, the top and the dress. As I see this pic and as I saw myself in the bathroom mirror at work, this blouse would work even better with a belt. Perhaps next time I’ll wear it I won’t be sleep deprived.


Wrap on top

So far this year I’ve made a bolero and a wrap skirt. My third garment is a combination of those two, a wrap bolero.

The inspiration

I saw this wrap bolero in a catalogue and felt inspired. I thought to myself that I could make this, using a cotton jersey from my stash.

The pattern

I used the Desira pattern from Burdastyle and made some modifications:

  • I traced the pattern from top to the waist line. It was then, after fitting, shortened another 5 cm.
  • Omitted the neckline band and in stead used interfacing tape and stitched the hem.
  • Added sleeves, I used another jersey pattern for the sleeves.
  • I also had to take it in in the back, this was done after further fitting.
  • Added band in the bottom for tying.

The result

The bolero is not perfect, but I’m still pleased with it. I’m glad that I could have the mindset of seeing a picture and thinking I could realise the idea – and actually doing it! So far I’ve stuck to the basic idea of the pattern, perhaps made minor modifications, such as adding sleeves, but not this much. While I realise that this is not a major change, it’s a big step for me.

The result – the back

I must use the tiebands to make it fit properly, but that’s OK by me. I will also try and steam down the tiebands a bit more.

And one more

Third garment of 2010 completed! Now I will move on to some Christmas sewing. They have a more definitive time stamp than my goal, if I fail, I fail, if my gifts aren’t finished I’ve wasted fabrics.

Project summary

Pattern: Desira from Burdastyle, modified
Difficulty: Novice (Burdastyle’s rating – I agree)
Alterations: See above

Fabric: Cotton jersey
Notions: Interfacing tape

Project rating: Not too bad for an alteration. It’s not perfect, the look is right, but the details are a bit off. I’m learning as I go along!